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Energy BBDO: 60% of Hispanics Are Spending More Than a Year Ago

Energy BBDO has published the results of a study conducted to find out the true impact of the new government administration in Hispanics’ shopping and spending habits. The truth couldn’t be farther from the rumors that started after the new administration: Hispanics are shopping and spending more than ever, and will likely continue to do so.

The Evolving Marketer: The Role of the New CMO According to NewBase

NewBase has published “The Evolving Marketer”, an online global survey among 120 CMOs in over 20 markets. In order to help companies stay on top of the game, today’s CMOs must evolve with the changing expectations of the customers and manage from branding to promotions, content creation to distribution, and data analytics to overall marketing strategies, while keeping customer satisfaction in mind at all times.

RESEARCH: 80% of Advertisers Use Data to Help Manage Agency Relationships

More than 80 percent of advertisers currently use data to help them manage agency relationships, especially in the area of managing media budgets according to the new survey “Using Data to Manage Agency Relationships: What’s Important to Marketers,” from the ANA (Association of National Advertisers).Data is most important and most heavily used in managing media and billing/budgets, and least important and least used in the areas of creative and production.

RESEARCH: The State of Mobile App Marketing in LatAm

AppsFlyer has released its latest data study, The State of App Marketing, which aims to analyze the state of mobile app marketing in relation to how users interact with apps, how often and when they install and engage with apps and how often they use them.When it comes to setting marketing strategies involving mobile applications, it is important to consider both users’ behavior, as well as the operating system they use.

Ranking: The Top 10 Ad-Platforms Serving Video to U.S. Hispanics

What are the video sites and platforms preferred by Hispanic residents in the United States? What relationship is there between content and technology? What does one have to keep in mind when planning advertising campaigns using video formats? This article will answer those questions with data from comScore’s December 2015 report. Unlike what we saw in […]

U.S. Hispanic Online Video Viewer Rankings: 4 Things to Know

We recently looked into the ranking of the top 10 sites most visited by U.S. Hispanics. Very important to understand the evolution of the digital media sector is also to analyze what properties attract the majority of Hispanic online video viewers. Online video consumption is already higher than TV consumption for many segments of the Hispanic demographic. And marketers are increasingly their video advertising allocations in a big way. 4 things to keep in mind.

Research: Millennials Account for 70% of Instagram Users, 61% on Twitter

Millennials, not surprisingly, play a dominant role on many of the top social media sites accounting for almost 70% of Instagram users and 61% on Twitter, according to the latest research from GfK MRI. LinkedIn has the highest median household income (approximately US$112,500) and the highest education levels among the top social media, photo, or video-sharing […]


North American World Cup Bid Moving Closer For 2026

North American World Cup Bid Moving Closer For 2026

FIFA has reviewed (markedly different) bids from Morocco and North America for the 2026 World Cup. Initial signs point towards the United 2026 bid, and as that gains traction, marketers can plan for increased interest here.

MARKETER INTERVIEWS: Nestlé and NFL Discuss What’s Next in Marketing

MARKETER INTERVIEWS: Nestlé and NFL Discuss What’s Next in Marketing

In what some are calling the fourth industrial revolution, new technologies like AI and VR are expected to dominate the marketing space. Marketers like Bravo and Fernandez agree that companies need to evolve to survive. We talked to Nestlé's Margie Bravo and NFL's Marissa Fernandez about what's next in marketing and how to prepare for what the future brings.

Meltwater’s Ana Hoyos: “We See Great Potential for AI Expansion in Latin America”

Meltwater’s Ana Hoyos: “We See Great Potential for AI Expansion in Latin America”

The social media landscape is changing at an accelerated pace; artificial intelligence is acquiring a prominent role and companies have to adapt to survive. We talked to Ana Hoyos, area director at Meltwater Latin America, about the recent acquisition of Sysomos and what it means for social media analysis.