What: Genius Sports Group Communications Director Chris Dougan will be one of this year’s speakers at Portada Miami. He will discuss Gaming and Gambling with Ben Spoont at the EAST hotel on April 19.
Why it matters: This is one of the topics that are changing the future of sports marketing. There will be plenty of questions moving forward as more entities, particularly in the U.S., embrace legal gambling on sports and eSports.

Joe Favorito, chair of the Sports Marketing Board, has prepared a background piece on speaker Chris Dougan and the topic he will be discussing at Portada Miami. To join the conversation with him and all our other speakers, register here!

According to a report on Worldcasinoindex.com, the buzz words in sports business, not just in the U.S. but around the world, are gaming, eSports and gambling. As sports gambling becomes closer to a reality not just in North America but in other countries, including those in Latin America, how will the consumer be protected and the games stay safe? And how will data protection, and even gambling play a role in eSports?

At the center of all those discussions is Genius Sports, the world’s fast-growing leader in data protection around professional sports. Based in London, Genius (@geniussports) works 24/7 to make sure the data for some of the world’s biggest leagues, from the Premier League to Major League Baseball and the PGA Tour, are safe and secure. And as eSports becomes more valuable, Genius Sports work will take them deep into working with the biggest gaming companies to again make sure all data is secure and protected.

Helping lead the charge for Genius, not just in the U.S. but in Latin America as well, is Chris Dougan.

Dougan will explain the value of data protection, the scope of the gaming and gambling industry, and how companies will work to protect brands.

Dougan is the Group Communications Director for Genius Sports Group, with responsibility for developing and implementing the global corporate communication, marketing and public affairs strategy. He spent his early career at MGM Studios before moving into ballot measures and issue advocacy work. For over fifteen years, Dougan has specialized in managing integrated public affairs, strategic communications and issue advocacy campaigns on behalf of highly regulated sectors. He has planned and executed multiple campaigns across the US, EU, and EMEA region on behalf of national governments, institutions, and multinational corporations.

Since joining Genius Sports Group in 2015, Dougan has driven stakeholder engagement efforts and leads the US advocacy program by providing senior counsel to C-suite executives, opinion leaders, regulators and politicians. Outside the US, he has helped extend the Group’s reach into emerging markets by leading the debate on regulation and positioning the organization at the forefront of sports betting policy initiatives.

On April 18 at Portada Miami, Dougan will explain the value of data protection, the scope of the gaming and gambling industry, and how companies will work to protect brands, players, broadcasters and fans from catastrophic business failures tied to illegal activity in the space.

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[featured image: Courtesy ESL, Fortune. Streaming of eSports event in Katowice, Poland]

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