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Clarín Follows the Lead of Netflix and Spotify

Paying for access to digital content is nothing new for users; the popularity of Netflix and Spotify has paved the way in that regard. What is a novelty is that Argentine newspaper Clarín has joined the bandwagon, spearheading a trend that will surely be joined by other media in that country and the region. How does this news impact users, advertisers, and the media outlet itself? In this article, I share my experiences as a user, written from the point of view of a digital world insider.

Argentina’s Clarin Launches Metered Paywall

Latin America’s largest newspaper and news site launches a paywall as a new way to monetize its quality journalism. It’s a sign of the times as more Latin American news publisher will launch paywalls in the coming year.

Research: Copa America 2015 – Soccer Fans in Latin America Deciphered

With the start of the Copa America 2015,  June 11 until July 14 in Chile and one of the most anticipated sports events of the year, soccer passion and emotion will be running high throughout Latin America. While the popularity of soccer is very widespread throughout the Southern continent, what soccer means to fans and how they live their passion is very different. Havas Sports & Entertainment  has published the study: “Fans, Passions and Brands”, which surveyed 21,000 fans across 16 countries, and aims to understand the motivations and behaviors of soccer fans and their relationship with brand sponsors.

Analysis: At What Stage is Mobile Marketing in Latin America?

In this article, Lorena Hure, part of Portada’s editorial team, analyzes how mobile phones have stop being devices we used exclusively to make phone calls to become “everyday problems solvers.” Juan Carlos Göldy, who leads the Argentinian Education Program of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), joins this analysis to provide a view on the landscape of mobile marketing in this region for 2015.

Spain based MCN wants to conquer the Latin world

Through Youtube’s Partner Program, users that generate and upload original content can earn revenue from the ads that appear on their own channel. While this has happened for years already in the U.S., it is a relative novelty in the U.S. Hispanic market and Latin America…and not least in Spain, where Madrid headquartered MCN 2Btube has Pan-Latin ambitions.

One more Latin MCN: FAV! Network launches with Emiliano Saccone as COO

One more piece in the puzzle of the emerging Latin Digital entertainment and online video space: FAV! Network, a digital entertainment company created to bond global content creators, audiences and advertisers around the diverse Latino cultural DNA has officially launched across the Americas.