Consumer Insights Roundup: 38% of Consumers Believe that Brands Are Primarily Responsible for Ensuring Brand Safety, 31% of US Consumers Will Watch the US Open

What: A summary of the most relevant consumer insight research in the US, US Hispanic, and Latin American markets.
Why it matters: If you’re trying to keep up with the latest happenings, this is your one-stop shop.

  • A new report by Salesforce Research shows that 59% of the 6,723 individuals surveyed globally believe their personal information is vulnerable to a security breach, while 54% believe that the companies with their data don’t have their best interests in mind. This will affect their choices as consumers: 86% said that if they trust a company, they’re more likely to share their experiences, and that number goes up to 91% among millennials and GenZers.


  • In a March 2018 survey of 522 advertising decision makers in the US and Europe conducted by Sizmek, 38% of the respondents surveyed said that brands are primarily responsible for ensuring brand safety. At least 10% of respondents felt that ad agencies, publishers, ad buying platforms or ad networks were the most responsible parties for brand safety.


  • “There’s no dispute that news and sports are the leading beneficiaries of OOH viewership,” writes the author of a recent Nielsen article. In the U.S., 31.7% of people ages 16-69 are interested in the U.S. Open, making it more popular than Wimbledon, the French Open and the Australian Open. Out of the local television markets in the U.S., New York, the host city for the event, has the highest percentage of people who said they watched the U.S. Open last year.


  • Distributors’ customers are moving away from print and toward digital and in-person shopping, according to the research outlined in “What Customers Want,” a report by MDM and Real Results Marketing, that is based on a survey of more than 10,000 of distributors’ customers. Among other takeaways, the report shows the top five methods distributors are using for driving online sales: email  22%, field sales reps 22%, customer service reps 19%, SEO/Organic search 19, and inside sales reps: 18%.


  •  The financial services industry is ripe for disruption, and banks are on the front lines of the rapid consumer changes. A recent Resonate study found that more than 5.6 million Americans are thinking about switching banks within the next year.