Jose Luis de la Vega

VP of Marketing and Communications LATAM North


Experienced Latin America Marketing & Communications Vice-president and Chief Marketing Officer with a mission to win the hearts and minds of consumers, build global brands, improve Operatiosn, create consumer advocacy, while drive customer engagement. High profile Business Executive with 20 years of Marketing & Communications experience in Global Companies on Technology, Financial services and Consumer Goods sectors.

Decisive leader enthused in working in high growth, high risk and turnaround settings. Strong analytical mind with swift abilities to identify strengths, weaknesses and roadblocks in any situation. Ability to rapidly develop and execute practical solutions for a growing profitable bottom line.

Results oriented with proven abilities in Marketing, B2B specialist, Digital and Social Media (SEO), Advertising and Communications, expert on Digital and Social Marketing, strategic & tactical planning, project management, operational efficiency and team building.

Motivational management style with a record of building and retaining highly dedicated regional marketing teams, distributor networks and functional support teams.

Global and highly adaptable executive who has worked and built business and teams across Latin America.


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