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A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Hispanic market and/or targeting Hispanic consumers right now.

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  • Kraft 

In a new promotional campaign for Kraft Singles cheese slices, Kraft uses young soccer players to spread the word about healthy eating. Ads are aimed at Latina moms. Titled “Soccer Star,” the campaign “empowers Latina moms” with an inspirational message that includes how Kraft Singles can benefit her family. It was created by agency of record Lopez Negrete Communications and involves both television and digital media.

  • MaidRightLatino.com

Maid Right Franchising, LLC announced the launch of www.MaidRightLatino.com, a fully bilingual website specially designed to connect Maid Right Master Franchise Owners with Latinos who wish to own a home cleaning business. “Maid Right provides a structured business model that will help Latinos build a business for as little as $1,600,” said Rich Kissane, CEO of Premium Franchise Brands, the parent company for Maid Right.

  • Eli Lilly and Company 

images (1)Eli Lilly and Company is expanding the Lilly for Better Health(TM) program, with non-product-branded health education resources to lillyforbetterhealth.com .Changes to the site include new resources, many of which are available in Spanish, like short videos on nutrition and physical activity, quizzes and interactive activities and brochures. All of these can be downloaded, printed, emailed and shared via social media. A limited number of copies of certain health education materials can be ordered through the Contact Us section. Visitors are invited to provide real-time feedback on the relevance and usefulness of health education resources with a “rate this” star-rating feature, and also are able to respond to a regularly updated knowledge-based health question. The correct response is shown, with tips on incorporating a positive and healthy behavior into everyday life. A sound icon that offers an auditory pronunciation of complex words and phrases has also been addded. The Lilly for Better Health website helps address the health needs of the growing U.S. Latino/Hispanic population with nearly half of the website in Spanish.


      • 7-Eleven

descarga (4)International chain of convenience stores 7-Eleven plans to  give away millions of free 12-ounce Slurpees for its 87th birthday celebration.  The convenience store giant will expand its freebie celebration into the following week by handing out everything from free ice cream bars to free cookies to free Big Gulps providing costumers download its app.The chain plans to give out more than 7 million Slurpees from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time.The store is pushing smartphones promotion by requiring folks to download the 7-Eleven app to keep getting freebies July 12-19.The purpose is not only to build long-term relationships, but to boost short-term sales.

      • TGI Fridays

images (2)TGI Fridays has launched the Appetizers” summer promotion that offers all-you-can-eat appetizers for us US $10 per person. Guests can choose either loaded potato skins, boneless buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks and receive unlimited refills. And while sharing is discouraged, that rule will not be enforced by servers.The move comes at a time that many Millennials have moved away from the big casual-dining chains in favor of more local options or more budget-conscious fast-casual chains, such as Panera or Chipotle.

      • Red Lobster

rl_facebook_pic_reasonably_smallPublicis Kaplan Thaler has been named the creative lead on Red Lobster’s business after a review launched in April. The agency takes over from Grey, New York, the WPP incumbent on the account since 2010.Grey, which created the “Sea Food Differently” tagline for Red Lobster, continues to work on Darden’s Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse brands.  SMG’s Spark handles Red Lobster’s media buying.Red Lobster’s media spending reached US $156 million last year, according to Kantar Media.

      • Taco Bell

descarga (5)The Mexican fast-food chain Taco Bell has announced that it is revamping its entire Cantina platform and replacing it with bowls and burritos packed with at least 20 grams of protein that weigh in at 500 or fewer calories as protein has become top-of-mind for many consumers. The Cantina Power Bowls will drop the corn salsa and the creamy cilantro dressing and replace it with a double portion of chicken or steak, reduced-fat sour cream, real cheddar cheese and an avocado ranch sauce. The Power Burritos will drop the rice and beans and replace them with reduced-fat sour cream and cheddar cheese. The new Taco Bell platform launches nationally on July 17.

      • Sour Patch

descarga (6)Sour Patch Kids has launched a five-day Snapchat campaign, which means parent Mondelez International’s initial incursion on the smart phone app as well as the candy brand’s first time utilizing social media influencers. The campaign—named “Real-life Sour Patch Kid”—enlists social media star Logan Paul to take over the brand’s Snapchat account while documenting pranks that he’s pulling in New York.Each day, Logan posts a Snapchat Story to Sour Patch Kids’ account detailing one of his high jinks.The candy brand promoted the @SourPatchSnaps

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Hispanics make up about 10 percent of Red Lobster’s clientele, a number that matches the industry standard. Hispanic consumers are projected to account for 25%of the increase in consumer spending on food away from home between 2010-2015,  according to IHS Global Insight. These numbers are increasingly leading Stewart Marquina (3)restaurants to invest in their Hispanic customer base, a population that accounts for about 9.8 billion restaurant visits >every year. We talked to Stewart Marquina, Marketing Director – Strategy & Innovation at the casual dining restaurant chain Red Lobster which recently did its first ever Spanish -language ad campaign and about his overall marketing strategy. Marquina is leading the long-term plans for Red Lobster as Marketing Director of Strategy and Innovation. Prior to  joining Red Lobster owner Darden, he spent 4 years at Andersen Consulting and 8 years at P&G in multiple countries (including Canada and Venezuela), categories and roles.

Portada: Why was Spanish chosen as the main language to connect with the Hispanic population in your recent campaign? Are you only targeting the Spanish-dominant segment of the population? What efforts are you undertaking to reach out the bilingual sector of the population?
Stewart Marquina, Marketing Director – Strategy & Innovation Red Lobster.
“Prior to this effort we were reaching 51% of the target audience based on their consumption of general market media.  However, with dedicated Spanish language advertising in the right channels – that percentage increases to 91%. Further ,our campaign is built on cultural insights that will resonate with Hispanic consumers, whether unacculturated or bicultural.”

Can you explain what plans you have in the digital and print realms? (or any other?)
S.M.: “This is a national, ongoing campaign with a comprehensive media buy across multiple Spanish-language networks like Telemundo, Univsion, Telefutura, Nat Geo Mundo, ESPN Deportes, and Fox Deportes, to name a few.  This initiative also extends to other relevant touchpoints, including digital, PR and in-restaurant.”

Are you currently doing Content Marketing for Hispanics (i.e. generating Red Lobster’s own content targeting the Hispanic population?
S.M.: Red Lobster has partnered with Univision, to create culturally-relevant programming and content for this key consumer segment. A customized integration “La Pregunta Fresca del Día” (“The Fresh Question of the Day”) on “El Gordo y La Flaca” has been created to inspire visits to Red Lobster by highlighting affordability, variety and relevance.  El Gordo y La Flaca is a Spanish Language entertainment news show. Hosted by Raul De Molina (El Gordo) and Lili Estefan (La Flaca), the show features the latest celebrity news within Latin entertainment.”

Hispanic consumers are projected to account for 25 percent of the increase in consumer spending on food away from home between 2010-2015

 You have a vast experience in Marketing to Latin Americans, what commonalities and what differences do you see between marketing to the Latin American and marketing to the Hispanic Consumer?

S.M.: “It all goes back to the way Hispanics look at the dining experience: as an opportunity to bring family and friends together to celebrate, share and bond. This is true anywhere.The one challenge with Hispanics who grew up in Latin America is that they did not experience our brand in there. That’s why delivering an insight driven and culturally relevant message is so important.”

We understand that Red Lobster’s Hispanic creative agency is Wing, which is Red Lobster’s Hispanic media planning and buying agency?
“We are currently working with Tapestry for Red Lobster’s Hispanic media planning and buying.”

S.M.: We understand that all Red Lobster’s are owned and operated. Why isn’t Red Lobster using the franchise model and would this model impact its marketing in a different way?
“Our restaurants are operationally complex and don’t lend themselves to a franchise model. Owning and operating all our restaurants allows us to be highly nimble and allocate capital efficiently. For example, we’re able to effectively leverage our scale for things like advertising, and purchasing and distribution.”

Red Lobster is a national brand. How does it connect with local audiences (incorporating the different origin the Hispanic population has all over the U.S. and other nuances?

S.M.:“In the past year, Red Lobster has gained tremendous insight into the Hispanic demographic to develop a strategic marketing platform to appeal to the complex identity of the Hispanic consumer.We are using insights that resonate very well across all U.S. Hispanics.”

A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Hispanic market and/or targeting Hispanic consumers right now.

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    • Mars

Mars Chocolate North America introduced M&M’S® Brand’s new integrated marketing campaign called ‘Better With M™,’ which includes a new 30 second television commercial that will air during the first quarter of Super Bowl XLVII.  “‘Better With M’ showcases how M&M’S irresistible chocolate makes moments more fun and delicious,” said Roy Benin, Chief Consumer Officer, Mars Chocolate North America.  “The ‘Better With M’ story is delivered through our colorful spokescandies, whose irresistible chocolate always makes moments even better – be they watching the Super Bowl, baking cookies, gathering the family together for a movie or even tailgating.” In addition to the Super Bowl ad, which was created by BBDO New York, highlights of the year-long ‘Better With M’ campaign include multiple English and Spanish television, print and digital ads, in-store displays, consumer promotions and multiple social initiatives focused on Facebook and the hashtag, #betterwithmms.  The first television ad from the new campaign – starring Ms. Brown – began airing last week.   A cornerstone of the campaign is a new cause-related marketing effort designed to make ‘America Better With M’ by funding the construction of Habitat for Humanity homes across the nation.  As part of the initiative, M&M’S is also encouraging, as well as incentivizing fans to help ‘M-Prove America’ by volunteering at Habitat job sites nationwide.

      • Walgreens and Televisa

Walgreens and Televisa Consumer Products LLC (TCP) are offering a line of over-the-counter and personal care products focused on Hispanic consumers at select stores in the United States. The move is part of an initiative to reach Hispanic consumers and gather insight into the Hispanic community through the introduction of TCP’s health and wellness products. “Walgreens stores serve virtually every customer demographic in the country, and this is another way for us to reach the Hispanic customer, in particular at specific locations,” said Paul Tiberio, Walgreens divisional vice president of inventory strategy and localization. Products include hair care, skincare, cough/cold, and pain/sleep items. Walgreens has recently expanded the availability of these products based on product performance in designated test stores.”We believe our already proven work to promote and offer our products will help our customers build stronger ties to their Hispanic customers and generate additional sales and organic growth for TCP,” added Televisa Consumer Products USA’s CEO Maximo Juda.

  • Red Lobster

Red LobsterRed Lobster, a member of the Darden Family of restaurants and a casual dining seafood restaurant, launched its first Spanish-language advertising campaign. The national campaign is designed to introduce more Hispanic guests to the Red Lobster experience and to highlight the restaurant’s comprehensive menu, which was recently transformed to offer guests more affordable, great-tasting options and greater overall choice and variety. “With the Hispanic population in the U.S. growing at four times the rate of the overall population, the goal of the campaign is to make the brand more relevant to these important guests by reaching them in a more meaningful and impactful way,” said Stewart Marquina, director of marketing, Red Lobster.The first Spanish-language ad, created by WPP’s Wing, is an adaptation of the general market “Real People” advertising campaign that features the “Sea Food Differently” tag. It was created based on Hispanic cultural insights and features the tag “Disfruta un Mar de Sabores” (“Enjoy a Sea of Flavors”), along with Ariana Paz, a real server at the Gainesville, Fla., Red Lobster. Red Lobster is partnering with Univision Communications Inc.To learn more about Red Lobster, to view the ad and to find a local restaurant, visit www.facebook.com/redlobster and the Spanish-language website at RedLobster.com/espanol.

  • Verizon

Verizon is sponsoring the first meeting/symposium of the Center for Hispanic Leadership Atlanta Chapter on January 24 to be held at UPS corporate headquarters and co-sponsored by Verizon.

  • Aflac

AflacAflac, a supplemental insurance company in the United States, introduced its latest Spanish language television commercial, The fresh advertising story begins with a commercial titled Press Conference, in which a “doctor” answers questions about an undisclosed accident that has caused the Aflac Duck to be hospitalized with injuries to his beak and his wing, turning the iconic spokesduck into a policyholder.The integrated campaign seeks to broaden the awareness and understanding of the Aflac brand in the Hispanic marketplace, which is significantly lower than in English-speaking market segments. It will include two attention-grabbing television commercials along with radio and digital activations. In Press Conference, viewers are directed to MejoratePato.com (GetWellDuck.com), where they will find a wealth of information in Spanish about Aflac, its products, and the Aflac Duck. Latinos currently number over 50 million, comprising an estimated 16.4% of the total U.S. population. “With the Latino purchasing power in the U.S. expected to top $1.6 trillion by 2016, we want to raise the relevance of the Aflac brand with individuals whose preferred language is Spanish,” said Aflac Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Michael Zuna . “This campaign will grab the attention of viewers, help educate them about our company in a culturally sensitive way, and prove how Aflac is a vital component of anyone’s financial security.”

  • Alliance Rubber

Alliance Rubber Co. has launched a Spanish-language website to allow more Spanish-speaking distributors to obtain news and information about the company’s rubber bands, office and packaging supplies.The new site is at, http://www.ligasdehule.com. It allows Spanish-speaking consumers to search and compare features and benefits, the company said.

  • American Airlines

American Airlines Inc. unveiled its first new livery and logo since 1968 on Thursday, giving itself a new look only a few weeks before it’s expected to decide whether to merge with US Airways Group Inc. American Airlines said it needed to go ahead with the new look because in two weeks it is introducing a new flagship aircraft, the Boeing 777-300ER, that needs painting. US Airways had no input into the rebranding and didn’t get an advance look at it.To publicize the changes, American kicked off a new advertising campaign handled by McCann Worldgroup. McCann’s FutureBrand unit worked with American on the rebranding. The new design takes the iconic American Airlines eagle — a consistent part of American’s logo and livery for nearly 80 years — off the aircraft’s tail. Instead, a stylized flag of red, white and blue decorates the tail.

  • Houston’s Halloran wins new clients

Houston area marketers are increasing their budgets and plans for expansion in 2013 thanks to a booming energy sector. Hallaron Media, a Houston area advertising agency based in The Woodlands, is enjoying the benefits of this upswing by signing significant new business. Since October, that focus on local industries has paid off with the agency signing on new clients including Vichem Eco Fluids, RSH Engineering, Drilling Technology, Inc., and NexoSolutions. Most of the work includes new website development, branding, digital design and video production. Besides the energy business, Hallaron has also recently signed on new health care work with Cenegenics, Richie’s Specialty Pharmacy and Carrus Hospital in Dallas.

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