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From print to digital agency; EC launches Pantera Digital


Media properties are increasingly using their knowledge to provide digital marketing services. EC Hispanic Media, a company that has developed from the weekly El Clasificado newspaper into a firm with a portfolio of other  print products,several digital properties and events, is introducing digital marketing agency Pantera Digital. The new agency will focus on clients seeking solutions to grow their business in the local Hispanic marketplace,  particularly at the shopping level.

social networks“We are currently working with our attorneys to establish Pantera Digital.   It will be a Digital Service Agency to expand the digital services EC Hispanic Media can offer to small and medium size clients but also to major clients seeking solutions to grow their business in the local Hispanic marketplace.  Martha de la Tore, CEO of EC Hispanic Media tells Portada. Pantera Digital operations will be officially launched in Spring 2014.

Over the years El Clasificado has developed an expertise on how U.S. Hispanics shops should go digital. is ranked as the top 144 shopping site on  “Most of this expertise has emerged around our knowledge of SEO and Online Content Strategy.  Using this same expertise we are now offering our advertisers this same “getting found online” experience with our Pacoslist microsite products,” de la Torre notes.

By creating Pantera Digital, EC Hispanic media plans to develop a team that takes this expertise to another level so it can help advertisers successfully grow their businesses not just with a great web experience but also with social media, mobile, e-commerce and all emerging digital channels. Pantera Digital will focus on digital services catering to small and medium size advertisers targeting Hispanics at the shopping level.

Ambitions in the Spanish-speaking world

“Our expertise will focus on the U.S. Hispanic market but will be ready to move quickly into other Hispanic markets such as Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico and Canada since these markets are already growing organically for us and we are actively collecting data and insights.”

But Pantera Digital will not stop in the U.S. Pantera’s focus and expertise, not tied to print legacies, will be able to capture growing opportunities we have in Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, all of South America, possibly Spain and the growing Latino marketplace emerging in Asia. “We see the data and analytics that show these emerging micro markets. We can no longer ignore the opportunties,” de la Torre concludes.


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