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  • Goya Foods

Goya Foods, America’s largest Hispanic-owned food company, launches the ‘Better for You’ product line, categorizing its current product portfolio in addition to new Goya products.  The line features over 300 products with over 40 variations of low sodium and organic beans, organic olive oil, organic rice, brown rice, quinoa, chia, amaranth, frozen vegetables, fruits, coconut water, diet beverages, and low sodium condiments. Goya has produced and distributed over 1 billion products marked with the MyPlate/ MiPlato logo and created more than 250,000 copies of two editions of the MyPlate/ MiPlato cookbook, brochures, posters and lesson plans that have been distributed to consumers, supermarkets, schools, and events nationwide.  In addition, Goya has reached millions by integrating healthy eating into its overall communications campaigns and continue to focus on the health and wellbeing of their consumers.

  • Pure Barre

Pure Barre has selected Zimmerman as its first AOR agency of record. The agency will be responsible for a major branding push for the fitness chain and has been tasked with building a brand identity, user-generated content, a website, paid social and digital advertising.



  • Moët Hennessy

Just in time for the upcoming National Tequila Day this July 24, Moët Hennessy announced it will enter the Tequila category this year with the US launch of super-premium line Volcan de mi Tierra. The line originates in the state of Jalisco, the birthplace of tequila, and it is there that many make a day trip from Guadalajara to learn more about the spirit with tours and tastings. Guadalajara is the birthplace of tequila.Travelers looking to partake in authentic National Tequila Day celebrations (or anytime the mood strikes) can enjoy one of the many personalized experiences during their time in Guadalajara:Travel to Guadalajara is easily accessible via the Miguel Hidalgo International Airport (GDL), which is located 24 miles from the city center of Guadalajara, with non-stop daily flights from major markets across the United States and Canada. The region is what propelled Hennessy to have its line created there, so the opportunity to learn more and see the distilleries with tastings of the world’s tequila is 100% worth the excursion.Volcan De Mi Tierra Blanco and Volcan De Mi Tierra Cristalino will be available to taste at fine restaurants and bars that respect the craft of the cocktail.

  • Tajín International Corporation

 As Mexican cuisine continues to influence American taste buds, Tajín International Corporation has launched “American Table,” a new total market brand campaign that promotes the multiple uses of Tajín Clásico seasoning. The campaign highlights ways to bring out the flavor of foods found in the American diet that are considered good for you, such as fruits and vegetables. With this approach, Tajín seeks to appeal to the hearts and taste buds of diverse populations in the United States.The campaign, launched this spring, will be supported with a cross-screen media initiative. Local television will be the primary way the brand will promote the new commercial with airings scheduled to take place in top English language broadcast stations as well as leading cable networks in five local markets, which include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, San Antonio and Phoenix.The campaign rollout will also contain a strong digital approach that includes dynamic multi-platform executions in the form of standard display ads as well as mobile, e-mail marketing, digital couponing, social media and retail-location-based advertising.

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  • The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP)

The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) with its new WPP-owned agency VML are introducing a new advertising campaign to attract adventurous visitors.With few all-inclusive luxury resorts. The creative – shot by filmmaker Vincent Urban – suggests the “lush rainforests are for wanderers, rugged mountains for explorers…and forbidden islands for adventurers seeking the last vestiges of an untamed world.”The agency is promoting this campaign via broadcast channels, PR, and print ads and pamphlets. Media also includes in-flight, paid Facebook and Instagram, digital display ads and YouTube pre-roll. Emails and other media direct people to the VisitPanama.com.This strategy is designed to convert people into becoming Panama enthusiasts while they’re looking for flights and researching more “cliché” destinations like Cancun, or Costa Rica.The Panama Tourism Authority hired a VML to get an outsider’s take on their country. Their primary target audience is U.S., Canada, Spain.

  • Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile, one of Sprint’s prepaid brands, has introduced its new brand campaign, “Project Switch.” With its “Boost makes it easy to switch. Switching to Boost makes it easy to save” tagline, the new national marketing and advertising campaign encourages customers to make the switch to Boost by highlighting just how easy it is to switch, and how switching makes it easy to save.The new TV spot makes its premiere today in major markets, including Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and Miami. The ads were shot in a Boost Mobile Next Generation store, a new retail concept that is all about creating an atmosphere where people can better interact with staff in a modern, design-forward setting, while easily learning about products and services. The elevated stores are more streamlined and provide the customer clarity on phones, current offers and promotions. Boost Mobile expects to open more than 1,000 Next Generation stores by year end.Schiefer Chopshop was the agency behind the new effort.“Project Switch” highlights customer pain points with competing carriers and how switching to Boost is the solution.


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Los Angeles rapper Murs just broke the world record for the longest rap marathon after rapping for more than 24 hours straight. From a marketing perspective it is interesting that the endurance test was  sponsored by Boost Mobile, a wireless service that mostly targets African-American and U.S. Hispanic consumers. We talked with Juan Chouza, ‎Associate Media Director at Mediavest | Spark (Boost Mobile’s media agency).

juan-chouzaAfrican and Hispanic audiences  love rap music. This did not go unnoticed for the brand marketers at Boost Mobile as well as the wireless provider’s media buying agency Mediavest | Spark. Juan Chouza,  ‎Associate Media Director at Mediavest | Spark in New York City (photo) tells Portada that Boost Mobile targets the African-American and Hispanic audiences and is able to connect with them through their passion point of music, hip hop and reggaeton. Chouza is excited about Murs’ new record: “In just over 24 hours, Murs rapped  his way through just about every mid-1980s and 1990s rapped classic in the book, showcasing an impressive mix of endurance and stylistic malleability in the process. Throughout the marathon, the inexhaustible Murs effortlessly mimicked legendary rappers as he performed timeless songs without missing a beat. ” Murs was watched by more than 4,000 fans on XXLMag.com, the hip hop and rap website that  live-streamed the rap marathon, during the last 5 hours of his 24 hour performance from October 12 to October 13 last week.Other social media properties that were activated included Boost Mobile’s Facebook page, Boost Mobile’s Twitter handle, Murs Social page, and XXLmag.com social posts from fans.

 This was a way to communicate to people that Boost Mobile offers unlimited music streaming.

Bringing Music to Life Through a Media Plan

“We bring music to life in every facet of the media plan to reach these consumers. For example, Boost Mobile is a major sponsor of the iHeart Concert series coming up in the fall for New York, Los Angeles and Chicago — additionally Boost Mobile will also offer fans a special private concert with J Balvin in NYC on October 26th.
Earlier this year Boost Mobile sponsored the “Where You At? LA” concert series, and the 5 shows were live-streamed on Facebook and hosted by Murs. This was the final show. XXLmag.com was one of the main partners that amplified the campaign. “It was also a way to communicate to people that Boost Mobile offers unlimited music streaming, alongside other music streaming services — including Slacker Radio which sponsored the Rap Marathon with Boost Mobile,” Chouza claims.

Boost mobile used XXLmag.com to target hardcore hip-hop fans that would be interested in Murs, his shows and the rap marathon. “Some of the tactics we implemented were homepage takeovers, mobile takeovers, live-streaming on XXL’s homepage, editorial and social posts.
Offline, we used a few billboards in Los Angeles to promote Mur’s show; as well as, the rap marathon,” Chouza adds.

Boost Your Voice and Cast your Ballot

During his 24 hour-long  performance rapper Murs wore a t-shirt with the word “Voter” on it.  “The Voter t-shirt is part of Boost Mobile’s “Boost Your Voice” campaign, which encourages low-income and minority Americans to cast their ballots this election season,” says Chouza. In fact, nationwide, Boost Mobile has offered its stores as polling stations on election day. “So far, election boards have approved polling stations at stores in San Diego, Orange, and Riverside; as well as, Chicago. The stores that will become polling stations on Nov. 8th are in multi-cultural neighborhoods with Hispanic residents making up 30-60+% of each city’s population.


What: Mobile platform Unlockd has partnered exclusively with Boost Mobile, one of Sprint’s prepaid brands, to launch the first of its kind Android app Boost® Dealz that will help customers reduce monthly phone payments in exchange for viewing ads. (Interview with Sprint’s Oscar Meza and TruMC’s Alice Ovadia-Updated).
Why it matters: If succesful, an ad supported mobile phone service could be trendsetting and relevant for advertisers who want to avoid ad-blocking and target Hispanics and Millennials.

imagesMobile platform Unlockd has partnered exclusively with Boost Mobile, one of Sprint‘s prepaid brands, to launch Boost® Dealz – an Android app available for the U.S. market that’s the first of its kind that helps customers reduce monthly phone payments in exchange for viewing exclusive content and offers when unlocking their smartphones.

Once they unlock their phones, customers are shown a full-screen ad which will show up every two or three unlocks. Geo-targeted ads, offers, discounts or content from brands such as Starbucks, Levi’s and Lyft, are shown at various times as consumers unlock their Android smartphones. Users can interact for further information or dismiss ads with a simple click on the X. The app will download on average about 120 MB of data per month, which is the equivalent of streaming music for about three hours.

Boost Dealz is available to Boost’s current and new customers. The app connects users with relevant brands and offers, and users receive a US$5 credit each month. Although the new app plan currently limits the amount of ads that people can see, the carrier could decide to increase or decrease that cap based on customers’ feedback, CNN Money reports.

The Hispanic segment is a big target audience for it. Also, we are looking for a future product release to provide a full product in Spanish for both the app itself (Customer Experience) and the ads.

This is a major breakthrough as the model provides not only benefit back to consumers, but is breaking new ground for global telcos through the creation of new revenue streams from high-profile publishers and advertisers.”

New Revenue Streams

AAEAAQAAAAAAAARSAAAAJDc5OTNjYTY1LTcxY2EtNDQ2My1iYjg2LWRmMjJjOTVmNmMzYwPortada spoke with Oscar Meza, Manager – Hispanic Media and Community Relations at Sprint, about Boost® Dealz:

Portada: Is a substantial target audience for this new offering Hispanic?

O.M: “We have launched this product on Boost Mobile and a  substantial portion of Boost’s base is Hispanic. The Hispanic segment is a big target audience for it. Also, we are looking for a future product release to provide a full product in Spanish for both the app itself (Customer Experience) and the ads. More to come on this. No dates have been determined yet.”

Portada: What unit of Sprint sells advertising into this new service? 

O.M: “Sprint is not selling advertising into this. Our Partner, UnLockd, has partnerships with big ad networks to sell advertising space through this property.”

Portada: What are the expectations regarding this new product in terms of subscriber count? 

O.M: “This is the first time any top tier operator is trying an ad supported business model so we are expecting to learn more about consumer behavior and how much it appeals to them. It could be a smash hit and numbers can go through the roof but we are not yet ready to put a count to it. We will learn and apply those learnings to evolve the product and continue to provide best value to the customers.”

Portada: How is the new offering going to be marketed/What media is going to be bought?

O.M: “There is no media budget dedicated to this initiative for now, however we have a full marketing plan to promote this product.”

Portada: is there a tie in between Boost Deportes en Vivo and this new “ad driven” product?

O.M: “Our existing boost TV Live Sports bolt-on (“Deportes en Vivo” in Spanish) and there is currently no tie between these two products. However we are contemplating promoting boostTV and other products via Boost Dealz either directly ourselves or by engaging our vendors/partners. International Connect for example is another product that is currently targeting our Hispanic segment and that could benefit from promotion via Boost Dealz. More to come on this as well.”

More Options for Consumers

Alice Ovadia, VP Brand Media and Insights at Dallas based TruMC, whose clients include MetroPCs, notes that “giving consumers the option to receive ads on their home screen in exchange for a $5 off discount is a good way to incentivize users to view ads while giving Boost an opportunity to monetize their wireless networks and profit from mobile advertising dollars that are going to other companies such as Facebook, Twitter or publishers direct.  It will be interesting to see how much traction their “Boost Dealz” app has with consumers and brands.”

Carriers need to stay on their toes and continuously find new revenue streams and ways to innovate.

Ovadia adds that an in an ever-competitive environment, wireless carriers need to stay on their toes and continuously find new revenue streams and ways to innovate.  Leveraging their rich customer data base and network seems like a great way to do just that.”