Myrna Cortez


People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

The Associated Press has named Ken Detlet as its new VP of Digital Advertising Strategy & Sales.  The new position has a strong emphasis on digital strategy.
Tim Luce will head a MLC Entertainment a new division of Media Latino Communications. The company also recently formed MLC Radio with the acquisition of  KBFW, an LMA in Fort Worth, TX, with more stations to be announced in the future. KBFW will now broadcast as MLC Network La Numero Uno. Pedro Gasc  been named General Manager of the station; he has over 20 years of experience in Hispanic Radio Management. In addition, MLC Entertainment recently opened a branch office in Ft. Worth, TX hiring Jessica Fuentes as its Affiliate Relations Director.
Myrna Cortez  has left the San Antonio Express News.
As we reported last week, Sindy Chapa will be the new  Director, Center for Hispanic Marketing  Communication at Florida State. Chapa tells Portada that “my position  will be Associate director as long as Felipe Korzenny stays at FSU – but I am Awaited Director  for the Center”. Chapa adds that it is an honor “to join the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University (FSU) and to have the opportunity to work with Felipe Korzenny. As a research oriented professional, and Latina woman, I have a genuine admiration for Korzenny’s work at the Center. This is one of the reasons why my main mission at the Center will be to keep Korzenny’s legacy on the study of Hispanic consumers alive and growing further. As for my personal contribution, I plan to establish and develop a research team that will further study Hispanics’ media habits and effective forms of communication. Therefore, my intent is to support and broaden the Center’s scientific contributions. These will aim at better understanding the Hispanic market in a way that can help us to develop resourceful data on Hispanic consumers, media and audiences. The Center’s main focus will be centered in supporting and promoting scholars, practitioners and government work and experiences to effectively connect with our Latinos communities.”

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