Elhood.com Eyes Mobile Rollout

Fresh from a $9 million equity boost from European and Spanish private investors, Elhood.com is on the hunt for the right mobile distribution partner. “Mobile distribution is going to play a big part in our overall operations, so we’re taking special care to find the right company to partner with,” says Demian Bellumio, CEO of Elhood and Hoodiny Inc., in an interview with Portada.

Thus far, much of the company’s efforts have been focused on behind-the-scenes work, like building partnerships with record labels (Warner Bros.) and influential music industry organizations (Billboard).

Bellumio says he hopes to have a mobile distribution partner locked down soon, and to have the company’s mobile site live during Q4 of this year. “We want the mobile site to really deliver with its user interface. So we’re looking into finding the right aggregator who can deliver on a technical level and with whom we can negotiate the right revenue share,” concludes Bellumio.