Join Us at the Marketing in Multicultural America Summit, NYC, March 5

Portada conferences bring together the most powerful brand marketers, media owners, agencies and tech platforms in the Americas. Actionable insights will be uncovered and business development opportunities will unfold at Portada events. A proven event management methodology allows brand marketers and marketing service suppliers achieve their peer-to-peer learning and business development objectives in less than 6 hours.

Upcoming 2021 Portada Conferences

How Portada Conferences Work

At these exclusive by-invitation-only virtual marketing conferences Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including e-commerce marketingmarketing technologies and multicultural marketing.
Participants can expect the following tangible deliverables:

  • 200+ virtual 1:1 meeting between prequalified brand decision makers and marketing service suppliers
  • 100 + Brand Decision Makers
  • 1 Collaborative Knowledge-Sharing Session
  • 1 Brand Marketer Challenge Session
  • 1 Detailed Case Study
  • 1 Partner Solution Approach Session
  • 1 Exclusive Event Recap Document including all the Marketing Intelligence Shared at the Workshop

Each Portada Live virtual marketing conference has the following structure:

Interested to know more? Please email Sales Director David Karp at [email protected]., or simply schedule a call with him HERE