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Z-8cRKRa_400x400Myriad Group AG has announced it has partnered with global media giant Viacom to deliver a content engagement experience for users of Versy in Latin America.

Versy users can now discover, share and engage in conversation about content from their favourite shows from leading brands MTVLa, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and Paramount Channel.

“Our audience is becoming increasingly digitally sophisticated, Versy presents us with an exciting opportunity to develop a complimentary audience platform to engage with on mobile” explained Eduardo Lebrija, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Viacom The Americas Mexico.

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Stephen Dunford, Myriad’s CEO comments, “As the Versy brand continues to grow in Latin America, we are extremely pleased to be partnering with Viacom to offer a truly compelling service to teens and millennials. These content brands are relevant for our users and we’re already seeing positive engagement with the new channels on Versy”.

What: With this agreement Telefonica joins a growing number of operators supporting msngr.
Why it matters: This agreement will allow Myriad Group to promote the use of msngr as an additional service to smartphones users in Latin America.

myriad-Myriad Group AG, a company that creates and connects communities across mobile, has signed a pan Latin American agreement with Spanish global telecommunications gian, Telefonica S.A.

Under the terms of the agreement, mobile operators within the Telefonica Group in Latin America are able to offer a co-branded msngr app to their customers.

Having reviewed a number of OTT instant messaging services, Telefonica sees msngr as an excellent opportunity to not only offer a value-added service to its users with smart phones but also crucially offer full messaging and content sharing functionalities to its feature phone based users.

The msngr platform helps operators create loyalty and promote data plans by consumers using their phones to group-chat and share  relevant content with their friends. msngr works with brands from infotainment, movies, music, sport and TV to offer sponsored channels from within the app to consumers who opt-in. Revenue generated is then shared with the supporting operator.

Key features and user benefits of msngr include:

  • An easy-to-use interface for unrestricted group chat
  • Available to all: no-one will be left out because they don’t have the right phone, don’t live in the right country or subscribe to the right network
  • Users can easily discover and share relevant content from brands and content providers

Stephen Dunford CEO of Myriad, said: “msngr has been developed for feature phones and smart phones. It also enables group chat fuelled with engaging and relevant content. We are delighted to extend our commercial relationship with Telefonica S.A., allowing their customers to enjoy the messaging and content sharing features of msngr.”

Leandro Musciano, Telefonica Latin America Product & Services VP, said: “Nowadays Instant Messaging is a service widely adopted by our Latin American customers. With msngr our users will have a distinctive experience, connecting with friends and family across the world, driving consumer loyalty in a very competitive region.”

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