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Fernando Monedero has started a new position as International Clients Lead & Regional Growth Director of IPG Mediabrands.







NIKE, Inc. announced that effective Dec. 1, Carl Grebert, currently the VP, GM of the Global Jordan Brand, will become the company’s new VP, GM of its Asia Pacific and Latin America (APLA) geography.






Juan Fernández and Jacint Sotorra are DDB Colombia new Creative Directors. They will work closely with André Pedroso, the agency new Chief Creative Officer.





Jorge Leonardo Palomera Ruiz took over as general manager of the CARD markets—Central America and the Dominican Republic—at Avon.






Havas Group Media has elevated Bret Leece to the newly created role of global chief data & innovation officer with immediate effect.






The session “Shaping the Future of Panregional Marketing: The role of Miami” at PortadaLat last week generated a lot of questions and comments from the audience. Taking into account that PortadaLat takes place in Miami and the changing role of Miami in the marketing, media and tech landscape, this is not surprising. Both panelists and audience members provided enriching perspectives.

Brand, Agency, Media and Tech were represented at the panel by Yazmid Aguilar, Sr. Marketing Communications Mgr. Latam, Jarden Consumer Solutions, Alfredo Pedroso, Director of Panregional Ad-Sales at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Fernando Monedero, Managing Director, Miami, MediaBrands and Benoit Wirz, Director Venture Investments, Knight Ventures.
It is no secret that the Miami based panregional media buying business has been declining over the last few years. Partly this is the result of a stagnating Latin American economy (particularly Brazil) as well as the devaluation of many Latin American currencies. An even more important factor explaining the decline has been the relocation of many headquarters of global companies from Miami into Latin American countries. However, panelists noted, a lot can be said in favor of Miami as a major Latin American marketing and media center.

There is as much venture capital funding available in South Florida as in the whole of Latin America.

Jarden Consumer Solutions Aguilar noted that marketers focusing on Latin America out of Miami can provide a “local vision with a regional perspective.” Knight Ventures’ Wirz said that there is as much venture capital funding available in South Florida as in the whole of Latin America.

Benoit Wirz, Director Venture Investments, Knight Ventures

Another factor playing in favor of Miami, most panelists noted, is the availability of a wide range of skills and talent that can adapt new technologies and approaches that work in the more advanced U.S. market to Latin America. Sony Picture Television’s Pedroso noted that “panregional media buying can not only be about an efficient price.” He mentioned that talent is a key advantage of the Miami marketplace.

Nestle is creating a panregional digital elevation team in Mexico.

Participants also agreed that most Latin American markets, perhaps with the exception of Brazil and perhaps Mexico, do not have the scale to have stand-alone programmatic markets. Under these circumstances, Miami should play an important role in  aggregating single  national markets and evolve into a Latin American programmatic media buying center.
Major brand marketers present in the audience also provided their point of view. Mexico City based Patricia Aragon, Digital Marketing Manager, L’Oreal said that the availability of talent is the key factor determining  where marketing services are performed out of. Carlos Leal, Sr. Consumer Marketing Manager, Nestle based in Bogota, Colombia, added that his company is creating a panregional Digital Elevation Team in Mexico. Procter & Gamble’s (Fragances)) Rafael de Azua, who is based in South Florida, noted that in his category it is generally easier to attract European talent to Miami than to Latin American capitals.

Shift from Panregional towards Multicultural?

MediaBrand’s Fernando Monedero added while traditionally Miami has had Panregional/Latin American orientation, this approach is shifting towards an offering that also incorporates the U.S. Hispanic and Multicultural markets. Knight Ventures’ Wirz concluded that for Miami to develop as a tech hub it is important that media companies and advertising agencies invest in tech start-ups.

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People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

::: IPG MEDIABRANDS – Fernando Monedero, Camilo Concha :::  Gabriel Dantur – impreMedia ::: João Livi – Talent Marcel ::: Diego Medvedocky – Grey ::: Fernando Garcia – Havas Digital Media Group Perú :::

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Foto Fernando MonederoFernando Monedero joins IPG Mediabrands, the global network of media agencies, as Manager at Mediabrands Miami. The position had been vacant since earlier this year, when Helber Diaz, the former Manager of Mediabrands Miami left the company to become ‎Regional Media Sr. Manager Latin America at Alcatel Onetouch.Read more.


descarga (3)In addition, Camilo Concha, current Initiative Colombia’s manager, takes over as CEO of Mediabrands in that country. Concha was responsible for the management and leadership of marketing team in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. The new CEO of Mediabrands Colombia will continue developing his job as manager of Initiative in parallel.


descarga (1)Gabriel Dantur has been appointed new CEO at impreMedia effective January 1, 2016. impreMedia was acquired by Argentinean Media Group La Nacion almost four years ago and the leadership of the company out of its New York City headquarters was held by also Francisco Seghezzo ever since he replaced Monica Lozano in June 2014.Read more.


descarga (2)João Livi has replaced José Eustachio as CEO of the Brazilian agency Talent Marcel, former Talent. José Eustachio will take over as president and will continue to have an important role in the daily activities of the agency, which may not be change significantly. Livi will provide the brazilian shop with new capabilities and creative tools, particularly in the digital field.


descarga (4)Diego Medvedocky will be the new regional vice president creative director of Grey. Medvedocky is vice president and DCE at Grey Argentina too. He will guide creativity of the 13 network operations in the region. Previously, he worked at Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi and Publicis Graffiti.


descarga (5)Fernando Garcia is the new director of Havas Digital Media Group Perú. He comes from Llorente & Cuenca, where he served as director of online communication. Garcia will be responsible for promoting digital initiatives like search, programmatic buying, social media and mobile.



Foto Fernando MonederoFernando Monedero joins IPG Mediabrands, the global network of media agencies, as Manager Mediabrands Miami. The position had been vacant since earlier this year, when Helber Diaz, the former Manager of Mediabrands Miami left the company to become ‎Regional Media Sr. Manager Latin America at Alcatel Onetouch.

According to the release by Mediabrands,  Monedero has developed a solid career in Spain and Latin America, focusing on the development and sale of digital services.

Monedero (check out  a recent Portada interview with him) recently served as Managing Director of Havas Miami digital area and as Regional Director of MEC, developing the businesses of major clients such as Colgate, Chanel, Hoteles Meliá and MARS, among others.

“Fernando has joined IPG Mediabrands to strengthen the services we offer to regional clients from Miami, as well as to develop business and growth strategies,” said Andrea Suarez, CEO of Latin America. Mediabrands clients include major global companies such as Mastercard.

Programmatic Media Buying and Marketing was an important theme at last week’s #PortadaLat annual conference in Miami. Speakers but also sponsors and exhibitors at the event, including Yume, Playwire, AcuityAds (a DSP), Dynadmic and Teads  all have a stake in the advance of programmatic media buying in Latin America. How key players from MEC, MediaMath and Clarin/Agea evaluate the advance of Ad-Tech and Programmatic into the region.

LatAmErich Wasserman, CRO and co-founder of MediaMath and Fernando Monedero, Head of Digital Latin America at MEC, had a lively conversation about Programmatic and Real-Time Marketing in Latin America now and where it should be in 2025.
Monedero  expects a “meteoric” 600% increase in programmatic media spend this year in Latin America (Source – Emarketer & IDC)  and a total ad expenditure via programmatic means of more than US $140 million in 2016. However, he acknowledged that this is a relatively low ratio if it is taken into account that the overall Latin American digital media expenditure is close to US $5 billion.
MediaMath’s Wasserman stressed the fact that Brazil already is the second largest market in programmatic volume after the United States.  Asked by Monedero, about  how he was able to foresee a future in programmatic marketing when MediaMath was founded in 2004, Wasserman said  that what he did observe at the time was a “lack of a unifying technology for buying digital media.” According to Wasserman, “Latin America is very advantaged because it has a large media supply landscape as well as an increasing amount of disposable bandwidth.” Wasserman added that “Digital Marketing can be measured to a large degree in Latin America, perhaps with the exception of off-line attribution which is possible in the United States in Europe.”

To incorporate native advertising into programmatic is the next frontier.

Asked by the audience about how native advertising can be incorporated into programmatic, Wasserman noted that this is the next frontier, not just in Latin America but globally. One condition for this to happen is that data for native advertising becomes available to third parties for audience verification in a trend Wasserman describes as the “Democratization of Data”.

The LatAm Media Owners View on Programmatic

In a very interesting presentation Tomás Salvagni, Managing Director Sales and Marketing at Grupo Clarin’s AGEA, presented the Latin America’s media owners view on programmatic. Salvagni was introduced by Lucas Mentasti, Managing Director Latin America, Xaxis, the global programmatic digital platform owned by GroupM.

Programmatic trading has substantially contributed to diminish non-monetized inventory.

Salvagni presented figures showing that while in 2013 programmatic ad sales for Argentinean media powerhouse Clarin were still very low, the ratio is rapidly increasing to 24 % of digital sales in 2015 and an expected 35% in 2016.  Clarin employs 80 direct sales people in for direct sales and 8 are employed working with the implementation of programmatic. Interestingly, direct sales brings in 500 campaigns a year, while programmatic brings in 5,000 campaigns. The implementation of programmatic digital advertising has decreased the amount of non-monetized inventory in Clarin’s digital properties from 53% to 12% (Direct Sales monetizes 47% of the inventory). Approximately 75% of programmatic trading at Clarin/Agea is open RTB, while 25% is done through private marketplaces (PMP).

Salvagni also noted that the principles of digital programmatic trading should also be used for off-line media. For instance he pointed out that ROP and/or special sections in the Clarin Group’s newspaper would also profit from real-time programmatic bidding processes.

Fernando-Monedero-colorPortada interviewed #Portadalat Speaker Fernando Monedero, Head of Digital Latin America, at MEC. Ad-Tech will be an important part of the great content at #Portadalat (Miami June 3-4) , with key topics represented like RTB, Programmatic Buying as well as Online Video Technologies. Major Ad-Tech related speakers will include Erich Wasserman, Founder and CRO, MediaMath and Dr. Shay David, CRO and Co-Founder, Kaltura. We thought it would be good to talk to Fernando Monedero so he could share his thoughts on Ad-Tech’s adoption in Latin America and other topics.

Portada: At what stage do you think is the adoption of Ad-Tech in Latin America?

Fernando Monedero, Head of Digital Latin America, MEC: “LatAm it’s definitely following the path of more mature markets like the U.S. or the UK but their level of tech development and adoption depends on each category, for instance Luxury brands are still finding their way to programmatic buys, trying to guarantee their brand quality requirements (ie. 100% SOV & viewability) and at the same time Travel is very digital savvy and communicating based on very detailed audience analysis and cookies segmentation.”

LATAM it’s definitely following the path of more mature markets as US or UK

Portada:What are the main challenges when it comes to accelerate this adoption?

F.M: “The fear of testing and the political and economic instability in some LatAm countries.”

Portada: You mentioned that the creation and distribution of content is one of the main challenges in Latin American marketing right now. Can you please ellaborate?

F.M: “With the evolution of social media, we are able to understand the consumers interest and needs, the challenge is now how to build our communication strategies based on that and develop new content for them, go from story-telling strategies to story-building approach.”

Portada: What is your view of Brazil, how is the country’s slower economic growth impacting Brazilian marketing and media?

F.M: “With more than 100MM internet users, Brazil is the biggest market with a lot opportunities to reach. Adverting investment will continue growing in the coming years and media will be improving their capabilities day per day.”

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People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

::: Raul Galofre – Plumaz ::: Saatchi & Saatchi-Gloriana López-LayMarcello Coltro – Cisneros Media ::: Jon Hamm – Geometry Global ::: Aline Moda e Isabella Mulholland – J- Walter Thompson Brasil ::: Santiago Maíz – Y&R Argentina ::: Sophie Schonburg – Pereira & O’Dell Brasil ::: Eric Shear – NSB United States :::

Raul Galofre is Founder at Plumaz, a web-based content generation and knowledge sharing platform for consumers and enterprises. Previously Galofre worked at U.S. Media Consulting.

121538eSaatchi & Saatchi has announced the appointment of Gloriana López-Lay as Chairman of Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi in Buenos Aires, Argentina. López-Lay,  an industry executive with more than 20 years of experience. Lay has recently served as vice president in the International Accounts office of Grey Advertising, where he managed Pantene global business, valued at US $3 million. During this period, she founded an agency itself and was a pioneer in international customer management with multiple brands and global models of processes and scales of compensation. She also held executive positions at Wing Latino (WPP) in USA and Grey Advertising in Mexico and Puerto Rico. She will fill Founder of the agency Pablo del Campo vacancy following his appointment as Global Executive Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi.

marcello coltro-Cisneros Media has announced the appointment of Marcello Coltro as Executive Vice President of Content Distribution.  Based out of the corporate headquarters in Miami, Coltro will oversee the company’s Pay-TV and Content Distribution units and report directly to Cisneros Media President Jonathan Blum.Prior to joining Cisneros Media, Coltro held key leadership positions in a number of media companies, including MGM Networks Latin America.  Earlier in his 20-year career, he worked for Country Music Television (CMT), TVA Brasil and DIRECTV Brasil.  In addition to earning a Bachelor of Communications degree, Coltro holds an executive MBA from Vanderbilt/USP, and enjoyed an academic career for over six years, teaching Strategic Marketing at the business school Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing in Brazil.

Jon Hamm-Geometry Global has appointed Jon Hamm as global chief creative officer in a newly created role for the firm. Hamm joins from Momentum Worldwide where he served as global chief creative and innovation officer after IPG/Momentum bought his agency Greenroom Digital in 2008.He will report to CEO Steve Harding.

Moda y Mulholland-J. Walter Thompson Brazil has announced the appointment of Aline Moda and Isabella Mulholland as new executive directors. Prior to the appointment, they were both serving as media director and planning director, respectively.

Mulholland and Moda will become part of the agency’s executive committee to manage the accounts focusing on business results. Throughout their professional careers, the executives have worked in agencies such as Y&R, Africa, Fischer and Loducca for Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Femsa, TAM, Peugeot and other clients.

Santiago Maiz-Santiago Maiz joins Y&R as director of innovation. After having worked for Nextperience as Chief Creative Officer, and with more than 15 year experience working for agencies such as Webar , JWT and Publicis Argentina, Maiz joins Young & Rubicam team as director of innovation. Maiz will work with Enrique Yuste, CEO; and Fernando Tchechenistky and Lisandro Grandal, creative CEOs.

Sophie_PJPereira-Sophie Schonburg has joined Pereira & O’Dell Brazil as Executive Creative Director. Schonburg began her career at AlmapBBDO where she remained for 19 years. She worked across the agency’s full portfolio of clients including Volks, Pepsi, Visa, HP, Bayer, Getty Images and Havaianas.   Schonburg joins the management of Pereira & O’Dell Brazil alongside Managing Director, Michel Lent; Director of Operations, Alexandre Santos; and Chief Strategy Officer, Ana Cortat.

nsb-To consolidate its presence in the United States, NSB / Keane will be called NSB. The agency was founded in 2002 by F. S. Roland and Sabrina Ortega Marengo,  had merged in 2012 with the American copany Keane to enter that market and Eric Shear has been promoted to business manager of the agency in United States.

Since then, he has provided branding and digital solutions for companies such as Harlem Globetrotters, SpringCM, TicketForce, Statera, Pebble Tec, SunDevilAthletics and Silkroad. He has also worked for Coca-Cola, Samsung, Monsanto and Johnson & Johnson, among other brands.

Fernando Monedero colorPortada talked with Fernando Monedero, who was recently appointed LatAm Regional Digital Director of MEC. As we announced three days ago, Monedero was working for Havas in Miami as SVP Managing Director. He tells us about his new responsibilities at MEC and what he expects for upcoming years.

Portada: Could you tell us a little bit more about your new responsibilities?

Fernando Monedero: “As LATAM Regional Digital Director, I will work on translating MEC’s global digital vision and increasing our digital footprint across the region; driving MEC growth and recognition. I will support the region with a range of digital projects including fully integrated campaigns, paid media, search, social, content, performance and mobility. Working with my colleague Jose Miranda (head of Analytics and Insight, joined MEC 8 weeks ago) we’ll create, oversee and implement measurement programs where we have gleaned insights from campaign data and made optimization recommendations to the client. I will be responsible for inspiring the agency on new digital opportunities for clients and identifying how current programs can be enhanced with digital initiatives, developing agency digital strategy, product development and training, among much more. In a nutshell? Create a thriving digital culture.”

In a nutshell? I will be responsible for creating a thriving  digital culture.

Portada: What are your goals for this year? And 2015?

Fernando Monedero: “This is a winning team and  one of my goals is to be a part of that new business success, driving growth for our business. Another is to drive growth for our current clients especially in all things digital; inspiring integration, innovation and making digital a strategic imperative.”

Portada: If you have to bet on one digital platform in the Latin American market for next year, which one would it be and why?

Fernando Monedero: “I would say any Data Management Platform. I believe that it is crucial to understand how to leverage a marketer’s own data and supplement it with second party publisher data and third-party data to build a richer audience profile for developing insights and targeting.”

Portada: What do you expect for the programmatic buying in Latin America for next year? And the next five years?

Fernando Monedero: “I believe that programmatic buying can help publishers optimize their relationships with marketers and deliver higher ROI; being able to identify in real-time the person who is most likely to buy your product or service can save millions of ad dollars and dramatically boost ROI. I think the programmatic buying model will increase, as more and more media from news and magazine publishers, TV, radio and even print advertising become internet connected and increasingly absorbed via the internet, programmatic marketing will become more and more the norm. But the future will be what we at MEC call Audience Architecture, designing the best audiences for brands – that’s where MEC will be leading the pack.”

Audience Architecture is the future, designing the best audiences for brands.


Fernando Monedero colorFernando Monedero has been appointed Regional Digital Director at MEC based in Miami. Before his new position at the Group M agency, Fernando was SVP Managing Director at Havas Digital in Miami. Monedero’s tasks at Havas will be assumed by Maria Jose Ezquerra Havas’ Head of Middle Office in addition to her role of leading negotiations, planning and buying for Havas Media.

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