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#PortadaLat Speaker- Fernando Monedero: “Fear of Testing and Political/Economic Instability are the Main Challenges to Ad-Tech Adoption”


Fernando-Monedero-colorPortada interviewed #Portadalat Speaker Fernando Monedero, Head of Digital Latin America, at MEC. Ad-Tech will be an important part of the great content at #Portadalat (Miami June 3-4) , with key topics represented like RTB, Programmatic Buying as well as Online Video Technologies. Major Ad-Tech related speakers will include Erich Wasserman, Founder and CRO, MediaMath and Dr. Shay David, CRO and Co-Founder, Kaltura. We thought it would be good to talk to Fernando Monedero so he could share his thoughts on Ad-Tech’s adoption in Latin America and other topics.

Portada: At what stage do you think is the adoption of Ad-Tech in Latin America?

Fernando Monedero, Head of Digital Latin America, MEC: “LatAm it’s definitely following the path of more mature markets like the U.S. or the UK but their level of tech development and adoption depends on each category, for instance Luxury brands are still finding their way to programmatic buys, trying to guarantee their brand quality requirements (ie. 100% SOV & viewability) and at the same time Travel is very digital savvy and communicating based on very detailed audience analysis and cookies segmentation.”

Portada:What are the main challenges when it comes to accelerate this adoption?

F.M: “The fear of testing and the political and economic instability in some LatAm countries.”

Portada: You mentioned that the creation and distribution of content is one of the main challenges in Latin American marketing right now. Can you please ellaborate?

F.M: “With the evolution of social media, we are able to understand the consumers interest and needs, the challenge is now how to build our communication strategies based on that and develop new content for them, go from story-telling strategies to story-building approach.”

Portada: What is your view of Brazil, how is the country’s slower economic growth impacting Brazilian marketing and media?

F.M: “With more than 100MM internet users, Brazil is the biggest market with a lot opportunities to reach. Adverting investment will continue growing in the coming years and media will be improving their capabilities day per day.”

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April, 10, 2025

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April, 10, 2025

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