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New National Newspaper Targeting Hispanics

Sea-Latino, a Spanish-language weekly launched in New York last weekend. Now present in six markets, plans to be in 10 by the end of the year.


Sea Latino (translated “Be Latin”)  last Saturday launched its New York edition with a circulation of 30,758.

The weekly publication, published each Friday, will be in six markets by the end of the first quarter of 2008 and have a total circulation of 183,614, which will be audited in March. Distribution will be a mix of racks (around 6,000 points nationwide), home delivery and direct mail.

Sea Latino has been published as a stand-alone newspaper in Seattle (circ. 18,711) for the last four years. Last October, it launched in Miami-South Florida (circ. 39,625) and was introduced in Los Angeles (circ. 41,520)  in January. It will be launched in Chicago (circ. 27,542) and Houston in March.

“The idea is to have a similar model like USA Today has for the English-language market. A national Hispanic newspaper with one name that is published in the most important Hispanic markets, with both national and local sections,” Orlando Castelblanco, general sales manager of Sea Latino tells Portada.

Open rate for national run is $9,000 (CPM $49). Castelblanco points that the newspaper has the ability of targeting particular zip codes and that the run can be increased depending on the campaign.

Sea Latino has four sections:

         National and International News and Business

         Sports, National and International.

        Local (talking about local and regional news, lifestyle and arts)

         Local Classifieds and News about Cars, Real Estate and Employment

The main shareholders of Sea Latino are Ricardo Cardenas, a veteran of the Mexican and U.S. Hispanic advertising industry and Jose Quintero, the publisher of Sea Latino who launched the newspaper in Seattle four years ago.

The publication has approximately 50 employees (each region having a local editorial team) and is headquartered in Weston, Florida. 

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