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WHAT: EC Classifieds, the English-language shopper launched by EC Hispanic Media in July, is increasing its circulation to 135,000.
WHY IT MATTERS: EC Classifieds is trying to fill the void left by the closure of the 9.1 million circ. Penny Saver.

EC Classifieds is expanding its weekly circulation by 45,000 to 135,000. The new areas cover the East San Gabriel Valley, West San Gabriel Valley and West Inland Empire, for a total weekly circulation of 135,000 copies. EC Classifieds is published by EC Hispanic Media, which also publishes the Spanish-language weekly shopper El Clasificado. 
“It happened so quickly that most departments had only one week to prepare for the expansion. We are so proud of our EC team that has been able to pivot on a dime to sell, print and deliver three additional zones of EC Classifieds with such short notice,” declared Joe Badame, COO and Co-Founder of EC Hispanic Media.

Demand Driven

EC Classifieds is trying to fill the void left the Penny Saver, the coupon filled magazine that has appeared in mailboxes across California for more than 50 years. The Penny Saver, which had a circulation of 9.1 million, closed last June. EC Hispanic Media CEO, Martha de la Torre told us at the time that “The Penny Saver was a home delivered product. We tried that before and it didn’t work for us. We are a demand distribution product, people pick up El Clasificado when they are ready to buy and shop for a product or service. Our pick up rates average 88%, we are very efficient. A circulation of 95,000 won’t replace the Penny Saver’s circulation of 9.1 million but we don’t need to. We are growing because we are willing to take calculated risks. I will venture to say that 500,000 circulation can completely fill the gap in California. The added circulation is also a great way to promote our digital products and events.”

I will venture to say that 500,000 circulation can completely fill the gap in California.

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What: Grupo  Plexon, a Mexican expo solution provider is entering the U.S. market. Plexon will focus on events around quinceañeras and bodas (weddings) content.
Why it matters: Most Hispanics, approximately 70%, are of Mexican origin. Quinceañeras events are important to this audience. The average quinceañera  celebration costs upward of U.S.  $15,000.The Quinceañera expo and media sector is very fragmented and there is potential in  economies of scale and in monetizing a  national platform for advertisers.

QuinceaneraMexican expo solution provider Grupo Plexon is entering the U.S. (Hispanic) market with the goal of producing top quinceañera and wedding events for the U.S. consumer. The quinceañera  celebration is a Mexican tradition which marks the fifteenth birthday and the transition from childhood to womanhood. Grupo Plexon is based in Jalisco and has offices in San Antonio, Texas, It already has held events in Phoenix,  San Antonio, Houston and Chicago this year. On December 7 & 8 2013 it will hold its signature Expo15 and Sweet 16 event at the Los Angeles Convention Center. In 2014, the group will hold events in Los Angeles, San Diego and Chicago. SIGO Hispanic Media, the publisher of the recently launched los Encabezados.com site is Grupo Plexon’s Hispanic AOR.

The U.S. Quinceañeras expo industry is highly fragmented.

Quinceañeras are big business in the U.S. with the average quinceañera celebration costing upward of $15,000. Grupo Plexon seeks to bring uniformity to the consumer experience to the highly segmented U.S. quince expo industry. Grupo Plexon’s track record in Mexico includes over 1,000 business to consumer events. “Bodas (weddings) and quinceañeras are two unique once in a lifetime events that bring households together. Our move into the U.S. Market is intended to add substantial value to the consumer who is shopping for quinceañera products and services and deliver such consumer to local and national businesses that want to engage with this market.” said Manuel Diaz, President and CEO of Grupo Plexon.

While the Quinceañera market is quite fragmented and almost non-existent on a national platform level, there are some other providers. They include Texas-based Quincegirl which aims to do a national tour of events in 2014 and EC Hispanic media’s Quinceanera.com which has a digital, print and event presence mostly in California. Hispanic newspapers also often expand their franchises into Quinceañeras event and content.

Grupo Plexon claims to have a proven track record of identifying, developing and promoting rising stars in the world of modeling. To this end, Grupo Plexon hosts the Teen Model Search before the expo where an open casting gives young aspiring models the opportunity to experience the world of modeling. “Our teen model sear seeks to find, develop and launch young Latinas in the U.S. who want to pursue a career in this industry. At the same time, we intend to deliver a highly engaged passionate audience to blue chip advertisers who want to reach this segment of the U.S. market” concluded Mr. Diaz.

Most Hispanics, approximately 70%, are of Mexican origin. Quinceañeras events are important to this audience. The average quinceañera  celebration costs upward of U.S.  $15,000.The Quinceañera expo and media sector is very fragmented and there is potential in  economies of scale and in monetizing a  national platform for advertisers.


Media properties are increasingly using their knowledge to provide digital marketing services. EC Hispanic Media, a company that has developed from the weekly El Clasificado newspaper into a firm with a portfolio of other  print products,several digital properties and events, is introducing digital marketing agency Pantera Digital. The new agency will focus on clients seeking solutions to grow their business in the local Hispanic marketplace,  particularly at the shopping level.

social networks“We are currently working with our attorneys to establish Pantera Digital.   It will be a Digital Service Agency to expand the digital services EC Hispanic Media can offer to small and medium size clients but also to major clients seeking solutions to grow their business in the local Hispanic marketplace.  Martha de la Tore, CEO of EC Hispanic Media tells Portada. Pantera Digital operations will be officially launched in Spring 2014.

Over the years El Clasificado has developed an expertise on how U.S. Hispanics shops should go digital. Elclasificado.com is ranked as the top 144 shopping site on Similarweb.com.  “Most of this expertise has emerged around our knowledge of SEO and Online Content Strategy.  Using this same expertise we are now offering our advertisers this same “getting found online” experience with our Pacoslist microsite products,” de la Torre notes.

Pantera Digital will focus on digital services catering to small and medium size advertisers targeting Hispanics at the shopping level.

By creating Pantera Digital, EC Hispanic media plans to develop a team that takes this expertise to another level so it can help advertisers successfully grow their businesses not just with a great web experience but also with social media, mobile, e-commerce and all emerging digital channels. Pantera Digital will focus on digital services catering to small and medium size advertisers targeting Hispanics at the shopping level.

Ambitions in the Spanish-speaking world

“Our expertise will focus on the U.S. Hispanic market but will be ready to move quickly into other Hispanic markets such as Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico and Canada since these markets are already growing organically for us and we are actively collecting data and insights.”

But Pantera Digital will not stop in the U.S. Pantera’s focus and expertise, not tied to print legacies, will be able to capture growing opportunities we have in Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, all of South America, possibly Spain and the growing Latino marketplace emerging in Asia. “We see the data and analytics that show these emerging micro markets. We can no longer ignore the opportunties,” de la Torre concludes.


Liberty Tax Service and Los Angeles-based EC Hispanic Media are expanding their partnership to bring Hispanic consumers, high-value educational content. Through the partnership, Liberty Tax Service ~ Una Familia Sin Fronteras, will utilize El Clasificado and other newspapers  to reach Hispanic families in 11 different US markets.  Liberty Tax Service’s Hispanic Initiative will provide the latest vital fiscal and financial information to the Hispanic community. The content will be distributed in Spanish via a value-packed custom publication entitled “Más Dinero” (More Money) and inserted in leading newspapers in Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Miami, Albuquerque, Boston, Austin, Virginia, Portland and Washington State.


Hispanic NewspapersLiberty Tax Service “Más Dinero” newspaper insert will provide fiscal and financial information to Spanish-speaking taxpayers, in addition to valuable information on “Deferred Action”, as well as guidance on how to obtain and properly use an ITIN number.  “Más Dinero” publication can be found at over ten thousand (10,000) distribution points throughout Los Angeles, San Diego and the Central Valley including selected Liberty Tax Service’s retail locations located in high-Hispanic-density locations. In other markets, the publication can be found inserted in leading newspapers the week of February 4th:

  • La Voz Arizona, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Dos  Mundos, Kansas City, MO
  • Vida en el Valle, Sacramento, CA
  • El Nuevo Herald, Miami, FL
  • El Semanario, Albuquerque, NM
  • El Mundo, Boston, MA
  • El Mundo, Austin, TX
  • Tidewater Hispanic News, Virginia Beach, VA
  • El Latino de Hoy, Portland, ON
  • El Sol de Yakima, Yakima, WA
  • El Clasificado – Los Angeles, CA
  • El Clasificado, San Diego, CA

“We were happy to partner with EC Hispanic Media as we launched this program last year.  Given the success of the program we are excited to expand it to 11 markets.  Liberty Tax Service~Una Familia Sin Fronteras is proud to sponsor this terrific educational initiative in alliance with EC Hispanic Media,” commented Martee Pierson, Liberty Tax Service, Director of Diversity Programs & Executive Director of Liberty’s Una Familia sin Fronteras Foundation.  In addition, El Clasificado will co-brand 900 strategically positioned racks throughout Los Angeles and San Diego areas with mini-billboards of Lady Liberty aka Doña Libertad.

As a way to augment the program and build a new point of engagement with Hispanic consumers, Liberty Tax service & El Clasificado will host an educational consumer workshop in the offices of El Clasificado during February 2013. This initiative will allow consumers to learn more about how to obtain the maximum refund possible, new tax laws, careers at Liberty Tax Service and information on the deferred action program.

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