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Check out the shortlisted nominations below!


    • Caro D’Antuono

      CMO, Northgate Gonzalez

      For her efforts to include biculturals, multiculturals and non-Hispanic consumers, which has resulted in an increase in customer count and sales vs. the previous year.

    • Edwin Gotay

      Senior Director, Hispanic Marketing, NASCAR

      For his work as cultural consultant to ensure marketing efforts connect to the Hispanic community in a meaningful way.

    • Jorge Inda Meza

      Head of Marketing, West Region, Anheuser-Busch

      For his introduction of Mexican beer brands into the US as a means of connection to Hispanic consumers and their origins.

    • Ariela Nerubay

      CMO, Curacao

      For her commitment to the Hispanic community by means of leading newer, more inclusive marketing initiatives.

    • Juan Ochoa

      Director of Marketing at beIN SPORTS USA

      For his great job attracting viewers of El Clasico match through a fully-integrated bilingual campaign.

    • John Sandoval

      Brand and Latino Marketing Manager, Intuit

      For his effective application of multicultural insights to produce campaigns that integrate Hispanics into a general market initiative.


    • T-mobile, “WorldCup 2018” by Mobvious


      6 infographics were designed to provide facts and interesting information about key players like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar Jr. and others. The strategy was to develop relevant content for the target to share on Facebook. In addition, a minisite with the same information was developed for fans to visit. The campaign had Home Page Takeovers, rich media mobile ad units, display and sponsorship.

    • El Chavo

      GALLEGOS United/CMPB – Toma Leche

      With the passing of time, El Chavo has found a special place in Hispanics’ hearts, together with all the family traditions that get passed from one generation to the next. Some of these traditions, like the one of La Merienda, an afternoon snack, has been lost in the US. This campaign reminds viewers that La Merienda is a bonding time between parents and their children, and uses El Chavo to invite parents to connect with their inner child and encourage them to connect with their kids through a glass of milk.

    • AARP “Cada paso del camino”

      D expósito & Partner

      There are 40 million caregivers in America, and almost a fourth of them are Latinos. They embrace their mission, but they are often not prepared for the stress of the situation. In order to guide and inspire Hispanic caregivers, AARP made a documentary about the impact of taking care of a loved one in the Hispanic community, called “Cada paso del camino”. The film, which shows the stories of five families, went viral with 8.7 million views, it was recognized by national and international festivals, and had over 470 million media impressions.

    • Xfinity – Beautifully Bilingual

      Gallegos United

      There are 40 million caregivers in America, and almost a fourth of them are Latinos. They embrace their mission, but they are often not prepared for the stress of the situation. In order to guide and inspire Hispanic caregivers, AARP made a documentary about the impact of taking care of a loved one in the Hispanic community, called “Cada paso del camino”. The film, which shows the stories of five families, went viral with 8.7 million views, it was recognized by national and international festivals, and had over 470 million media impressions.

    • Sigue haciéndola

      MARCA Miami/DishLATINO

      A lot of advertising is based on the idea of empathy. It goes something like, “we understand you and that’s why you should buy our product.” But this strategy goes one step beyond empathy and demonstrates authenticity. It’s more like, “we understand you and your unique situation because we’re Latino too”. DishLatino has created “Sigue Haciéndola”, a campaign with a message of optimism and Latino pride. The campaign includes an original song featuring Grammy Latino nominees Periko & Jessi Leon, video ads recognizing Hispanics’ hard work and dedication, and the participation of ambassador Eugenio Derbez. In addition, DishLatino created an online experience for U.S. Hispanics to share their picture, and it will create an photo mosaic with all the submissions.

    • 2018 Soccer Campaign

      Acento Advertising/Wells Fargo

      Wells Fargo’s general market soccer campaign relies on an unexpected and provocative “celebrity endorsement” of the MNT. Through our strategy “We’re More than Sponsors, We’re Fans”, our campaign genuinely captures the frenzied enthusiasm and unique rituals of MNT fans in ways that are very relatable for our target audience. Wells Fargo recognizes that nothing gets in the way of MNT fans and their passion, particularly during the World Cup. This provides an ideal opportunity for the brand to showcase financial tools that offer greater convenience and security so that MNT fans can stay focused on the only thing that really matters to them – their beloved team. The campaign was developed in both Spanish and English given its resonance with our target regardless of their preferred language.

    • TeleBOvela: El Sabor de la Pasión

      AC&M Group, Bojangles’

      The episodes were developed as Facebook Video ads to highlight delicious food items from Bojangles’ and to invite the viewer to view more episodes and learn about current offers. Ads were served at the store-level for both desktop and mobile with a combination of video ads.
      Pandora Spots were developed for each episode and targeted at the zip code level focusing on the TeleBovela teaser.
      The videos were also posted and promoted on the Bojangles’ YouTube channel.

    • Luis Miguel


      Luis Miguel’s Tv show was a cultural phenomenon. We had the ability of taking advantage of that cultural moment to build engagement, we did it by creating real time content every sunday so that people would start the week talking about the the most relevant moment of each episode, as a result people started listening to the Spotify playlists and downloading the songs.

    • LaLa Milk – Football A.M.

      Circus / LaLa


    • Vayamos Juntos, Fanáticos

      Toyota Sponsorship of the Club America Tour Aguila US

      Toyota’s sponsorship of the Club America Tour Águila US provided the perfect platform for consumers to share their love for the sport and team while experiencing the bold new Tundra. Club America is the Mexican soccer club with most winnings In North America, and the most-watched soccer club in the U.S.
      Objectives were to showcase Toyota’s understanding of a key Hispanic passion point and connect onsite fans with the Toyota brand and Toyota Tundra while providing both engaging and entertaining opportunities that highlight key vehicle features.

    • beIN BED Campaign

      beIN SPORTS

      The objective of The beIN BED Campaign was to drive U.S. awareness and viewership of beIN SPORTS’ biggest soccer event of the year, El Clásico (FC Real Madrid versus Barcelona), on December 23, 2017, despite its unusual game time departure from 2:00 PM EST to the early morning broadcast time of 7:00 AM EST / 4:00 AM PST. Our approach consisted of leveraging beIN SPORTS’ charismatic talent to create content that promoted a clear call to action for our fans and viewers: go to bed early, wake up early for El Clásico. The “beIN BED” content lived across owned, paid, and earned channels for the two weeks leading up to the game. The campaign’s 10 sleep-inducing videos and 14 El Clásico-themed bedtime stories featuring beIN SPORTS’ on-air talent ran on paid outlets across the digital space, as well as on the network as part of commercial inventory and regular scheduled programming.

    • Franchise Launch: Las Vegas Lights FC

      Las Vegas Lights FC (USL)

      The Las Vegas Lights FC was launched in late 2017 as the first-ever professional soccer team in an incredibly diverse market with more than 2 million residents. From the announcement of the team, owner Brett Lashbrook’s objective was to make the team as inclusive as possible, with a hyper-local focus on residents (not tourists), local businesses and homegrown players. In a market with a 35% Hispanic population, Lights FC’s further objective is to become an integral part of the city landscape, and unify fans of all ages and backgrounds regardless of language, ethnicity and/or socio-economic status.

    • Celebrating Soccer

      Continental Tire

      As a longstanding MLS and U.S. Soccer brand partner, rEvolution has helped Continental Tire become a staple brand in American soccer culture through quality TV commercials, impressive on-site game signage, post-game coverage and exclusive rights to the coolest soccer premium: the scarf. This year, rEvolution continues to lead Continental’s game day activation, including its interactive “Ode to Soccer” footprint, first-of-its-kind insta-worthy scarf soccer ball and first-class VIP hospitality suites. In addition, the team looked to further Continental’s commitment to the soccer community by producing commercials that took a deeper dive into what truly makes American soccer so special and why tires are so endemic to the sport.

    • La Futbolera


      The brand’s objective was to generate and maintain user interest long enough to create a significant exchange over a shared passion. This sustained interest would allow Sprint to promote brand affinity, gather insightful data about the Latino audience, and further understand their desires with respect to an important cultural passion point – soccer – and even more importantly, providing attitudinal information toward Sprint’s products and services, especially qualified leads.Our target audience was the US Latino. This group is important to Sprint because in recent years it’s been recognized as the largest untapped business opportunity. The idea was born within Facebook Messenger, approaching our target through a platform they already frequent. Throughout the Copa Oro they enjoyed an engaging, personalized experience.
      Matches became digital tailgates shared on social platforms through video, photography, and animated gifs captured at the activation outside the stadium—all driving traffic to the bot. The messenger game and La Futbolera’s (the soccer playing grandmother’s) personality took over the pre and post match period, extending tournament excitement. Results: Users engaged for 25 min., average of 2.5 repeat visits, 42% registration rate.

    • New Balance Soccer #GameChangerSeries

      New Balance Soccer

      The objective was to drive awareness to New Balance soccer in a unique way using popular social media influencers and multiple professional athletes. The strategy was to leverage social media influencer @MOALIFC and soccer athletes to bring awareness to New Balance soccer footwear and apparel. The series consisted of 10 unique training videos on Mo Ali’s social media channel (180K followers) and reached over 22 million views and 2 million likes. We highlight the growing New Balance Soccer brand across social media to a large audience. Viewers were encouraged to shop the footwear using a campaign specific discount code.

    • Chava en Russia

      Club de Cuervos / Netflix

      We followed the Chava Iglesias character throughout the World Cup and created a bridge to launch the third season of CLUB DE CUERVOS. In order to create this bridge, we gave continuity to the Chava Iglesias character with a new story, a new team (Cruz de Nuevo Toledo) and we generated content on social media and streaming.


    • Extending the Culture of Carnaval / When RIO Carnaval meets U.S. Basketball

      American Airlines

      The Carnaval parade is deeply woven into the fabric of Brazilian culture. To show our commitment to Brazil, American Airlines sponsors the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval parade annually, where amateur samba schools compete. We wanted more than just an event space. Our objective was to take the American Airlines sponsorship beyond the four walls of the event, garnering earned media attention and social reach. We did this by aligning with customer passions – Carnaval itself, and another passion both countries share, basketball. All the while, we aimed to weave in American’s improved in-flight experiences from Brazil to the US and highlight Miami as a key destination.

    • Match the Passion: Common Passion Points for Daisy & Our Hispanic Consumers

      Daisy Brand

      To strengthen its connection with Hispanic consumers, Daisy Brand Sour Cream partnered with the Mexican National Team to highlight how the brand values are connected to those of many Hispanics. To bring this connection to life, Daisy seamlessly integrated three culturally relevant passion points for many U.S. Hispanics: food, family and fútbol, into a custom content series highlighting up-and-coming MNT players. In the six-episode series, Daisy explores how food, culture and tradition have influenced the lives of MNT players, by speaking with the athletes as they cook with their moms, in their own kitchens. Through these candid videos, Daisy connects fans with their favorite players and showcases how their values align with what many Hispanics care about most.

    • “Game Changers: Latinos in Sports Business”

      Chicago White Sox

      Game Changers: Latinos in Sports Business” was the first program of the season consisting of a pregame panel discussion focused on the advancement of the sports marketing culture as it pertains to the Latino community in Chicago. The goal was to get Latinos out to the ballpark for an evening of networking and insightful panel discussions, with an onjective of receiving 100 guests. The target audience included local leaders in sports business, entrepreneurs, community activists, non-for-profit organizations and other like-minded individuals.

    • World Cup


      The video shows a father and his daughter watching a Mexico game at home. He gets emotional and angry because the Mexican team is “making mistakes”, and he is about to break his TV until a voice reminds him Mexico is in the next round. The audience identifies with the video because they can relate to the passion every Mexican feels when watching the World Cup games; the excitement, the anger, the frustration…


    • NASCAR Latino Influencer Program

      NASCAR Latino

      Through its Influencer program, NASCAR seeks to win the hearts and minds of U.S. Hispanics and breakdown any cultural barriers of entry to the sport. We know that for Hispanics, having a trusted voice making a recommendation is highly valuable, especially when done at a local level with an influencer who shares their values and cultural nuances. From relatable content shot at their local tracks or hosting ticket giveaways and meet and greets, our influencers serve as a trusted voice who are able to ensure their Hispanic audience feels welcomed into the sport on a grassroots level.

    • Hispanic Heritage Month 2017

      Chicago White Sox

      To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2017, the White Sox official Twitter feed, @whitesox, designed a campaign to generate fan engagement, honor the organization´s rich Hispanic heritage and commitment to inclusion and diversity. Additionally, by using the primary social media feed, the White Sox sough to reach a multicultural audience to showcase the significant influence that Hispanic players had on the organization throughout the years, from all-time greats Minni Miñoso, Ozzie Guillen and Luis Aparicio, to current players including José Abreu, Yoán Moncada and Luis Robert, to 2005 World Series champions José Contreras, Orlando Hernandez and Juan Uribe.

    • ¡Arriba Los Glens! (SF Glens SC and Casa Sanchez SF: A Community Partnership)

      San Francisco Glens SC

      SF families in the Mission and Excelsior Districts—neighborhoods with a heavy Latino population. To be even more specific, 100+ families who were targeted before the season opener.

    • Hispanic Heritage Day / Liga Mexicana del Pacífico

      Arizona Diamondbacks

      The objectives were to create a platform for multigenerational fans from all backgrounds and ages to get a taste of the ambience seen while attending a Liga del Pacífico game, and to create additional promotional avenues for the Los D-backs and LMP brands.

    • SocioMX Tour 2018 (Pro-Mexican soccer clubs touring in U.S.)

      Sports Marketing Monterrey

      The objective was to engage the Hispanic market in a meaningful and positive, to create the wish to attend and interact with the SocioMX games, activities and digital platform.

Winners to be announced at Portada New York on September 25!
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