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Guido Conterno

Are Latin American Publishers Adopting Supply Side Platforms?

While demand side platforms continue to propagate across Latin America, major supply side platforms entering the region experience some resistance from publishers or at least are not fully understood by them. So, are Latin American publishers adopting SSP or not? Lorena Hure, a marketer expert in our editorial staff, explains on this article.

Will Online Video Take Money Out of the Huge LatAm TV budgets?

The Latin America media and advertising markets are almost ruled by huge TV budgets. In this context, non-linear TV properties (e.g. native digital properties as well as digital properties of magazines and newspapers ) have a tremendous opportunity to capture some of these TV advertising monies.

2014 Panregional Marketing Trends: What 15 major players have to say

Portada asked 14 major panregional marketing and media executives, the so-called cream of the cream in Latin American-panregional decision making, about what to expect for 2014. The wide gamut of opportunities and challenges cited include Programmatic Buying, Taking the most advantage of the World Cup, among others.