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A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

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  • Walmart

Walmart Inc will acquire Latin American food delivery service Cornershop for US$225 million, it said in a move to ramp up its online grocery business in Mexico and Chile. The deal mirrors Walmart’s growing investments and tie-ups in online delivery services across the globe, as it aims to compete with Amazon.com Inc, the world’s largest online retailer. Shares of the retail company’s Mexico division, known as Walmex, jumped more than 3% on the news, closing at their highest level since late July. Walmart’s acquisition of three-year-old Cornershop, which offers its service through a mobile app and was founded in San Francisco, will help it quicken deliveries for its Walmart, Superama and Sam’s Club stores in Mexico, according to analysts.


  • Hilton

Hilton announced its partnership with all-inclusive specialist Playa Hotels & Resorts to grow Hilton’s portfolio of all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Latin America. If Playa sounds familiar, it’s because it is the same company that Hyatt worked with back in 2015 to launch Hyatt’s two all-inclusive resort brands, Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Zilara.Hilton’s alliance with Playa includes the addition and renovations of two all-inclusive resort properties that will be owned and managed by Playa. Unlike Playa’s partnership with Hyatt, Hilton has decided to use the Hilton Hotels & Resorts brand for its all-inclusive properties, rather than launch new ones.one about the future of travel. SubscribeThe two initial resorts to be added under this partnership by the end of 2018 will be the Hilton La Romana, an All-Inclusive Resort (formerly known as the Dreams La Romana), and the Hilton Playa del Carmen, an All-Inclusive Resort (formerly The Royal Playa del Carmen). Hilton and Playa have plans to open eight more all-inclusive resorts together by 2025. Luis Perillo, Hilton VP, Sales & Marketing, Caribbean & Latin America and a member of Portada´s Travel Marketing Board, will be part of PortadaNY next Sept 24&25.




GUESS, the global lifestyle brand famous for its iconic ad campaigns, and their timeless trend setting denim are teaming with multiple Latin Grammy Award Winner J Balvin to introduce GUESS Vibras. The 7-piece capsule of concert merchandise is set to launch September 19th on tour with J Balvin and will be sold at select GUESS stores near the concert locations days leading up to each performance.“My partnership with GUESS, a brand that has strong roots in the Latin community, not only aligns with my personal brand, but with my community and fanbase as well,” says J Balvin. The exclusive 7-piece GUESS Vibras collection, which is inspired by Balvin’s chart-topping “VIBRAS” album, and his personal style. Established in 1981, GUESS operates 1,061 retail stores in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The Company and its licensees and distributors operated in approximately 100 countries worldwide.



  • Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre, one of Latin America’s leading e-commerce technology company, selected Talkdesk, an enterprise contact center platform, to power and optimize their customer service and sales teams. Mercado Libre will deploy Talkdesk Enterprise Contact Center Platform to their teams in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Brazil. Supporting both sales and contact center operations through multiple platforms proved to be a costly and inefficient use of resources. Moving to Talkdesk Enterprise Contact Center Platform will allow Mercado Libre to drive operational efficiencies, reduce costs and increase revenue.


2018 NETWORKING SOLUTIONS. To find out about Portada’s new networking solutions targeting the decision makers of the below campaigns, please contact Sales Manager Isabel Ojeda at isabel@www.portada-online.com.


  • Treebo Hotels

Ruptub Solutions, which owns and operates budget hotel chain Treebo Hotels, is planning to enter homestay business as it seeks to tap the nascent but fast-expanding non-hotel accommodation, a popular option among new-generation travellers.Encouraged by the potential in the budget hotel segment, the app-based hotel aggregator is also preparing to set its foot in “India-like” markets in a bid to scale up its business and have a diversified customer base.Buoyed by the potential of budget hotels in emerging markets, Treebo is studying markets such as South Asia, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Africa for an entry.Treebo plans to double the number of hotels registered on its platform to 800 by 2019 from the current 400.


2018 NETWORKING SOLUTIONS. To find out about Portada’s new networking solutions targeting the decision makers of the above campaigns, please contact Sales Manager Isabel Ojeda at isabel@www.portada-online.com.

What: EBay Inc. will sell most of its stake in MercadoLibre Inc., Latin America’s largest online marketplace.
Why it matters: MercadoLibre is one of the most active players in digital marketing in Latin America. At current prices, the offering would raise more than US$1 billion.

95250957ca13505b8668022fcc830da5_400x400 vpt3vjf3_400x400eBay Inc announced is selling its 20% stake in MercadoLibre Inc, which acquired back in 2001.

EBay is offering up to 5.5 million shares, and underwriters Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase & Co. have an option to buy 825,000 extra MercadoLibre shares. At current prices, the offering would raise more than US$1 billion.eBay will retain the proceeds of however much it raises.

The San Jose, California-based e-commerce said the selling of the shares would mean  “significant gain” on its investment in MercadoLibre and the money will be used “in a manner consistent with our capital allocation strategy.”

MercadoLibre and EBay will continue to work on cross-border transactions to help eBay sellers reach shoppers in Latin America.

MercadoLibre has a market value of US$8.1 billion and revenue last year of US$651.8 million.


What are the most popular sites and platforms among Latin American users? What activities do those sites and platforms enable? What are the similarities and differences between the different countries’ lists? The answers to these questions and more, according to comScore’s May 2016 rankings.

I Google, Therefore I Am

Users’ favorite activity in the covered countries is performing Google searches and interacting on social networks. Google is the access door to mass media consumption, which gives it a high spot on the list.

Facebook, the Social Control Board

The second favorite activity among Latin American users is connecting with friends and acquaintances through the technology provided by Facebook. The “Latest News” section, located on the homepage of the platform, is the place from which users “monitor” the activity of their friends and acquaintances before interacting with them.

YouTube Leaves TV in the Dust

The third most preferred activity among Latin American users is consuming online audiovisual content on YouTube: the devices, as well as respecting TV’s imposed scheduling, are irrelevant.

Bloggers Prefer Blogspot.com

Bloggers in Argentina, Brasil, Chile, México, Uruguay and Venezuela use the Google blogging platform. In Colombia and Peru, it seems that users aren’t as interested in expressing themselves on blogs (or at least they don’t place it among the most important online media consumption habits).

Whatever Google Doesn’t Know, Wikipedia Does

Except in the case of Brazil, Latin American users look to Wikipedia for answers to diverse questions about general topics. This way, Wikipedia works as a type of search motor specialized in encyclopedic knowledge, and is one of the most popular online destinations in the region.


Users in Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela are the only ones interested in online shopping (or making online inquiries before going to a physical store to buy a product); when this happens, the platform they choose is Mercado Libre. The other countries aren’t as interested in e-commerce (or don’t assign it a high priority).

Yahoo Isn’t Dead

After the close of their LatAm offices, it is interesting to observe the importance that the informed countries (except Uruguay and Venezuela) assign the news and e-mail portal provided by this company.

Microsoft Stands Out

As much as Google and Facebook are the undeniable leaders in each of their categories, we can’t forget about Microsoft, and that Live.com and MSN.com belong to that group (which, in terms of the amount of monthly visitors, places Microsoft at the top of the list in each ranking).

Source: comScore Media Metrix, Argentina, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience26.676
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.COM.AR23.879
2    FACEBOOK.COM20.231
3    YOUTUBE.COM18.800
4    GOOGLE.COM14.647
5    LIVE.COM12.692
7    BLOGSPOT.COM.AR10.976
8    YAHOO.COM.AR9.355
10    MSN.COM8.463
Source: comScore Media Metrix, Brazil, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience80.073
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.COM.BR69.904
2    FACEBOOK.COM58.518
3    YOUTUBE.COM50.985
4    GOOGLE.COM48.844
5    UOL.COM.BR47.876
6    LIVE.COM38.986
7    GLOBO.COM38.563
8    BLOGSPOT.COM.BR36.268
9    YAHOO.COM.BR30.791
10    MSN.COM29.932
Source: comScore Media Metrix, Chile, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience7.567
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.CL6.672
2    FACEBOOK.COM4.568
3    GOOGLE.COM4.560
4    YOUTUBE.COM4.473
5    LIVE.COM3.412
6    MSN.COM3.229
7    YAHOO.COM2.639
8    BLOGSPOT.CL2.441
10    WIKIPEDIA.ORG1.837
Source: comScore Media Metrix, Colombia, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience16.438
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.COM.CO15.003
2    FACEBOOK.COM11.961
3    YOUTUBE.COM11.813
4    GOOGLE.COM10.485
5    LIVE.COM9.460
7    YAHOO.COM5.300
8    MSN.COM4.928
Source: comScore Media Metrix, México, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience42.366
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.COM.MX37.177
2    FACEBOOK.COM31.077
3    YOUTUBE.COM29.421
4    LIVE.COM22.853
5    GOOGLE.COM22.420
6    MSN.COM19.710
7    BLOGSPOT.MX16.285
8    YAHOO.COM.MX14.888
9    WIKIPEDIA.ORG14.232
10    MICROSOFT.COM9.235
Source: comScore Media Metrix, Perú, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience7.283
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.COM.PE6.579
2    FACEBOOK.COM5.829
3    YOUTUBE.COM4.967
4    LIVE.COM4.637
5    GOOGLE.COM4.167
6    MSN.COM3.547
7    YAHOO.COM2.751
10    WIKIPEDIA.ORG1.935
Source: comScore Media Metrix, Uruguay, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience2.043
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.COM.UY1.780
2    FACEBOOK.COM1.475
3    YOUTUBE.COM1.389
4    GOOGLE.COM1.269
8    LIVE.COM693
10    MSN.COM470
Source: comScore Media Metrix, Venezuela, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience13.169
    Top 10 Web Domains
1    GOOGLE.CO.VE11.720
2    FACEBOOK.COM9.581
3    YOUTUBE.COM8.370
4    GOOGLE.COM6.899
5    LIVE.COM5.775
6    BLOGGER.COM5.396
8    MSN.COM3.854

What were the biggest highlights of  January 2015 vs. January 2016? How did users interact with certain sites and platforms? What trends are repeated across the different countries? comScore’s latest report gives us the answers.

Google, Facebook and Microsoft

  • Google, Facebook and Microsoft hold the top three spots in almost all of the rankings except Argentina’s and Uruguay’s (where Microsoft is in fourth place).
  • In the general Latin America rankings, Google and Facebook’s views increased between 2015 and 2016, while Microsoft stayed stable.

Grupo Clarín and Mercado Libre Battle Microsoft

  • The unique cases in which Microsoft loses its spot in the rankings of most-visited sites belong to Argentina and Uruguay. In Argentina, Grupo Clarín holds third place, while in Uruguay third place goes to Mercado Libre.


  • With the exception of Chile and Venezuela, all countries saw a low number of unique users on Yahoo! sites. This tendency was also observed in the general Latin American rankings (with an 8% decrease since last year).


  • LinkedIn is only on the rankings in Peru and Mexico, and in both countries there was a lower number of unique users in January 2016 than in January 2015.
  • LinkedIn is not on the general Latin American rankings of most-visited sites.

Mercado Libre

  • Mercado Libre made the top ten in all countries except Chile and Peru.
  • There were more users in January 2016 than in January 2015 in all countries except for Argentina and Colombia.
  • Mercado Libre’s visits increased by 6% between January 2016 and January 2015.


  • While Terra holds tenth place in the general Latin American rankings, that traffic comes primarily from Brazil, Chile and Mexico.
  • In general, the site’s number of unique users is going down (with a 25% decrease in 2016 compared to 2015, according to the Latin American rankings).


  • The Wikimedia sites appear on all the countries’ rankings except those of Argentina, Brazil and Chile.
  • The general tendency is for the number of unique users to go down (as its visits went down 12% between 2015 and 2016, according to the rankings).

Latin America


Source: comScore MMX, Latin America, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+171.739183.5807
1    Google Sites161.367171.2616
2    Facebook131.898141.3627
3    Microsoft Sites116.012116.5490
4    Yahoo Sites97.15889.043-8
5    MercadoLibre47.80450.5446
6    Wikimedia Foundation Sites48.76042.983-12
7    UOL41.03040.303-2
8    R7 Portal38.73538.7030
9    Globo40.04138.527-4
10    Terra – Telefonica49.49637.265-25


Source: comScore MMX, Argentina, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+
1    Google Sites17.72017.512-1
2    Facebook15.08514.990-1
3    Grupo Clarin12.86612.491-3
4    Microsoft Sites12.34511.377-8
5    Yahoo Sites11.40311.317-1
6    MercadoLibre8.1497.310-10
7    Grupo La Nacion7.9017.033-11
8    TARINGA.NET6.5785.693-13
9    INFOBAE.COM4.9014.9371
10    CMI Digital3.6564.44121


Source: comScore MMX, Brazil, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+62.88868.4209
1    Google Sites60.79965.6008
2    Facebook52.61557.5979
3    Microsoft Sites45.84247.1563
4    UOL40.40839.779-2
5    R7 Portal38.05437.841-1
6    Globo39.45137.542-5
7    Yahoo Sites36.40931.101-15
8    MercadoLibre22.43525.58014
9    Terra – Telefonica32.87822.897-30
10    IG Portal22.69720.737-9


Source: comScore MMX, Chile, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+6.6477.32510
1    Google Sites6.0906.5688
2    Facebook4.5584.8436
3    Microsoft Sites4.7674.514-5
4    Yahoo Sites3.8464.28912
5    Grupo Copesa2.6072.296-12
6    Terra – Telefonica2.4691.995-19
7    Banco del Estado de Chile1.7041.96515
8    Canal 131.2161.62734
9    Empresa El Mercurio S.A.P.2.0021.626-19
10    Red Televisiva Megavision1.3991.4906


Source: comScore MMX, Colombia, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+12.73213.6227
1    Google Sites12.16413.0087
2    Facebook10.36811.1468
3    Microsoft Sites7.6357.357-4
4    Yahoo Sites5.9205.155-13
5    Wikimedia Foundation Sites4.3674.077-7
6    El Tiempo Casa Editorial3.8083.590-6
7    MercadoLibre3.3792.900-14
8    ICCK Net S.A.3.2232.664-17
9    FRIV.COM1.7122.32636
10    Grupo Pera Digital2.3891.839-23


Source: comScore MMX, Mexico, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+25.90026.6463
1    Google Sites23.52824.7035
2    Microsoft Sites18.34219.9879
3    Facebook17.97119.6059
4    Yahoo Sites18.32817.930-2
5    Wikimedia Foundation Sites7.6917.6630
6    Gobierno De La República De México5.8147.56930
7    Linkedin5.2665.232-1
8    MercadoLibre4.4884.8518
9    Terra – Telefonica4.1294.3987
10    TARINGA.NET4.8304.283-11


Source: comScore MMX, Peru, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+6.5187.27012
1    Google Sites6.2066.7579
2    Facebook5.4545.9579
3    Microsoft Sites4.9594.667-6
4    Grupo El Comercio3.7573.425-9
5    Yahoo Sites3.4073.023-11
6    Grupo RPP2.4442.048-16
7    Grupo La Republica1.9981.974-1
8    Grupo Epensa2.1401.744-19
9    Wikimedia Foundation Sites1.6761.414-16
10    Linkedin1.6171.337-17


Source: comScore MMX, Uruguay, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+1.5311.6478
1    Google Sites1.4971.5785
2    Facebook1.3321.4086
3    MercadoLibre8719125
4    Microsoft Sites1.049899-14
6    EL PAIS S.A.771627-19
7    Wikimedia Foundation Sites5305422
8    Yahoo Sites570510-10
9    Antel3814015
10    El Observador392340-13


Source: comScore MMX, Venezuela, January 2015 vs January 2016, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Change
    Total Internet:  Persons: 15+10.88413.03420
1    Google Sites10.22812.08818
2    Facebook7.89610.02527
3    Microsoft Sites5.4525.7626
4    MercadoLibre4.5385.18214
5    Yahoo Sites4.4594.6564
6    Wikimedia Foundation Sites3.6353.8787
8    Grupo Santander1.9743.06955
9    Banesco Banco Universal2.5962.427-7
10    Twitter2.259




What are the most-visted retail sites by U.S. Hispanics?  How do they behave when it comes to making consumption decisions? The answers to this and other questions below.

The fact that the users visit retail sites doesn’t mean that they will actually make a transaction: sometimes, the inquiry isn’t directly related to an online purchase, but a search for information on the characteristics of a product or relevant information to making a purchase decision.

Visiting different retail sites, users don’t indicate an interest in particular articles, nor do they express interest in particular sellers. Here, we present user preferences according to the most-visited retail sites by  Hispanic residents of the U.S. (based on comScore rankings).

Source: comScore MMX, Category Retail, US Hispanic, December 2015, PC/Laptop only, Home & Work, 6+Total Unique Visitors (000)
1Amazon Sites13.409
4Target Corporation3.812
5Apple.com Worldwide Sites3.802
6Best Buy Sites2.942
7Macy’s Inc.2.278
8Google Shopping2.184
9The Home Depot, Inc.1.934
10Kohls Corporation1.794

Bargain Seekers: Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the most-visited sites by users searching for bargains on the products they desire. While Latin American users recur to Buscapé, Hispanic U.S. residents turn to Google Shopping.

Supermarket: Walmart

U.S. Hispanics choose Walmart as their favorite online supermarket.

Technology: Apple

When it comes to technology the preference of  U.S. Hispanics  is Apple.

Clothing: Macy’s y Kohl’s

Hispanic  recur to online versions of their favorite stores: Macy’s and Kohl’s.

Home and Family: Target y Home Depot

Hispanic residents of the U.S. prefer Target and Home Depot when it comes to buying products for their home and family needs. Of course, many of the products on the list can be bought through different e-commerce sites, although Target and Home Depot are particular because of the image that they have built around their compatibility with home and family.

General Purchases: Amazon, Best Buy, eBay

For U.S. Hispanics, Amazon, eBay and Best Buy are the most popular sites for general purchases.


November is an intense month that sometimes resembles those football games in which the adjustments necessary to reach the desired results are achieved in the last minutes. Business events start to mix with holiday parties. Meetings start to smell like 2016. Some decisions are put on the backburner until next year, and others are made in advance.This is the situation we are as we approach the end of November, and here are a few of the month’s latest developments.

Movement in Chile – Part Two

claudio perezA few weeks ago on LinkedIn I found out that Claudio Pérez (whom I used to see frequently on my trips to Chile for Havas) has moved to IMS, which is precisely the team that commercialized LinkedIn. I contacted him, and he commented that he moved over there to replace Alejandro Trujillo, who recently left the position to head over to TAPTAP Networks (in case you didn’t read my latest column, here it is).

Good luck, Clau! (I wonder who will be meeting me when I head over to Havas Chile?)

E-Commerce and Inspiration

I was in the first edition of the Mercado Libre Talks, an event (from what I can tell) with similar characteristics to TED, but with a local focus on global tendencies in innovation and technology as applied to business.

As much as these talks were done by professionals and entrepreneurs of the likes of Marcos Galperín (founder and CEO of Mercado Libre), Roby Souvirón (founder and CEO of Despegar.com), Federico Procaccini (country manager for Google Argentina), Daniel Rabinovich (CTO of Mercado Libre) and Alejandro Zuzenberg (director of Facebook Argentina), I believe that the best part of the event featured the three “best vendors” on Mercado Libre, who were recognized with the award for the best success case.

The competition consisted in a series of interviews with vendors that were pre-selected by Mercado Libre with a focus on the importance that the platform has for their business. These interviews and presentations (which were shown at the end of the event) had been recorded and edited into a “reality show”style video.

I think we all found the stories to be fun and memorable (and emotional), as some of them remembered their off-line business failures, and that thanks to the digital platform created by Mercado Libre, they were able to revive their businesses and improve their and their families lives in different ways.
It was a nice way to close the event.

Audio.ad Incorporates New Media

I spoke to Gonzalo Alonso, the managing director of Audio.ad, alonsowho told me that their office in Colombia is about to close down as a new agreement is signed with some of the most important music streaming services in Europe. Apparently, the platform (whose catalogue contains 35 million songs and is available in 182 countries) will be operating out of Brazil, with a central office in Paris.

Intriguing, Gonzalo!

Digital Talents Are Produced (And For Sale)

Lorena Amarante, one of the pioneers of the Argentine digital lorenaindustry and co-founder of OM Latin America, commented that (on top of continuing with different capacitations in digital marketing) they have just launched a talent search and selection service for the digital industry.

As of now, businesses that are interested in incorporating specialized professionals can trust the expert eyes of the team behind OM Latin America.

For more information, visit: www.omlatam.com

What a great project, Lore!

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Event

goldyJuan Göldy (the fabulous president of the MMA) and Soledad Moll (the general manager of the MMA) invited me to the MMA Forum Argentina 2015, an event dedicated to thinking about mobile marketing from the inside.

It was a full-house (which is no small feat on a day that threatened to bring torrential rain to Buenos Aires).

The organization didn’t leave anything to chance: from relevant presenters (providers of mobile solutions, brands and agencies) to the impeccable catering.

When’s the next one?

Headway Digital Gets Ready to Party

In the last column, we had commented that headway (MediaMath‘s exclusive partner) is turning five years-old. The moment to celebrate has arrived: On November 25, there will be a cheers at a well-known bar in Buenos Aires. Of course, I’ll be there, listening for any new developments.

See you in December!

We made an analysis of the Top 20 Most visited sites in the U.S Hispanic and LatAm Markets, according to ComScore. In both rankings, there are several  e-commerce platforms, which is interesting, because it shows how relevant these sites are for users in both regions. But there are differences in the relative weight of these sites in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets.

Comercio Electrónico While it is no news that e-commerce has developed rapidly in the U.S., the fact that in the U.S. Hispanic ranking there are 4 e-commerce related companies (Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart and Craigslist, although the latter is more classified-oriented) reflects a stronger presence of e-commerce sites in the U.S. Hispanic market when compared to Latin America (where there are only two E-commerce sites among the top twenty sites ranked by unique users, see below).

In Latin America, it is interesting to note how Mercado Libre and OLX are part of the Top 20 Most Visited sites by Unique Visitors.

Total Unique Visitors (000)
Source: comScore Media Metrix, U.S.. HISPANIC All, Home and Work, Top 20 propertiesMay-14May-15% Change
   Google Sites26,03726,0490
   Microsoft Sites22,91718,189-21
   Yahoo Sites22,61518,020-20
   Amazon Sites10,29011,59113
   AOL, Inc.11,44710,967-4
   Mode Media9,6319,134-5
   Wikimedia Foundation Sites6,3017,59220
   Apple Inc.8,2377,063-14
   Comcast NBCUniversal5,9206,2455
   Turner Digital7,7526,181-20
   CBS Interactive6,1305,887-4
   Ask Network7,3665,531-25
   craigslist, inc.4,7025,37114
   Adobe Sites2,9724,06937

Comment: Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo are the top 4 within the ranking accounting for almost 44% in May 15. Google, which is first in the ranking, accounts for almost 14% of Unique Users in May 15.

Total Unique Visitors (000)
Source: comScore Media Metrix, LATIN AMERICA, Home and Work, Top 20 propertiesMay-14May-15% Change
   Google Sites167,532166,035-1
   Microsoft Sites133,513123,741-7
   Yahoo Sites118,81799,994-16
   Wikimedia Foundation Sites66,80161,372-8
   Terra – Telefonica61,75051,211-17
   R7 Portal48,83844,581-9
   Ask Network53,16132,480-39
   Grupo NZN29,07930,0043
   IG Portal31,39726,270-16
   Batanga Sites15,56025,82366
   OLX Inc.20,38625,15023
   Softonic.com Sites30,07823,732-21
   BitTorrent Network20,16522,62712

Comment:In this second ranking, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo are the top 4 again with almost 38% of Unique User in May 15.Google ranks first with 15, 5% of unique Users.

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kYrPoJnL_400x400Procter & Gamble Co. is planning to cut at least US$500 million from agency fees under a new drive to reduce the number of agencies it works with. P&G total spending on agency fees is estimated at around US$1 billion. The move comes as P&G’s top-line results disappointed Wall Street, with organic revenue growth rising 1% last quarter, below the 2% projected by many analysts, and as P&G plans to step up its headcount reductions. By the end of the current fiscal year in June, P&G would hit the high end of its current plan to have reduced non-manufacturing headcount by 22% over two years. Now, it’s stepping up planned job cuts to a 25% to 30% reduction by the end of next fiscal year, exclusive of the impact of divestitures.The firm has already announced divestitures include Iams, Duracell, DDF, the Ace bleach business overseas and a number of small fragrance brands, such as the Avril Lavigne license.


  • Schneider/ Argentina

descarga (5)Ogilvy & Mather Argentina has developed a new campaign for the beer brand Schneider.The new campaign is aligned with the brand message: “Growing takes time and making a great beer too”. The spot shows different sittuations in which today’s world does not help men on the slightest to grow.

  • imagesBritish Airways (BA) has appointed SapientNitro to manage the airline’s creative technology and social media business.SapientNitro won the account in a final-two way pitch against incumbent OgilvyOne.Sapient will be responsible for running the airline’s digital platforms including the main BA.com website and its social media accounts.
  •  Mercado Libre/Argentina

95250957ca13505b8668022fcc830da5_reasonably_smallMercado Libre has chosen agency Ponce to work on the brand’s communications. The  online sales company has presence in several countries in Latin America and the agency will be responsible for reaching them.



  • DirecTV / Argentina

dPNMvBKi_400x400For the second time, DirectTV has chosen agency Carlos and Dario to continue working in their regional communication strategy. The assignment came after a pitch. Apart from DirecTV, the agency works for brands like Avenida.com, El Gran DT, Pepsico, Catena Zapata, V EnergyDrink and News.

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