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Portada and Media Economics Group introduce a new selection of digital Argentinean campaigns. Breaking Ads Argentina is one of our series Breaking Ads Mexico, Breaking Ads Colombia and Breaking Ads US Hispanics Mobile.

The campaigns were tracked through ArgentinaWebMonitor™ between 13th of March and today. Below we present Heineken, Discovery Kids and Red Bull digital campaigns:


Discovery Kids


Advertiser: Discovery Communications, Inc.

Campaign: “Doki”

Lenguage: Spanish

Description: Pan-regional (Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico) for Discovery Kids show “Doki”

Site: Ciudad.com.ar

Server: GoogleSyndication.com

Red Bull


Advertiser: Red Bull Gmbh

Campaign: “#TeDaAlas”

Lenguage: Spanish

Description: Redbull Argentina campaign featuring Twitter hashtag “#TeDaAlas”

Sites: Cadena3.com, Ciudad.com.ar, Eldia.com.ar, LosAndes.com.ar, Taringa.net (from Argentina)

Servers: creative.mathads.com, GoogleSyndication.com




Advertiser: Heineken International B.V.

Campaign: “One Bar – Your Heineken” Concurso/Facebook.com

Lenguage: Spanish

Description:Heineken bottle logo design contest via Facebook.com.  Contest participants choose a Buenos Aires participating bar and design a Heineking bottle logo consistent with the “textura” and “elementos de los bares” as well as “eleementos de la marca” de cerveza Heineken.

Sites: Ar.Yahoo.com, Canchallena.com, LaNacion.com.ar

Server: mi.dinterax.com/customer/yahoo_latam, mdn.net (DoubleClick)


Source: Media Economics Group, ArgentinaWebMonitor™. For more information please call: 1 (704) 841-2030.

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