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The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has named Susan Hogan senior vice president of research and measurement. Prior to this, Hogan was a media consultant in the digital space.





Lisa Ruiz-Rogers has been appointed managing director by PR agency ROX United, of UNITED COLLECTIVE. Ruiz-Rogers will be responsible for all public relations and activations for the agency.





Marketing professional with nearly 20 years experience, Jason Riveiro, has been appointed National Director, Growth Markets by Realogy Holdings Corp.






José Antonio Ortega Carrero has been named delegate advisor of Prisa Brand Solutions USA and executive VP of Prisa Noticias Latam.






CBS has appointed Richard Parsons as its interim chairman. Parsons held the role of chief executive at Time Warner from 2002 to 2007.






Adam Mosseri has been named the new boss of Instagram by Facebook. Previously, Mosseri was Instagram’s head of product and he also served as design director for Facebook’s mobile apps.





Laura Gentile is the new senior vice president of marketing of ESPN. Gentile will be responsible for developing and managing all aspects of the ESPN brand across all media and building upon a catalog of award-winning creative.






Rob Perillo has joined Klunk & Millan Advertising. Rob will lead the agency’s creative team, integrating digital, social, and web design.





A summary of the most exciting news in soccer marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/877433269029089281/FVfZXf-H_400x400.jpgUefa is planning to launch its own over-the-top (OTT) streaming service. The new platform will also focus on giving additional exposure to categories other than men’s soccer, such as the women’s game and futsal. Uefa’s flagship club competitions the Champions League and Europa League will remain in the hands of major broadcasters which account for much of the governing body’s revenue. “It is not ready yet, but we are building our own OTT platform to really go beyond the current content,” stated Uefa’s marketing director Guy-Laurent Epstein.


  • In the esports business, UEFA is exploring options to launch an official esports tournament that will take place during EURO 2020. The soccer organization is looking for a firms interested in “creating, developing and operating an official esports tournament,” according to Inside World Football. The relevant advertising, marketing, promotion and operation of the E-Sports Tournament will be subject to UEFA’s approval and guidelines,” said UEFA.

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  • ESPN acquired the Coppa Italia U.S. broadcasting rights. The deal includes the Italian Super Cup, the annual curtain-raising fixture between the reigning Serie A champions and the holders of the Coppa Italia.


  • Real Madrid C.F.Real Madrid renewed its regional sponsorship agreement with healthcare provider Sanitas until 2021, for three more seasons. The Bupa subsidiary will continue to provide medical expertise, treatment and specialist healthcare technology.


  • The Uefa Europa League has extended its sponsorship deal with delivery company Fedex Express. The company will now become an official sponsor of the competition until the end of the 2020/21 season.


  • Major League Soccer locked in long-term broadcast partnerships with four networks in the US and Canada. Univision, ESPN, TSN, and TVA Sports will carry the first annual Campeones Cup, the new competition between the league champions of MLS and Liga MX.

What: The Puerto Rico Little League team made some waves out of the Caribbean region, continuing the sport’s legacy on the island.
Why it matters: Through the dollars brands can spend through cause marketing, dollars which done right, can be amplified well beyond a traditional marketplace.

Last weekend the birthday of one of Puerto Rico’s most revered figures, Roberto Clemente, was celebrated across Latin America. This week his lasting legacy has provided its latest example of the vibrancy of baseball in his native country, as the Radames Lopez Little League team, representing Guayama, continued its positive play as the surprising Caribbean entrant in the Little League World Series (@LittleLeague).

Now it’s not that unusual for Puerto Rico to break through to Williamsport; what is unusual is the storytelling that went on as this team, post Hurricane Maria, often trying to assemble with little supplies or even electricity, several of whom had lost their homes and gone without some essential supplies for months, made it undefeated through its regional and on to the grandest brand stage, not just Williamsport but ESPN (@espnas well.

These kids from Puerto Rico have an amazing story and have succeeded in cutting through the clutter with the eyes of the baseball world on them.

The team, many members with their hair dyed blonde like the stars of last year’s World Baseball Classic Puerto Rico team, have quickly become a shining light on how the power of sport can inspire and engage those casual fans who may think the issues from the massive storms last year are a distant and completed memory.

Yes, it’s a feel-good story, but how does that translate into business? Through the dollars brands can spend through cause marketing, dollars which done right, can be amplified well beyond a traditional marketplace. We have seen the scores of brands that have sought to activate through the platforms of ESPN during the Little League World Series, and while many watching across the country may be casual fans tuning in to watch some elite kids, tying some of those brands to cause, one which is still playing out throughout the Island Nation with some fresh goodwill ambassadors now telling their stories, is a great opportunity.

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Harrie Bakst

While we may think of companies looking to jump on the bandwagon and the buzz, especially traditional baseball brands like Nike (@Nikeor Franklin (@FranklinSportsor Under Armour (@UnderArmour), the ability for cause-related brands to amplify their message surrounding these young, telegenic faces and stories can go much wider. Telecommunications companies like Verizon, who have both big philanthropic and sports marketing budgets, can find a great tie to help continue to give back to the efforts in Puerto Rico by leveraging the cause celebre among the islands newest stars, so long as the mix is one of aid and assistance.

“We see brands all the time tied to causes that are ongoing, and they are able to leverage and inflection point to drive awareness and dollars when the spotlight is turned on,” said Harrie Bakst co-founder of WCPG (@wcpgco), a company whose mission is to pair brands, athletes and causes together for a great collective spend. “These kids from Puerto Rico have an amazing story and have succeeded in cutting through the clutter with the eyes of the baseball world on them, even if they advance no further. If there are savvy brands who see Puerto Rico as a key market, and now better understand the efforts there are not yet complete, the time would be right to work with their group. It could be a win well beyond some games in Williamsport for all.”

An effort Clemente would be proud of, in the land he loved and in the game that delivered so much for him, now with a new generation taking the next step.

What: The boxing reality series “The Contender” debuts on EPIX on Friday, August 24, with the Hispanic audience an important factor in its success.
Why it matters: The tradition of boxing across Latin America and among Latinos in the U.S., has never been stronger.

Eric Van Wegenen

This fall may be the rebirth of boxing in the mainstream. From Canelo Alvarez (@Canelo) vs Triple G (@GGGBoxingin September to new massive deals by ESPN (@espnand DAZN (@DAZN_USAto invest in the sport, the buzz has not been this loud consistently in years. Also in the mix will be the reintroduction of the reality series that started it all in sports “The Contender,” (@TheContender ) which will begin its weekly run in a few weeks on a new home EPIX (@EpixHD), starting August 24 at 9 pm EDT. Core to the success of that show, and for that matter all of boxing, is the rabid Latino fan base, which has supported all forms of boxing even in its lowest moments. From South Americans to the Caribbean, Mexico to Central America, boxing remains a tradition to Latinos.

We were able to take in one of the shows for The Contender this past spring in Los Angeles, and we recently caught up with Executive Producer Eric Van Wagenen (@EricVanWagenen(also familiar to Latino fans as the EVP of “Lucha Underground”) to find out what will be in store for those tuning in on EPIX this fall.

Portada: The Latino community is obviously a prime market for the Contender, when putting together the show does that market factor into decisions on talent?

Eric Van Wagenen: We want to appeal to all demographics when we cast “The Contender,” but the primary focus is on boxing talent. Obviously, the Latino fans make up a large percentage of all boxing fans, but most boxing fans are drawn to fighters who put on entertaining fights, even more than any regional or ethnic loyalties.

They support live events, broadcast events, and actively engage on boxing social media. To build the Contender brand, we will need a strong Latino fanbase.
Daniel Valdivia (Credit: Epix / Dianna Garcia – Beck Media)

Portada: Sergio Mora was a past champion and is part of this show. How valuable was it to have him win in the past, and how important is he in the storytelling this time around?

EVW: Sergio Mora was the ideal champion for us in season 1 and a great example of the power of this format. He’s a former world champion and one of the few guys from season 1 that is still fighting. He helped us evaluate the talent early on, and was even a frequent sparring partner for the boxers before and during the tournament. Having been through the “TV” part of the experience before, his advice was very helpful -not only to the boxers, but to the producers as well.

Portada: We believe you have one Latino boxer in the show, from Mexico? Can you tell us about him?

EVW: We have two Latino boxers; Daniel Valdivia, born in Mexico but moved to Tulare, California as a young boy to follow his father who was a migrant worker in California’s central valley. Also, Marcos Hernandez – a young father and native of Fresno, California. These men live only 75 miles away from each other, and their careers have been circling each other for a long time.

Portada: Regardless of the winner, boxing is enjoying quite a rebirth overall. As the sport grows even further, how important is it as someone promoting the sport, that the Latino audience stay engaged and involved?

EVW: It’s very important to appeal to the “hardcore” boxing fans as we reboot this series and Latino fans are some of the most supportive of the sport. They support live events, broadcast events, and actively engage on boxing social media. To build the Contender brand, we will need a strong Latino fanbase.

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Portada: What will Latino fans of the sport enjoy most with this go-round?

EVW: In boxing, a “Mexican style” fight usually implies toe-to-toe, nose-to-nose, tough exchanges with lots of shots traded. Given the five round format of our tournament, the fights are extremely action-packed without any boring rounds.

Portada: If you were advising brands on why to get involved in boxing again, especially those interested in engaging with Latinos, what would you tell them?

EVW: We saw a lot of Latino families coming to our Contender fight nights. Fathers and Mothers came with their children. The love of the sport is constantly passing down to the next generation, and they become life-long boxing fans.

Portada: Lastly, what would fans of the series expect to see differently in this series than in the ones past?

EVW: While we still go deep into fighter’s backstories and families, we have a higher caliber of fighter than in previous seasons. Additionally, the fights are shown in their entirety, without music, sound effects, or clever editing. You will see exactly how the fights went down.

Cover Image courtesy EPIX

What: ESPN has built and dedicated a multifunctional sports space in Xochimilco, Mexico.
Why it matters: This home to programs that teach young people employability skills through sports is an example of how sports and soccer can change the world, with the help of corporate partners.

via ESPN

Sports in general, and soccer in particular, as a catalyst for good across the globe is not a new concept. For years, organizations like Laureus (@LaureusSport), openingboundaries (@OB_0fficialand many others have found ways to use sport to benefit youth in tangible ways. Sometimes it’s as simple as having equipment and safe places to play that can change lives.

In that spirit, ESPN (@espn), which has a strong presence in Latin America (@ESPNmxand among Spanish speakers in the U.S., teamed with community leaders in Xochimilco, Mexico City, earlier this month to launch the construction of a new sports court as part of its global project, which includes six such multifunctional units across Latin America and one in India.

The Xochimilco safe space is an opportunity for young people to use sport to find their way in life and also to provide training for future employment.
courtesy Beyond Sport

The goal, per community leaders and ESPN personnel, is to help youngsters by using the refurbished court to hold job skills and other programs via A Ganar (@A_Ganar), a Latin American and Caribbean based organization which has targeted 16-24 year olds in fighting the problems of youth unemployment in nearly 20 countries for more than a decade.

“At ESPN we believe that sport has the ability to transform lives, and we are committed to providing resources to enable kids in Mexico City to play sports,” said Russell Wolff, executive vice president and managing director, ESPN International, in a statement. “This is our second safe space in Mexico City and we are pleased to collaborate with love.fútbol, A Ganar, Beyond Sport, and Street Soccer Mexico once again to build this court in a community where there is a need, as it can truly make a difference.”

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“As with our first build together in Chimalhuacán, our goal is to improve the quality of life of marginalized youth and vulnerable communities in Mexico. The Xochimilco safe space is an opportunity for young people to use sport to find their way in life and also to provide training for future employment,” added Daniel Copto, CEO and President, Street Soccer México.

Programs like this are vital, especially on a continuing basis. Empowering local residents to continue the push is key. The Xochimilco launch event, hosted by ESPN broadcasters Miroslava Montemayor and Sergio Dipp, brought the community together for a celebration, with the Santiaguito location chosen based largely on need, in conjunction with community facility specialist love.fútbol.

ESPN had previously announced a similar space in Bogota, Colombia, in April , following previous ESPN safe space initiatives in Mexico City, Mexico; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil.

Cover Image via beyondsport.org

A summary of the most exciting news in soccer marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • Paris Saint-GermainFrench soccer team Paris Saint-Germain is ending their shirt sponsorship deal with Emirates after the upcoming 2018/19 season. Emirates were not willing to meet president Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s up to US$93 million-per-year demand. PSG are searching for a replacement for Emirates, with an Asian company in insurance or electronics a possibility. Qatar Airways has also been touted as a potential replacement.


  • English Manchester United have expanded their partnership with German coffee company Melitta. Melitta is going from a regional agreement to a global one. The expansion includes the creation of a global initiative which will bring some of the club’s international fans to Old Trafford for a VIP experience. “At Manchester United we pride ourselves on offering to our fans the best possible experience when visiting Old Trafford,” said Richard Arnold, United’s group managing director.


  • The English soccer giant has also announced a multi-year global partnership with MoPlay, a new mobile betting and gaming brand. The deal will see the two brands create exclusive collaborative content for fans, as well as engage in innovative co-branded activations around the world. “MoPlay are an innovative and dynamic company looking to further enhance our fans’ gaming experience,” said Arnold.


  • Continuing with Manchester United, Scotch whisky Chivas teamed up with the English team in a three-year global partnership. No financial details of the multi-year partnership were revealed but the deal will see Chivas’ range of whiskies made available throughout Old Trafford’s hospitality suites, while the company’s branding will be displayed on digital perimeter boards as well as throughout the stadium.

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  • Sina Sports90min announced a deal with Sina Sport to provide fan-driven international football content to the Chinese market and help Sina Sports attract and engage with “the next generation football fan.” In addition, with assistance from Sina Sports, 90min is one of the first foreign sports media to open and operate an official Weibo account. In order to service Sina Sport in its localized language, 90min has created a dedicated community team which curates and publishes all content in Chinese.



  • ESPN and ESPN+ locked in an exclusive, multi-year rights agreement in the US for Italian soccer league Serie A TIM. The deal will bring more than 340 matches per season to ESPN+. Most telecasts will air on ESPN and ESPN2, and the Match of the Week will also be available in Spanish on ESPN Deportes.


  • Telemundo Deportes hit the Premier League this week, detailing production plans as for its exclusive Spanish-language coverage. The Telemundo Deportes soccer expert team returns to provide play-by-play commentary led by Andres Cantor, Sammy Sadovnik, Copán Álvarez, Carlos Hermosillo and Manuel Sol.

A summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • ESPN is bringing back ESPN8. “The Ocho” will take the place of ESPN2 on Aug. 8, offering 24 hours of off-beat programming. KFC will sponsor all 24 hours of programming in a series of vignettes that will run throughout the day. Within the lineup will be the 2018 Dodgeball World Cup, the US Open Ultimate Championships, the Spikeball East Tour Series, Major League Eating, the Cornhole: ACL Pro Invitational, and the World Championship of Ping Pong.


  • Van HeusenVan Heusen has become UFC’s first-ever “Official Men’s Dress Furnishings Provider,” with UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw and UFC welterweight contender Stephen Thompson starring in a new commercial highlighting the Van Heusen Flex collection of men’s shirts and pants. The commercial and campaign creative will be placed across national and local cable television, and display ads on select retailer sites. According to a Washington Post poll, 38% of mixed martial arts fans are African-American, and 31% are Hispanics.


  • OTT DAZN is planning on creating original lifestyle content including documentaries, talk shows and podcasts as part of its international expansion. “In a market like the US where we’re very strong in combat sports rights but don’t have much else, we need original content,” said DAZN chief executive James Rushton, to Digiday. “Part of our challenge is, we have to turn these boxers back into superstars.” The platform is set to launch in September with only boxing and martial arts rights and will be supplementing that coverage with an original daily news show offering an inside look at what fighters get up to outside the ring.

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  • Top Rank BoxingBoxing promotion company Top Rank signed a new seven-year partnership with ESPN. As part of the deal, ESPN will provide live coverage of 54 boxing events per year, as well as delivering previews and post-fight analysis programmes, archive and studio content and new shows.


  • UFC confirmed its first-ever event in Beijing, China, taking place at the Cadillac Arena on Nov. 24. “China is the next frontier for the growth of UFC and the sport of mixed martial arts, and this market is paramount to our success internationally,” UFC Vice President of Asia-Pacific Kevin Chang said. UFC will be working together with Endeavor China to deliver the live event.


  • Clemson University locked in a 10-year contract extension with Nike, that will run through the 2027-28 academic year and grant the athletic department more than $58 million in apparel allowances, direct cash payouts, and royalties. “Nike is one of the premier brands in the world and we’re excited to build upon our relationship,” said Dan Radakovich, Director of Athletics, Clemson University.

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  • FedExFedEx expanded its partnership with the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies to become the franchise’s first-ever jersey sponsor. The FedEx logo will be integrated into the team’s newly designed Nike uniforms for the 2018/19 season.


  • Major League Baseball and ESPN announced that the 2018 MLB Postseason will begin exclusively on ESPN on Oct. 2. The National League Wild Card Game presented by Hankook will also be available on ESPN Radio, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Deportes Radio and the ESPN App. 31% of MLB players are Latino, according to ESPN.


  • UFC signed a multi-year marketing partnership with meal delivery service Trifecta Nutrition. The agreement represents a brand-new sponsorship category for UFC. In return, Trifecta will have a branded presence at the UFC Performance Institute and an activation presence at UFC’s live events. Trifecta will use UFC branding to create custom delivery boxes and to promote national sweepstakes for UFC events.

A summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • OTT streaming service DAZN has detailed its expansion into the US, following parent company PerformGroup’s $1 billion joint venture with Matchroom Boxing and a nine-figure multiyear global distribution agreement with Bellator MMA. The first-ever fight night will be headlined by heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua and Alexander “The Russian Warrior” Povetkin, on Sept. 22 live from Wembley Stadium in London.


  • AngelsThrough the first half of the 2018 MLB season, viewership of Los Angeles Angels telecasts on FOX Sports West has delivered the highest year-over-year ratings increase of any MLB team, according to the network. At the All-Star Break, current local-market household ratings on FOX Sports West are up 79% in comparison to last season.


  • Activision Blizzard has agreed to a multi-year broadcast rights deal with Disney to televise the eSports Overwatch League across ESPN, ESPN 2, Disney XD, ABC, and all related streaming services. “ESPN is invested in the growth of the NBA and now we hope they are invested in the growth of our league. That’s what makes it a significant moment,” stated Pete Vlastelica, president and chief executive of Activision Blizzard esports leagues. Hispanics expressed more interest in watching others play video games compared to Non-Hispanics, according to a 2014 Think Now Research study.

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  • Amazon is expanding its cloud computing deal with MLB, with a new set of real-time statistics and graphics for live baseball games. The deal makes use of Amazon Web Services’ artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, follows a similar deal with the National Football League in November. 31% of MLB players are Latino, according to ESPN.


  • Pizza HutPizza Hut announced a sponsorship deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers, to mark the second official NFL team partnership for the brand, following the Seattle Seahawks. “Few franchises in sports are as revered as the Pittsburgh Steelers, so it is with great pride that we enter into a partnership with one of the most iconic teams in the NFL,” said Zipporah Allen, CMO, Pizza Hut.


  • Mercedes-Benz is partnering with ProGaming Italia and Sony Interactive Entertainment Italy to launch the Gran Turismo Sports E-Cup by Mercedes. A total 12 racers will compete for the championship on Oct. 7, the last day of Milan Games Week. 


  • Chipotle Mexican Grill has been named the presenting sponsor of the US Lacrosse Nationals, the national governing body’s signature youth tournament running Aug. 2-5, 2018, in Frederica, Del. “Chipotle has been one of our organization’s most supportive partners, and we are thrilled to evolve that partnership to include Chipotle as the presenting sponsor of our premier youth event,” said Brett Hurwitz, VP of marketing and communications at US Lacrosse.

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  • UFC Fight Pass will now live-stream events from the new Karate Combat promotion, beginning with next Saturday’s event out of Athens, Greece. Karate Combat features elite level karateka using full contact rules. According to a Washington Post poll, 38% of mixed martial arts fans are African-American, and 31% are Hispanics.


  • GEICOGEICO is planning to launch the GEICO Gaming Ambassador program, tapping four influencers who reflect “the best values the gaming and esports communities can offer. Brian Kibler and Pokimane are the first two names announced for the initiative. They will be doing posts, commentary, and answering questions on Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch about it.


  • ESPN Deportes will present more than 600 hours of coverage of the XXIII Central American and Caribbean Games from Barranquilla, Colombia, across ESPN Deportes and the ESPN App. The coverage includes highlights of all the competitions including, gymnastics, swimming, boxing, volleyball, women’s and men’s soccer, women’s and men’s basketball, among others.

A summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • David OrtizMLB All-Star David Ortiz announced a multi-year deal to appear on FOX Sports as a studio analyst for the network’s game coverage. Ortiz contributed as studio analyst throughout FOX Sports’ coverage of the 2017 postseason and will again be alongside Frank Thomas, Alex Rodriguez, and Kevin Burkhardt. Ortiz will make his 2018 debut during the network’s coverage of the 89th All-Star Game presented by Mastercard from Nationals Park in Washington, DC.


  • Gatorade has become the first primary partner for the Jr. NBA World Championship. The energy drink brand will have a variety of products for the participants and signage opportunities at each regional competition as well as the global event. In addition, Gatorade will manage the event’s off-court programming, including Gatorade Sports Science Institute athlete testing as well as heat safety and hydration sessions with professional athlete speakers.


  • The NFL and CBS expanded their streaming agreement. The deal includes game streaming access via mobile devices for CBS All Access and paid TV subscribers. Through 2017, mobile streaming rights had previously been exclusive to Verizon.
    “The 2018 season will mark a new era for NFL fans with unprecedented access to NFL games across digital platforms,” stated Hans Schroeder, Chief Operating Officer of NFL Media and Business, in a statement. Every NFL ON CBS game will be available to fans on mobile, including Super Bowl LIII next February.

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  • Golden Boy BoxingOscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions is partnering with Facebook to produce five live fight nights. The events will air exclusively on Facebook Watch. The first encounter will be between WBA World Featherweight champion Jesus Rojas defending his title against Joseph “JoJo” Diaz Jr. at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood, on Saturday, Aug. 11. De La Hoya will be executive producer for both the fight cards and complementary programming.


  • Telemundo’s morning show Un Nuevo Dia hosts, “Chef James” Tahhan and Janice Bencosme, have been suspended indefinitely after being seen making slant-eye gestures referring to South Korea. In a statement released to USA TODAY Sports on Thursday, Telemundo said the behavior was “contrary to our values and standards.”


  • Minor League Baseball and Cartoon Network are teaming up for a summer-long promotion for the in-park “Best Summer Ever” program. The campaign will bring together baseball games and CN original series. Activities include pre- and post-game screenings, high-energy video mashups mixed with MiLB game and ballpark experience highlights, including in-game vignettes featuring Cartoon Network’s Stop Bullying Speak-Up campaign.


  • WENN Digital Inc., creator, and operator of KODAKOne Image Rights Management Platform, is talking about a partnership with Fernando Alonso, as the exclusive image registration, protection and license-monitoring solution for certain images and videos of Alonso.


  • Boxer Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley Jr., inked a new multiyear contract extension with ESPN to continue to serve as a boxing analyst for Top Rank on ESPN, alongside Joe Tessitore and Mark Kriegel.

A summary of the most exciting news in soccer marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • Samsung Electronics90min announced new partnerships with Budweiser, Hyundai, Right Guard, Listerine, Caliente, Samsung and BOSS Fragrance for its World Cup content. For the deal, the soccer–specialized website will use fan reporters to write on-the-ground stories from Russia, it will also provide street-level video reporting that focuses on the fan journey, the fan culture in Russia and the “combustion moments that happen on and off-the-pitch.
  • Telemundo and Google announced a partnership to bring Telemundo’s Spanish-language World Cup content to Google and YouTube for soccer fans across the US. For the first time ever, World Cup fans searching on Google for their favorite teams, matches, and scores in Spanish in the US will see close to real-time video highlights from Telemundo Deportes. In addition, the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia games on Telemundo will be offered in markets where YouTube TV is available.
  • Amazon locked a three-year deal to broadcast live Premier League matches and weekly highlights packages on its Prime Video service in the UK, starting with the 2019-20 season. This marks the first time that Premier League TV rights have been acquired by a non-traditional broadcaster.

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  • BudweiserFIFA, partnered with Budweiser and Twitter to make it easier for fans to vote for the Man of the Match Award during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The new Twitter voting platforms will offer an enhanced visual voting portal and will update to include active players on the pitch. When voting concludes, @FIFAWorldCup will tweet the name of the winner.
  • The National Women’s Soccer League announced that ESPN will telecast six NWSL Games of the Week on ESPNEWS throughout the remainder of the season. By doing this, the ESPN will replace the previously scheduled games on Lifetime. All six nationally televised games will be slated for evening kickoffs.
  • The Canadian Premier League has added Valour FC as one of the founding clubs set to play in Canada’s new professional men’s soccer league in the spring of 2019, plating out of Investors Group Field.
  • FIFA signed its first 2018 World Cup sponsor from Africa, agreeing to a deal with the government of Egypt. “Egypt – Experience & Invest” – a campaign which FIFA says aims to showcase the “wide spectrum of tourism experiences and investment potential Egypt has to offer” – fills the first of four African slots in a program for third-tier commercial deals. FIFA has now 20 sponsors of the 34 places in its 2018 World Cup commercial program.
  • Telemundo Deportes’s En Vivo App will include a custom emoji keyboard during the FIFA World Cup, in partnership with Sportsmania.

A summary of the most exciting news in soccer marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • HerbalifeESPN networks and ESPN+ will get together to present all 2018 Canadian Football League regular season and postseason games. ESPN2 and ESPNEWS will broadcast more than 20 games, this includes the Eastern and Western Finals and 106th Grey Cup. Also, ESPN+ will stream close to 70 games.
  • Telemundo Station Group will have a team of 12 local station journalists from Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, McAllen and its news bureaus in Washington, D.C., and Miami sent to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. This marks the largest group of Telemundo station journalists to ever report from an international, live sporting event.
  • Herbalife Nutrition extended its multi-year sponsorship with soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo until 2021. Herbalife Nutrition continues as the exclusive rights holder to promote Ronaldo in connection with the nutrition, wellness, and sports performance products category.
  • DraftKings and Jägermeister announced “The Real Shot,” a bracket-style soccer competition by which US soccer fans will be able to adopt a team and carry with them throughout the World Cup. “Sports is one of the fastest growing forms of content, accelerated by fan engagement and participation, and we are committed to bringing top-tier content to our extremely engaged customer base,” stated Ezra Kucharz, Chief Business Officer of DraftKings

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  • Telemundo Deportes presented its World Cup broadcast theme song and music production. “Sueño de Campeones” or “Champions Dream,” was produced by Yoav Goren. The song will be used across Telemundo Deportes’ live broadcasts, pre- and post-games and additional World Cup programming.
  • HFX Wanderers FCMLS announced that FC Cincinnati will become the league’s newest expansion team. The squad will continue to use the University of Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium as its home until its own venue is completed. “The rise of Cincinnati as a passionate soccer market in recent years, coinciding with the city’s growing economy and reputation as a top destination for young professionals makes it an ideal city for our growing league,” said MLS Commissioner Don Garber.
  • The Canadian Premier League confirmed that HFX Wanderers will be one of the founding clubs to play in the professional men’s soccer league set to debut in Spring 2019. Based in based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the team will be the primary tenant at a new soccer stadium at Wanderers Ground, downtown.
  • SportsEngine will partner with Telemundo Deportes to promote participation in youth soccer programs across the US. SportsEngine’s youth sports directory will dedicate its homepage to soccer programs, during this summer World Cup on Telemundo. In addition, SportsEngine is launching its first bilingual advertising campaign, in partnership with Telemundo, to promote soccer to youth across the United States.
  • Telemundo Deportes is partnering with David Villa and his production company, Designated Player, to produce a wide range of soccer content around the World Cup to air across all Telemundo network and digital platforms. As part of the partnership, Villa will narrate a video series entitled Como Llegaron.

A summary of the most exciting news in soccer marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/975880330044325888/RuJuopul_400x400.jpgAdidas extended its partnership with UEFA and will continue representing the Champions League, Super Cup, Youth League and Futsal Champions League until 2021. “As the number one football brand in the world, we have built up a longstanding partnership with UEFA that has seen a great deal achieved in European football,” said Claus-Peter Mayer, VP of sports marketing football at Adidas.
  • Telemundo Deportes will live stream the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia games in Spanish-language on the NBC Sports app, and feature Telemundo Deportes content on desktop computers via a link on NBCSports.com. “Now anyone can enjoy soccer in Spanish-language no matter what app they use, whether they choose to watch through NBC Sports or Telemundo’s own En Vivo App or our local stations’ apps,” said Ray Warren, President of Telemundo Deportes.
  • The Confederation of North, Central America, and Caribbean Association Football has confirmed the 15 venues, including 13 US cities, that will host the 2019 edition of the expanded Concacaf Gold Cup. 2019 Gold Cup matches will also be played in Central America and the Caribbean for the first time.

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  • AFAThe Argentine Football Association (AFA) has agreed on three new partnerships with Chinese firms. Hexindai will become a regional sponsor of Argentina’s national men’s soccer team and will enjoy brand exposure via the AFA website and the federation’s social media channels. Interior design company Der and home appliances manufacturer Vanward will also become AFA’s partners.
  • According to Nielsen, NBC Sports reports a record of 39.3 million Americans watching its presentation of the Premier League on its platforms in 2017-18. This represents a rise of 14%, in comparison with last season’s numbers.
  • The Canadian Premier League announced that Cavalry FC would be one of the founding clubs to play in the upcoming professional men’s soccer league, which will debut in Spring 2019.
  • ESPN signed a multimedia rights agreement with UEFA to continue carrying the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup and the UEFA Europa League in Spanish-speaking Latin America, effective 2018/19 to 2020/21. ESPN will carry a total of 71 UEFA Champions League matches each season.

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  • The Brasileiro, Brazil’s top league, will become the first domestic soccer league to stream games live on YouTube. The agreement was brokered by third-party Spanish producer Mediapro
  • LAFCSan Manuel Casino announced a new partnership with Los Angeles Football Club, for the 2018 MLS season. San Manuel Casino will take part in pre-match Fan Fest activation experiences at Banc of California Stadium, and sponsor the City View Club in addition to presenting post-game highlights via in-stadium “Thrill of the Match” broadcasts.
  • French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain is creating an overseas office in New York. This is the club’s third office outside of France, following the one in Doha and Singapore. The team hopes to increase brand visibility, cultivate new partnerships and nurture its growing fan base. Jerome de Chaunac, as Managing Director of the Americas, will manage the office.
  • Nashville MLS announced Ian Ayre as its new Chief Executive Officer. The 55-year-old will be tasked with building and leading the Nashville MLS club. “We are committed to bringing world-class soccer to Nashville, as evidence by the appointment of Ian as our CEO,” said Nashville MLS lead owner John Ingram, in a statement.

A summary of the most exciting news in soccer marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • SportsManiasTelemundo is planning on partnering with SportsManias to create a World Cup-themed keyboard, providing fans with animated soccer emojis for this summer’s FIFA World Cup. According to the broadcaster announcement, the keyboard will feature animated emojis of players scoring goals and celebrating, referees pulling out red cards, fans waving their country’s colors, and more.
  • According to Nielsen, the FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid game last May 6 made beIN SPORTS’ ratings spike. “El Clasico” matchup between LaLiga archrivals averaged more than 1.4 million total viewers across both networks.
  • Post Cereals Kicks-Off Major League Soccer Support, as the Official Cereal of MLS. Starting in June, limited edition MLS cereal boxes can be found at grocery stores nationwide, featuring collectible Topps MLS player trading card cut-outs. In addition, more than 20 events will be held in grocery store parking lots across the country from June through August.
  • GoGo squeeZ has been named the official applesauce and yogurt sponsor of the 2018 Kick It National Tour. The Tour officially begins on June 2 and will involve more than 30,000 youth soccer players across more than 70 events in 2018.
  • FC Diez Media, IMG and Perform’s joint venture set up to advise CONMEBOL on their commercial rights for club competitions from 2019-22, is now tendering media rights for CONMEBOL Sudamericana and CONMEBOL Recopa until June 6. This is the first time Sudamericana rights have been made available through a tender process and sold separately to the CONMEBOL Libertadores competition.

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  • FC Bayern USESPN and the FC Bayern Munich have reached an agreement for the broadcaster to use and share content directly from the German Bundesliga club across its digital and linear platforms. With this deal, Bayern Munich will make available its content – behind-the-scenes video, access-driven features, pre- and post-match reports, press briefings, team travelogue, and more – for use across different ESPN programs in the United States, Canada, throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Minute Media has raised $17 million in a Series F funding round, with new investors, including Goldman Sachs and Vintage Investment Partners, and existing investors such as Battery Ventures, Dawn Capital and Qumra Capital. This adds up to a total funding of $77 million to-date.
  • FOX is preparing for the 2018 FIFA World Cup by using heavy weight influencers like David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds, Joel Embiid, Alex Morgan and Evander Holyfield, who all play featured roles in FOX Sports’ The World Becomes the FIFA World Cup campaign. Also appearing are FOX Sports Lead Studio Host Rob Stone and Lead Studio Analyst, Alexi Lalas. “It doesn’t get any bigger than the FIFA World Cup. It brings together the worlds of sports and celebrity for an incredible month-long pop culture event,” stated Robert Gottlieb, EVP of Marketing, FOX Sports.“It was a natural fit to have movie stars, musicians and championship athletes as part of our campaign.”

A summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • Call of Duty esportsThe Call of Duty World League inked a deal with TV brand TCL. Now, TCL will be featured in tournament broadcasts, and have branding in original Call of Duty World League programming, and more. According to a 2014 Think Now Research study, Hispanics expressed more interest in watching others play video games compared to Non-Hispanics.
  • The NBA and Intel Capital announced a new technology innovation collaboration by the name of “NBA + Intel Capital Emerging Technology Initiative.” The multiyear deal will foster the identification, formation, and growth of technology companies that have the potential to impact the future of the NBA, sports, and entertainment. “With this new initiative, the NBA and Intel Capital aim to bring extensive human and technology resources into companies we believe will lead the next wave of transformation in sports and entertainment,” said Wendell Brooks, senior vice president of Intel Corporation and president of Intel Capital.

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  • Emirates AirlineEmirates Airline, F1 Global Partner since 2013, renewed and expanded its partnership with Formula 1 until the end of 2022. Emirates will now have an expanded branding and consumer activation presence at over 15 races on the FIA Formula One World Championship calendar spanning Europe, Asia, Australia, North America and South America, in addition to Emirates being the Title Sponsor of the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona and for the German Grand Prix in Hockenheim.
  • The NBA, the International Basketball Federation and the Basketball Federation of India announced that Basketball Without Borders (BWB) Asia 2018 would be held from May 30 to June 2 at The NBA Academy India in Delhi National Capital Region. BWB Asia 2018 brings together the top male and female players ages 17 and under from throughout the Asia-Pacific region to learn directly from NBA and FIBA players, legends, and coaches and to compete against other young players from the region.
  • UFCUFC made a multi-year media rights agreement with The Walt Disney Company’s new Direct-To-Consumer & International segment, that will see exclusive live UFC content run on ESPN+, as well as across a variety of ESPN’s television, social and digital platforms, in English and Spanish, starting January 2019.
  • Williams Racing has launched an official esports team, which will now run competitions for gamers to earn their place on the Williams eSports roster. There are already three drivers signed to the Williams eSports roster: Javier Perez, Jani Vitsaniemi, and Bernardo Perez. As part of its activity in 2018, the team will contest the second season of the Formula 1 eSports Pro Series. On average, Hispanics play video games more often than Non-Hispanics (12 hours per week vs. 9 hours for Non-Hispanics), according to hispanicgamers.com.

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A summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • Monster Energy announced a deal which extends its entitlement sponsorship of NASCAR’s
    premier series running through 2019. The brand will also continue as the Official Energy Drink of NASCAR. “NASCAR and Monster Energy enjoyed a productive first year and both parties have benefited significantly from the partnership,” said Steve Phelps, NASCAR Chief Operating Officer. According to 2011 data, 20% of NASCAR’s followers are multicultural fans, 9% were Hispanic and 8% African-American.
  • Nighthawk Pro GamingNETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming and NRG esports signed a partnership to leverage Nighthawk Pro Gaming products into the team’s training regimen, including its training facility and Boot Camps at the NETGEAR headquarters in the new Nighthawk Pro Gaming lounge. “We are pleased to be working with NETGEAR, the leading provider of networking equipment for the home, gamers and small business,” said Andy Miller, owner, and CEO of NRG and the San Francisco Shock. Hispanics are nearly twice as likely to buy and wear video game branded apparel.
  • The interactive football league Fan-Controlled Football League (FCFL), a new football league that lets fans call the shots on game plays, announced a multiyear streaming deal with Twitch. The deal makes Twitch the exclusive broadcaster of the FCFL through the 2019 and 2020 seasons. This is the second year the FCFL has partnered with Twitch. It first began using the service near the end of its inaugural season in 2017.

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  • Formula 1ESPN will expand its coverage for next weekend’s Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, by adding more on-track content. Viewers will be able to watch content from the first two F1 practice sessions of the weekend on ESPNU, from the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The third Spanish Grand Prix practice session, qualifying, and the race will air on ESPN2.
  • https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DcMitikW0AMr_Bg.jpg:largeUtz snacks inked a new multi-faceted sponsorship deal with Major League Baseball that makes Utz the Official Salty Snack of MLB, across television, digital media, and retail locations. Utz plans to promote its full assortment of snack products with integrated branding across MLB’s broadcast and digital platforms such as MLB Network and MLB.com. In addition, Utz will begin selling products that feature MLB branding at retail locations across the US. This is the brand’s first professional sports league partnership. 31% of MLB players are Latino, according to ESPN.
  • T-Mobile and the Houston Outlaws have started an official partnership. This is the esports league first sponsorship agreement. As part of it, the brand will now become the Official Wireless Partner of the Houston Outlaws. T-Mobile and the Outlaws will also generate new content to deliver fans an inside look at the team’s players and their experiences in the Overwatch League. “T-Mobile is not only America’s fastest network but the fastest to embrace esports,” said Ryan Musselman, Senior Vice President of Infinite Esports and Entertainment.

A summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • NASCARNASCAR acquired the Automobile Racing Club of America, which will mantain its current structure through the 2019 season. “This continues the legacy our sport was built upon and will deliver the great racing our fans expect,” stated Jim France, NASCAR vice chairman, executive vice president and member of the sport’s founding family. According to 2011 data, 20% of NASCAR’s followers are multicultural fans, 9% were Hispanic and 8% African-American.
  • J Balvin and Michael Brun’s “Positivo” will serve as the official pop song for Telemundo Deportes’ coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. The song was first presented in a video tease during the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards on April 26.
  • Monumental Sports & Entertainment signed a deal with Giant Food, the leading DC regional grocery chain, to make Giant Food a sponsor of esports Wizards District, starting with the new season. Giant Food’s logo will be featured on in-game on-court signage, around player accounts and at the Wizards District Gaming Practice Facility. In addition, Giant Food will have exclusive ownership of a number of streamed practice sessions and games throughout the season. Hispanics are nearly twice as likely to wear video game branded apparel, according to hispanicgamers.com.

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  • ESPNESPN became the first sports broadcaster to air a live sporting event in 4K in Latin America. The company reported airing the first leg of a home-and-away UEFA Champions League semifinal in the format and made available on DIRECTV Channel 4000 in Argentina and Peru. ESPN’s coverage in 4K continues Saturday, May 26 with the UEFA Champions League Final live from Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Perform Media signed a multiyear deal with the NBA, to manage the league’s official websites in more than 15 international markets, including Argentina, Mexico and Spain. The NBA’s official online destinations in international markets reach together more than 15 million unique visitors each month, according to the league.
  • ESL confirmed a deal with Vodafone. The telecommunications giant  will span a variety of ESL’s flagship events, including the Intel Extreme Masters, ESL One and the ESL Pro League. Vodafone will also  support a series of initiatives that promote diversity and female participation in esports activities.


People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

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Spark Foundry has announced the appointment of Chris Boothe to the role of Global Brand President. Boothe, who currently serves as CEO of Spark Foundry USA, will focus on further scaling Spark Foundry’s brand proposition across 60 global offices in 35 countries.






Contently, a content marketing solution, has announced the promotion of Henry Bruce to the role of Senior VP of Marketing. Bruce will lead Contently’s strategy to give marketers solutions to create engaging, accountable content at scale.





ESPN has appointed Ricardo Zúñiga as Deputy Coordinating Editor for ESPN’s global digital content team.  Zúñiga will report to Patrick Stiegman, Vice President and Editorial Director of global digital content.






SuperAwesome has announced that it has appointed Incisive Media founder Tim Weller as Non-Executive Chairman of its board of directors.






Former Telemundo exec Joe Bernard is the new Chief Revenue Officer at NGL Collective, reported MediaMoves. In his new role, Bernard will drive revenue and oversee the monetization and creation of new and existing lines of business within the organization.





Mondelēz International has announced that it has named Martin Renaud as Global Chief Marketing Officer. In this position, Renaud will be accountable for marketing the company’s portfolio of brands.






Jeremy Burton, chief marketing officer of Dell Technologies, is stepping down from his position.






Meredith has revealed a restructuring of its sales and marketing teams, organizing the former Time Inc. titles into a series of portfolios containing existing Meredith brands, each led by an individual group publisher. Changes include:



Bruce Gersh who was promoted from GM to EVP and president of PeopleEntertainment Weekly, and People en Español, will oversee a subgroup of publishers.





Mike Schneider has been promoted to serve as group publisher of Fortune and Money until those titles are sold.



Similarly, Danny Lee, who had been VP of brand sports sales for Sports Illustrated and SI Kids, will take over as publisher of Sports Illustrated.






Jorg Stratman has been promoted from VP and group sales director to publisher of Time.



A summary of the most exciting news in soccer marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • MLS and Twitter announced a three-year agreement to stream weekly games and generate additional content, including exclusive highlights and programming on teams, players and major events. Univision will keep the Spanish language broadcast, while Twitter makes an English simulcast streaming.
  • On Monday, FC Barcelona and Nike launched a new campaign, The Ball Makes Us More, featuring stars from the men’s and women’s teams together with fans of the club. This year Nike and FC Barcelona celebrate their 20th partnership anniversary.

  • ESPN has become the Chicago Fire Soccer Club exclusive media rights holder, on a three-year rights agreement. ESPN+ will cover live local matches in both English and Spanish beginning this season.

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  • Heineken USHeineken USA is partnering with Copa90 on a documentary and original six-part series showing the culture of soccer fans. The series is available to stream on Copa90’s social channels.
  • MLS and Liga MX signed a long-term partnership, bringing together the three nations involved in the United 2026 FIFA World Cup hosting bid. The alliance will focus on creating new competition to extend the rivalry between the countries that will include an annual Campeones Cup between the champions of each league. In addition, the annual MLS Homegrown Game presented by Energizer will include Liga MX Under-20 club team as the opponent.
  • Spain’s La Liga partnered with McDonald’s for McDonald’s Virtual La Liga eSports. The first stage of the online qualification process begins March 19 and will be played on ArenaGG.

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A summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.

  • Amazon Prime Video is bringing UFC pay-per-view events to viewers in the U.S. The deal started last Saturday, March 2nd with UFC 222: Cris Cyborg vs. Yana Kunitskaya. No Prime membership is required to watch pay-per-view-events on Prime Video, you just need to purchase the fight. UFC 222 cost $64.99 to enable the streaming. According to a Washington Post poll, 38% of mixed martial arts fans are African-American, and 31% are Hispanics.
  • NewBalanceUSAThe New York Mets and New Balance announced a long-term sponsorship making New Balance the official footwear and apparel company of the Mets and Citi Field. The deal includes New Balance presence throughout Citi Field beginning in 2018. 31% of MLB players are Latino, according to ESPN.
  • ESPN and ESPN Deportes will broadcast MLB regular-season games in Puerto Rico and Mexico this season.
  • Formula 1 is launching F1 TV, which will serve as the sport’s OTT platform and represent F1’s largest investment to date into its digital properties. Live streams will run ad-free and will include multi-language commentary. Subscribers will also be able to watch the FIA Formula 2 Championship, GP3 Series, and Porsche Supercup, among others.

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  • Pizza Hut has become the Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL after the league ended its Pizza Hutpartnership with Papa John’s Pizza. The multi-year agreement will offer Pizza Hut a vast array of exclusive marketing rights.
  • ExxonMobil signed a multi-year marketing partnership with the Boston Celtics, Charlotte Hornets, and Houston Rockets. ExxonMobil’s will keep being the “Official Motor Fuel of the National Basketball Association” in those markets.
  • Pacific Pro Football and adidas announced a multiyear partnership, becoming the exclusive footwear and apparel supplier for Pacific Pro’s inaugural four teams. Together with Pacific Pro Football, adidas will lead on all aspects of branding, marketing, and uniform design, as well as contribute to league development.

What: Alex Rodriguez spoke at last week’s 12th annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.
Why it matters: Rodriguez is the ultimate redemption story from what appeared to be a completely damaged brand to a growing Hall of Fame business career.

There are few better comeback stories in sports and entertainment than the one of Alex Rodriguez. From banned baseball superstar to mega-businessman, entrepreneur, analyst, and now Yankees advisor, Rodriguez has risen from the ashes of what most thought would be a career lost and a brand squandered to be one of the most thoughtful, engaged, and well-rounded Latin American athletes turned businessmen of the past 25 years, succeeding well beyond his stellar position as baseball analyst for FOX and ESPN.

ARod, his business plan, and the brands he works with were center stage late Friday afternoon at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference (@SloanSportsConf) in Boston, where the MLB great shared his business thoughts on a panel that included Maverick Carter, DraftKings founder Jason Robbins, and 538 Founder Nate Silver.

The ARod Corp (@AROD) has created a wide business portfolio that includes everything from commercial real estate to eSports, with brand partners that include UFC Gyms in South Florida; Trifision, a rising fitness initiative which marries yoga, pilates, boot camp, barre, boxing, and cycling; Energy Fitness —a large chain of high-end fitness centers primarily located in Mexico City—, and NRG eSports, a millennial-focused content network, providing exclusive, multi-platform programming for gamers. That is in addition to the advisory work he does with the Bronx Bombers (which was announced on Sunday), his stellar baseball analysis, and his work with Jennifer Lopez on any myriad of cross-promotional businesses.

His comeback off the field has made for a growing Hall of Fame business career that may not surpass his legendary status on the field, but can come close.

The brand of ARod, it seems, has never been as vibrant, diverse or successful as it is today. How has it gotten there? Learn from those around you, and the mistakes you make along the way.

“I have the fifth most strikeouts in MLB history. Only four people in the entire world have struck out more than me,” Rodriguez told ESPN’s Michelle Steele before a packed room at Sloan on Friday. “You get a Masters in failing, but you get a Ph.D. in getting back up.”

The backup involved rebuilding the trust of a skeptical public, as well as the business world, following his suspension from the Yankees. His comeback off the field has made for a growing Hall of Fame business career that may not surpass his legendary status on the field, but can come close.

One of the keys to success today? The three-time MVP believes control of your brand and all of its elements, is more important now than ever. “I look at the great success Jennifer [Lopez] has had with so many elements of what she does,” he added. “She had a fragrance called Glow that sold more than US $1 billion but she only owned 1 or 2 percent of the overall brand. Now with Glow2 she has much more control and if it ‘only’ makes US $200 million it is still better business because she can control the entire process.”

Another key to business success for Rodriguez? Listening. While always being known as a solid and thoughtful student of baseball during his playing days, the now retired veteran has a diverse team of business experts working with him on his myriad of businesses, many of whom are women.

The ARod Corp culture is based on a set of five values —Collaboration, Integrity, Accountability, Loyalty, and Excellence— that shape both the business and the companies that they work with. Also mixed deeply in that culture is a diverse leadership group that has identified and has executed business deals in a multicultural landscape that is becoming increasingly valuable, and the insight from young, vibrant successful Latino leaders will be key to the company’s future growth.

The transgressions of the past appear to be just that, and although Rodriguez will have critics and naysayers, the business world, both in sports and in other areas, seem to buy into the belief of his brand and the scalable growth that has come and will continue to expand.

“Alex Rodriguez was a success on the field and a hero to millions, especially in the Latino community, before all his issues, and he is perhaps an even bigger hero now because he has addressed, overcome and thrived not just as an athlete, but as a businessman,” said Chris Lencheski, who helps lead  MP & Silva’ s global partnerships, and a longtime sports marketing expert. “He has done what many at the top sometimes struggle to do; learn from your mistakes, reinvent who you are, embrace change, and come out ahead. It’s a great story, and at his age it’s pretty clear that the best may still be ahead, which is great news for his team, the brands he partners with, and most importantly, for the millions of people, both in and out of the Latino community, that will know ARod the businessman as much as ARod the baseball superstar.”

Success off the field can be tricky for even the most successful athlete. To be able to rest, succeed, expand and grow while learning from those around you is pretty amazing. While MIT Sloan featured some of the biggest names in sports business coming together for 48 hours (along with a former President of the United States as well), one of the most engaging and entertaining narratives came from a retired baseball superstar who has controlled and recast a brand that was tarnished and now shines across multiple languages, cultures, and brands. A second act better than the first?

That’s a pretty high bar but losing is not something acceptable for the New York native. Hits, after all, are what he does.

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