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NOMINATE to Health Care, OTT, and Soccer Advertising Awards!

November 30, 2015

DIGITAL BITES: IMS, Mercado Libre,, Headway, MMA

November is an intense month that sometimes resembles those football games in which the adjustments necessary to reach the desired results are achieved in the last minutes. This is the situation we are in this November, and here are a few of the month’s latest developments.

Sports Marketing – Brian Cristiano: “GoPro and Red Bull are Two Examples of Brands that Do it Right.”

Bold Worldwide is a New York City based agency that connects brands with fitness, sports and outdoor enthusiasts. We talked to CEO/Creative Director Brian Cristiano on the sports marketing landscape and the brands he works with. Cristiano has interesting views about influencer marketing related to sports as well as on social: “Social apps are where most people are spending their time, and that’s where brands need to be,” he says. Why GoPro and Red Bull are two examples of brands that do it right.