Defy Media


What: NBCU Hispanic Enterprises and Content  and DEFY Media,  leading independent creator and distributor of digital content focused on the influential 13-34 demographic, will partner.
Why it matters: Original Content Creators, both NBCU and DEFY Media will combine expertise to offer vew formats and concepts to Millennial, Mobile and Multicultural Audiences, that is “Generation M.  Defy is part of a new breed of digital media companies that produces original online content for the 13-34 age group.

nbcuniversal_400x4000ab9a404a0a7b10a10a0e8a97d4cc5cf_400x400NBCU Hispanic Enterprises and Content announced plans to partner with DEFY Media, a leading independent creator and distributor of digital content focused on the influential 13-34 demographic. The alliance will build upon the combined expertise of each media company to develop new social and mobile content specifically designed for “Generation M” (Millennial, Mobile, Multicultural).  The partnership will be focused around DEFY Media’s popular Spanish-language channel, Clevver Teve, with initial initiatives centered around moms, fitness and beauty running across digital, linear and mobile platforms launching in the fourth quarter of 2015.

The deal will build on DEFY Media’s leading position as one of the largest creators of original content for the Millennial audience, with a massive reach of over 50 million YouTube subscribers and over 500 million monthly video views, and tap into NBCU Hispanic Enterprises and Content’s extensive reach and experience engaging Hispanic across television, digital and mobile platforms. The new formats and concepts, produced in Spanish and English, will also leverage access to talent and studios from both companies to bring high quality, customized content to the coveted and highly engaged Hispanic audience.

“DEFY Media has consistently been ahead of the curve in bringing innovative and highly social content to the marketplace,” said Peter Blacker, Executive Vice President, Digital Media and Emerging Businesses, NBC Universal Hispanic Enterprises and Content. “We are thrilled to be their official Hispanic partner and look forward to working together to create new and exciting products that engage the U.S. Hispanic audience in multiple languages and on multiple platforms.”

Keith Richman, President, DEFY Media, said: “NBC Universal Hispanic Enterprises and Content leads the industry with its innovative approach to engaging Hispanics across all platforms in Spanish and English. We are excited to grow this market together with new concepts and experiences.”

What: Digital media companies Alloy Digital and Break Media are merging to create Defy Media, so as to reach the coveted 12-34 demographic.
Why is it important: Digital media companies are realizing the need to address the younger generations, so as to create new revenue opportunities and stay relevant in their content choices, because through the expansion of their brand portfolios, they will be growing at the same pace. This also opens an interesting business opportunity for advertisers.

Alloy Digital and and Break Media announced their merger, in order to create Defy Media, a digital-centric media company focused on content creation and delivery to the key 12-34 demographic. With this operation, they intend to target the digital generation across established and emerging media platforms, combining globally recognized media brands and proprietary distribution channels.

Founded in 2004, Break Media is a digital media company and the leader in male-targeted content creation and distribution, while Alloy Digital is a digital media company that produces original online content for the 12-34 age group. Alloy Digital’s proprietary digital media network has ranked top in its category for more than three consecutive years, according to comScore, and attracts more than 90MM consumers each month with reach to over 57% of internet users belonging to said age group.

So, Defy Media unites Break Media’s male-targeted network with Alloy Digital’s influential media brands and video networks, thus achieving a more relevant marketplace position with capabilities in content development, in-house production, multi-screen distribution, talent management, brand partnerships and promotion.

Defy Media signifies a transformative moment, fortifying a multi-faceted media model that’s responding to the changing marketplace and expectations of 12-34 consumers.

–Matthew Diamond, CEO of Alloy Digital

Defy Media’s proprietary media and ad network will combine Alloy Digital and Break Media’s assets, delivering its advertisers unmatched access to consumers across key categories, including entertainment, women and men’s lifestyle, comedy and gaming. The merger amplifies Defy Media’s original programming, offering brand partners custom-built and scalable opportunities to align with premium content.