GlobalWebIndex, Publicis Media Research Results: Though 60% of Hispanics are Bilingual, 78% Prefer English on Devices

GlobalWebIndex and Publicis Media have published a dataset offering information about online behaviors, cultural preferences, and linguistic choices of Hispanic Americans. Hispanics represent 18% of the U.S. population; this data will help brands understand the segment’s complexities according to linguistics, regions, and cultural affiliations.

ANALYSIS: Tribune Gets a Major Hispanic Footprint in SoCal after the Purchase of San Diego’s UT

The US $85 million Tribune is spending amount to a relatively high valuation for print properties, reflecting the value of the Southern California print and digital franchise. While smaller than the English-language publications of the Union Tribune, Tribune is also adding the Spanish-language weekly Enlace as well as s a weekly Spanish language lifestyle and entertainment magazine, Vida Latina San Diego. Tribune Publishing now owns a substantial portfolio of Southern Californian properties targeting the Hispanic Population.

Facebook Earnings Q1 2015: US$3.54 bn Revenue, Mobile Ad Sales Key

 What: Facebook, the world’s No. 1 social network, just reported its first quarter earnings  with revenue of US$3.54 billion on non-GAAP earnings per share (EPS) of $0.42, missing analyst expectations of US$3.56 billion in revenue but beat expectations of US$0.40 EPS. Why it matters: Facebook’s financial performance on mobile was very strong. Actually, Mobile ad sales were key to […]

Research: Watching online video ads? 56% say they don’t, and 46% say ads should last less than 15 seconds

 After surveying around 2,000 Americans ages 18 or older and examining their habits across channels and devices in order to measureviewer engagement with online video and video ads, Adroit Digital (data provider) found that 56 % of all its survey participants are likely to skip online video ads. Furthermore, 46 % said a video ad should be no more than 15 seconds in length.

It’s all Video Buying! Hispanic Agencies and Vendors prepare for TV-Video Convergence

“We have video buyers and we are about to enter another Video Upfront. You won’t talk about the TV Upfronts anymore,” says SMG Multicultural’s Marla Skiko. Portada’s Digital Media Correspondent Susan Kuchinkas on how agencies and digital marketing vendors are preparing for the TV-Video convergence in the Hispanic market. Will DSP’s buy TV Spots?  Will there a pricing convergence? And more…

Comscore expands Cross-Platform Measurement Service in partnership with CIMM

ComScore, in collaboration with the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), will expand its cross-platform measurement service. The industry will provide unified measurement of media usage on a national scale across TV, radio, desktop, smartphone and tablet. This will allow media companies, marketers and advertising agencies to experience the service for their brands as well as opening participation from CIMM member companies in addition to non-CIMM members.

Groupon buys Ideeli for US $43M in cash and moves into fashion

Groupon has acquired ideeli, a flash fashion retailer, for US $43 million in cash in order to widen the net of consumers using its platform for more than daily deals. Ideeli’s acquisition underlines Groupon’s current yearning to expand into new product categories,after accomplishing its US$260 million acquisition of LivingSocial’s Ticket Monster business in Korea.


The 5 Most Pressing Questions About Influencer Marketing Answered by Band of Insiders, Best Buy, Bimbo, and Pepsico

The 5 Most Pressing Questions About Influencer Marketing Answered by Band of Insiders, Best Buy, Bimbo, and Pepsico

During the seventh edition of the #PortadaMX summit, experts in Influencer Marketing took the stage to discuss best practices surrounding this elusive but undeniably effective tool to reach consumers. Vivian Baron, CEO and Creative Chairwoman at Band of Insiders, presented the panelists: Best Buy Mexico's E-commerce Subdirector José Camargo, Grupo Bimbo's Global Consumer Engagement Lead Giustina Trevisi, Band of Insiders' Influencer Marketing Manager Leonardo Vargas, and Pepsico/Drinkfinity's Director of Business Innovation & Marketing Yamile Elias.

Experts: Sears’ Future in Mexico Remains Bright, Implications for U.S. Hispanic Market

Experts: Sears’ Future in Mexico Remains Bright, Implications for U.S. Hispanic Market

Experts tell Portada the downfall of the storied retailer won’t affect the Sears franchise in Mexico where better merchandising and e-commerce under the management of Grupo Carso, owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, have built the franchise into a big hit with Mexican consumers. The implications for the U.S. Hispanic Market.

FIFA Adds Women’s Soccer Strategy

FIFA Adds Women’s Soccer Strategy

For FIFA, increased participation will mean increased interest in the women's game, leading to more marketing opportunities for brands as well.