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Ringing in Havas’ Year of Content

Deal between Havas and NewsCred will give access to content, content management and analytics tools for Havas and its clients around the globe.


How Havas’ deal with NewsCred extends to social media and will go around the globe.

photo: Javier Micora
photo: Javier Micora

Every brand wants to do content marketing, and that means every agency has to build this expertise. Dominique Delport, global managing director of Havas Media Group, said in a press release, “2015 is the year of content for Havas.”

If so, Havas is trying to get a jumpstart on it by forging a global partnership with NewsCred. The deal gives Havas and its clients access to more than 5,000 publishers in dozens of languages.

NewsCred connects content creators and content marketers, providing access to curated content, as well as software that lets brands manage, publish and track it. It contracts with major publishers, as well as freelance content producers, in order to offer licensed content to brands and marketers. Last year, it expanded into Latin America, with licensing agreements with AFP Espanol, Huffington Post Voces and EFE, among others.

Imam Ramani, NewsCred
Imam Ramani, NewsCred

Iman Ramani, NewsCred’s head of agencies across EMEA, explains that there are a lot of elements to content marketing, from managing writers, trafficking content and amplifying it via social media. “We’re here to simplify processes around content marketing and allow brands to scale with licensed content,” he says. “We’ve built an end-to-end content marketing platform that allows brands and agencies to simplify processes and scale with licensed content. They can create their own content but also, every day, supplement that with interesting articles from major publishers. ”

The deal will also integrate NewsCred’s platform with that of Socialyse, the Havas social media agency. Havas operates social newsrooms in London, New York and Paris, and plans to open even more this year.

“We can expand the Socialyse offering, and we believe that’s the main reason we signed this partnership,” Ramani says. The partners are evaluating how to bring together the multiple analytics tools Socialyse has developed with NewsCred analytics in order to make it easier to manage social campaigns.

Those analytics will include data flowing in from the Global Music Data Alliance, a newly announced partnership between record label Universal and Havas Media. Delport told Rolling Stone, “We will have so much data that we can leverage for the purpose of better understanding the consumer and creating better experiences.”

At this point, according to Ramani, most of the international action is in the UK. He’s found that new media, tools and tech take hold first in the United States, followed by the UK, with other regions coming aboard later. But sales conversations are taking place in France, Germany and Spain, he adds. Ramani notes that Brazil holds Facebook’s second largest user base, and NewsCred is talking to a couple of English brands that want to focus on Brazil.

Havas is not the only network expanding its content abilities. Publicis Groupe revealed that it’s in exclusive negotiations to acquire Relaxnews, a press agency that has expanded into consulting, producing and managing digital content.

Relaxnews recently launched a platform that combines data, content and services for brands and media. The agency, in partnership with Agence France Presse, works with more than 200 global clients, including Getty Images, Microsoft and Yahoo. Relaxnews would be aligned with the ZenithOptimedia network, while working with various divisions within Publicis Groupe.

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