Rockeamos Ya! K:prensa Brings South American Rock North

Until recently, fans of South American rock had few places to go to read about their favorite bands and their activities in the status. Until recently…

That's because James Klein, founder of K:prensa, has made it his business to follow these bands and report on their shows here in the U.S.

Also supplying the photographic content, Klein's reports are now syndicated in approximately 70 Hispanic newspapers nationally.

“Well, when a great South American band comes to the U.S., I'll go the concert, take some photographs, and do a write-up of the show. Then the content will be featured in 10 or more papers at a time,” says Klein, who is based in Manhattan.

As Klein has built relationships with the papers he deals with, he has also branched-out into writing about Latin films: “I am fanatical about Latin culture and the arts, so it was really a natural extension of what I was already doing. A film would come out, and I would start getting calls from my contacts at these newspapers to write something on it. So things really developed organically.”

But for Klein, the emphasis remains on the music. He recently returned from Bogota, where he was covering the famed Colombian rock festival, “Rock en el Parque.”