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Retail Marketing

Sedano’s Javier Herran:”Nuestra Sazón Acts as an Extension of Sedano’s Marketing Strategy.”

Sedano’s Supermarket, the fourth-largest Hispanic retailer in the U.S., recently introduced Nuestra Sazón magazine, the first step in its retail media network launch. The custom publication comes in digital and print versions and is aimed at celebrating Latin cuisine and culture. Portada interviewed Javier Herrán, Chief Marketing Officer, Sedano’s. to learn more about Nuestra Sazón and other projects related to Sedano’s retail marketing strategy.

2021 Was the Year That Grocery Retail Became Truly Omnichannel: Study

The top retailers consolidated their power in 2021 while a pack of grocers including Amazon Fresh, Walmart Neighborhood, and Brookshire’s moved fast up the omnichannel marketing ranks. Retailers in the first quartile achieved long-term sales growth that is nine times higher than their counterparts in the fourth quartile.

Shopping Season

Six Strategies to Help Marketers Win the Holiday Shopping Season

This year, the holiday shopping season is set to rebound from the uncertainties and anxieties of 2020 — and in a big way, Retail spending in physical stores is on track to grow more than six percent year-over-year, while ecommerce will triple that figure, at nearly 18% year-over-year growth. By Yahoo’s Chief Business Officer Iván Markman.