Skyword Expands into Paid Amplification Services

Skyword has expanded its offerings to include paid amplification of social media content. Andrew Wheeler, senior vice president of strategic services, calls the new offering “a natural extension that enables us to continue to help our clients expand their reach and build audiences.”

Skyword provides a cloud-based software platform that lets brands identify content creators and subject matter experts to produce brand content, and then manage the workflow through to distribution into social media. Last year, it introduced the ability for clients using the platform to organically distribute their content via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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The new paid amplification program is a managed services offering in which specialists employed by Skyword manage and optimize promotions across the three social networks. For example, by taking advantage of Facebook’s improved targeting capabilities, Wheeler says, brands that want to target Hispanic consumers “can cover U.S. Spanish-speaking consumers, Hispanics in the U.S. who speak English, bilingual Hispanics in the U.S. and more.”

Andrew Wheeler, Skyword
Andrew Wheeler, Skyword

Paid amplification specialists who run initiatives for clients use analytics to see what is and what isn’t working. “Based off that data, they will make decision to adjust content via headlines or budget accordingly. You need an ample amount of data to make decisions, so could be tested daily weekly or whenever based on how much data we collect,” Wheeler says. Skyword specialists working with brands using Skyword’s paid amplification services have several ways to optimize social media promotions. They may shift the targeting if there is not the right level of engagement, or they may shift budget to better-performing channels.

“What we typically manipulate most is headlines,” Wheeler says, “trying to capture that particular audience’s attention.

The content marketing software field is fragmented and crowded, according to a new report from Altimeter Group. “Growing channel and media complexity, as well as increasing adoption of content marketing, has given rise to a large, complex, and highly disparate content marketing software landscape,” wrote Rebecca Lieb, Altimeter Group analyst and lead author of the report.

The report identified more than 110 vendors in the space, and asked each of them to identify the top three use cases they supported. Skyword reported its most important use case was content creation, followed by workflow and then optimization.

In addition to the fragmentation and overlap in content marketing software, the ongoing emphasis on content marketing and social media could be seen as blurring the lines between public relations and marketing.