Liberty Tax inserts custom pub in Hispanic newspapers in 11 markets

Liberty Tax Service and Los Angeles-based EC Hispanic Media are expanding their partnership to bring Hispanic consumers, high-value educational content. Through the partnership, Liberty Tax Service ~ Una Familia Sin Fronteras, will utilize El Clasificado and other newspapers  to reach Hispanic families in 11 different US markets.  Liberty Tax Service’s Hispanic Initiative will provide the latest vital fiscal and financial information to the Hispanic community. The content will be distributed in Spanish via a value-packed custom publication entitled “Más Dinero” (More Money) and inserted in leading newspapers in Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Miami, Albuquerque, Boston, Austin, Virginia, Portland and Washington State.


Hispanic NewspapersLiberty Tax Service “Más Dinero” newspaper insert will provide fiscal and financial information to Spanish-speaking taxpayers, in addition to valuable information on “Deferred Action”, as well as guidance on how to obtain and properly use an ITIN number.  “Más Dinero” publication can be found at over ten thousand (10,000) distribution points throughout Los Angeles, San Diego and the Central Valley including selected Liberty Tax Service’s retail locations located in high-Hispanic-density locations. In other markets, the publication can be found inserted in leading newspapers the week of February 4th:

  • La Voz Arizona, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Dos  Mundos, Kansas City, MO
  • Vida en el Valle, Sacramento, CA
  • El Nuevo Herald, Miami, FL
  • El Semanario, Albuquerque, NM
  • El Mundo, Boston, MA
  • El Mundo, Austin, TX
  • Tidewater Hispanic News, Virginia Beach, VA
  • El Latino de Hoy, Portland, ON
  • El Sol de Yakima, Yakima, WA
  • El Clasificado – Los Angeles, CA
  • El Clasificado, San Diego, CA

“We were happy to partner with EC Hispanic Media as we launched this program last year.  Given the success of the program we are excited to expand it to 11 markets.  Liberty Tax Service~Una Familia Sin Fronteras is proud to sponsor this terrific educational initiative in alliance with EC Hispanic Media,” commented Martee Pierson, Liberty Tax Service, Director of Diversity Programs & Executive Director of Liberty’s Una Familia sin Fronteras Foundation.  In addition, El Clasificado will co-brand 900 strategically positioned racks throughout Los Angeles and San Diego areas with mini-billboards of Lady Liberty aka Doña Libertad.

As a way to augment the program and build a new point of engagement with Hispanic consumers, Liberty Tax service & El Clasificado will host an educational consumer workshop in the offices of El Clasificado during February 2013. This initiative will allow consumers to learn more about how to obtain the maximum refund possible, new tax laws, careers at Liberty Tax Service and information on the deferred action program.