Portada has by far the largest reach and influence of any media property in its sector.
It has a combined print, online and conference audience of more than 150,000.

Portada, the only audited trade publication in the B2B Hispanic Advertising and Media Marketplace, now offers advertisers more opportunities than ever to promote their properties.

Key Data from Portada’s 2015 CVC Audit and Readership Survey.
Audit Period: July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015

  • 99.3% of the Portada audience agrees with the phrase “Portada gives essential, high quality, relevant information about Latin Marketing and Media”
  • 31.7% of our readers contacted an advertiser after reading advertising in the print publication.
  • 70.5% introduced new ideas after reading a Portada issue
  • More than 61% of Portada’s audience are C-level professionals, VP’s and Directors in the Latin Marketing, Media, Advertising and Content sectors.
  • 72% of Portada’s audience is comprised by Marketing and Media buying, planning executives.

Contenido LLC dba Portada

Operates the following Websites and associated Newsletters:

Publishes a biannual magazine (2015 audited circ. 20,000, pass along rate of: 4.5)


Annual Conferences and Events:


Manages two Annual Awards:

  • Latin American Advertising and Media Awards
  • Hispanic Advertising and Media Awards


Compiles and publishes two Online Databases:

  • Directory of Corporate Marketers and Media Buyers/Planners targeting Hispanic Consumers
  • Directory of Corporate Marketers and Media Buyers/Planners targeting Latin American consumers



Produces several research reports about the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American advertising, media and content markets.


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