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US. Hispanic media properties, most notably Univision but also online ad networks including Batanga, have sales offices in Mexico City specifically targeting Mexican advertisers who want to reach Hispanic audiences.  Mexican corporations are eager to target Mexican inmigrants in the U.S., who not only can buy products and services for themselves but also for their relatives back home.  These Mexican companies tend to have a high brand equity among U.S. Hispanic consumers of Mexican origin. Advertising to U.S. Hispanic audiences makes a lot of sense for retailers like Grupo Liverpool and Elektra. To geotarget online advertising to U.S. Hispanic audiences is an option, but so are TV and print advertising.  Elektra, for example,  advertises in magazines of  Miami based, Maya Publishing Group, itself owned by Mexico City’s Notmusa,  such as TV Notas. 

Survey at Portada’s Mexico Forum

According to a survey during Portada’s  Mexico Media and Advertising Forum Mexico City last October, most Mexican marketers believe that belonging to the Latin culture gives them first-hand knowledge of the U.S. Hispanic market that can be put to their advantage. Many of them said that sharing the same language, values and customs of the Spanish-speaking community ensures greater consumer awareness of the Hispanic market. It makes sense since approximately 70% of the Hispanic population in the U.S. is of Mexican origin. 
In fact, many executives interviewed believe that the research tools developed specifically for the Mexican consumer can also be applied to the Hispanic market. One executive summed it up this way: "We have a close link to the feelings of the Hispanic world."

México for export ?
Many of the executives interviewed also believe that Mexico has great potential for innovation and that this feature can be exported to Latin American markets and the U.S. Hispanic market. They also believe that providing good service on a tight budget is a know-how possessed by most professionals in Mexico and that this in itself is a big plus that can be exploited in other markets.


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