What:  Publicis Groupe and Matomy new partnership is part of a strategy to accelerate performance advertising growth and penetration globally.
Why it matters: performance advertising,one of the most complex aspects of online marketing, is a business model that  caught the attention of a global agency Publicis Groupe to complement the platforms and services offered to its customers worldwide.

Ulises-Vázquez-The recent partnership announced between Publicis Groupe and Matomy is a strategic move that will accelerate the growth of performance advertising (marketing performance), not only in United States and Latin America markets but globally, suggested Ulises Vazquez Matomy partner and CEO of the firm in Mexico.

Through a written response to Portada’s questions, Vazquez said that even after this partnership Matomy remains an independent company, “Our growth strategy in the long-term is preserved and reinforced.”

In the first place, he explained, this investment is backed by a giant like Publicis’s  and “positions us as one of the global leaders in the industry.”

According to Vazquez, both Matomy and Publicis will reap benefits for clients, shareholders and employees through this partnership.

“For Matomy, we will have access to Publicis Groupe resources and expertise in the advertising market, as well as its impressive global clients portfolio. Besides, this it will have an impact on the growth of our global presence,” he said.

While Publicis will be able to provide its customers with a complete digital advertising solution including performance advertising that meets current and future needs of advertisers.

“We are very excited about the opportunities this partnership brings, not only for the company and our employees, but to customers and to the overall traditional and online advertising market,” Vazquez said.

More consolidation in the digital media world. Tel Aviv-based Matomy Media Group  has purchased U.S. based direct response marketer MediaWhiz which operates the second-ranked affiliate network in the U.S. The purchase price was not disclosed, although Israeli website Globes says it was US $10 million. MediaWhiz has 100 employees and $75 million in annual revenue. The acquisition will boost Matomy’s turnover to $230 million (not including Adperio). The company has 350 employees in Israel and other countries.For Matomy, the deal brings a large affiliate network, MonetizeIt; an SEO business called TLA; and White Delivery, an email product; along with offerings in “data acquisition” and display media. MediaWhiz will keep its name, corporate branding, and distinct brands, but gets a new CEO with the acquisition. Hakan Lindskog was previously chief executive at CPA (Cost per Acquisition) network Neverblue.

Matomy Mexico will continue to serve both the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets

This is Matomy’s third acquisition, following the acquisition of Adperio in July 2011, in order to enter the US market, and Mexico’s Ergos Media in November 2010, to enter the Latin American market. Matomy says that the acquisition of MediaWhiz will enable it to enter new performance-based advertising markets, such as education and financing.

The acquisition of MediaWhiz was part of its strategy to gain footholds in foreign markets through acquisitions. Following the acquisition, 50% of Matomy’s business in the US, 35% is in Europe, and 15% in Latin America.

U.S. Hispanic and Latin America

Ulises Vazquez
Ulises Vazquez, CEO Matomy Mexico

Portada talked to Ulises Vazquez, CEO of Matomy Mexico (photo), about how the MediaWhiz acquisition will impact Matomy’s Latin American and U.S. Hispanic plans. Vazquez is the founder of Ergos a company that, as stated above, was acquired by Matomy in 2010. Asked on whether Matomy will acquire other digital media companies in the U.S. Hispanic or Latin American markets, Vazquez tells Portada that “looking out for acquisitions and opportunities is part of the ADN of Matomy Group”.
Vazquez adds that Matomy Mexico “will continue to serve both the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets due to its knowledge about the consumers in those markets.” According to Vazquez two objectives are achieved with the MediaWhiz acquisition. First, to count with a wide array of digital services, which should enable Matomy Mexico to better monetize Latin American digital properties used by U.S. advertisers to target the U.S. Hispanic demographic. Mexican advertisers will also get more effective solutions for their branding and performance campaigns.

The second aspect is that new and current clients of MediaWhiz will benefit from the tools and global experience of Matomy. “In addition, they will have access to digital networks in major markets and more solutions for the U.S. market.

MediaWhiz product portfolio and best practices  will benefit clients who want to reach U.S. Hispanic and Latin American consumer in disciplines including Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Data Acquistion  and  Search Engine Marketing.
Regarding mobile media, Matomy is already far along in mobile lead generation and MediaWhiz will get access to campaigns, traffic and technology in mobile media.

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