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Juan Saldivar

CEO & Founder


Juan boasts 25+ years’ experience as an operator, startup founder, consultant, board member, entrepreneur and venture capitalist within leading companies in Mexico, the US and Germany. Throughout his career, Juan has worked as business head of global companies such as Bertelsmann and Televisa, he has build companies like the eCommerce player Submarino, a media and marketing headhunting firm (People@), the advisory business SWS and the venture fund Rise Capital Latam. Other milestones include his presidency of the Mexican chapter of the IAB, Board memberships of publicly traded Entravision (EVC), Travesias Media, Recorcholis, Metro International, Ambulante and Save the Children and ITAM-EPIC among other. Juan offers solid business leadership, entrepreneurship, consulting, turn around and operational experience that enables future business planning and exclusion capabilities. Juan holds a BA in economics from Mexico’s ITAM and an MBA from the IESE Business School in Barcelona.




Americas Board 2019 Schedule

Meeting1Virtual Meeting, March (tbd)
Meeting211 Apr @ Portada Miami, Hotel EAST
Meeting3Mid – August (tbd)
Meeting417 Oct @ Portada Mexico, Casa Lamm
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