Sales Leads: Lifeway Bars, Presidente Beer, Allen County…

  • Lifeway Bars 

Lifeway Foods Inc, will be expanding its distribution channels to include the 7-Eleven convenience store chain. The shipments begun last December 9 and include the three varieties of Lifeway's Probiotic Kefir Wellness Bars, as well as six flavors of Lifeway's 8-oz. "Grab n' Go" bottles and all three flavors of the children's favorite "Probugs."

Lifeway has also developed an aggressive in-store marketing campaign to educate consumers to the benefits of probiotics and Kefir, it said. This marketing campaign will include devices such as shelf talkers, in-store promotional advertising and other marketing materials at the point of sale.

Julie Smolyansky, CEO of Lifeway, said, "We are very excited by our first major entry into this new convenience store distribution channel. We hope that following the successful launch in the Chicagoland area, we can expand the convenience store distribution nationwide starting in mid 2010."

  • Allen County

Allen County health officials have launched a campaign to encourage Fort Wayne’s Hispanic residents to get their H1N1 flu vaccine. Studies in large American cities found that minorities, including blacks and Hispanics, are more likely to be hospitalized with the flu. These groups are likely to have flu complications because they disproportionately suffer from underlying health conditions like asthma and diabetes.

The Fort Wayne-Allen County Health Department’s H1N1 flu efforts have included a Web site, public-service announcements and advertising in local print and broadcast media. But because of language and cultural barriers, the message to get vaccinated might be lost among Spanish speakers, spokesman John Silcox said.

To get the message out, the department has bought Spanish-language billboards, created Spanish-language pamphlets and bought advertising in Spanish-language newspapers. Posters and other educational materials were distributed to Hispanic businesses, churches and social centers, the department said.

  • Presidente Beer

Presidente beer boosts agreement with Miami Heat. The affiliation is part of the Miami-based beer company's strategy to widen its fan base beyond its traditional Latin American brew lovers. “Consumers noticed us before, but not as much as we had hoped” said Felix Sencion, commercial manager for Presidente USA.

The beer company, which originated in the Dominican Republic, previously focused more on creating awareness through signage rather than activities and other avenues of exposure. Now Presidente is planning to pump up its marketing efforts according to Sencion.


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