Join Us at the Marketing in Multicultural America Summit, NYC, March 5


The Portada At Digital Hollywood will take place on October 25th 2016.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contactl Kelley Eberhardt, Director of Sales & Marketing at [email protected] or call her at (212) 685-4441.

Y en español Bob Oliva, Director de Desarrollo de Negocios, a [email protected] or call him at (305) 546 15-15.


If you want to continue being a successful Marketing, Media or Entertainment executive you need to know how to engage Multicultural audiences. At Portada’s Multicultural Influencer Forum on October 21 at Digital Hollywood (Oct. 19-22 check out the overall agenda!) reach out to major players and get actionable insights on the key issues moving Multicultural America.



Major Players who are Speaking at the Event:

The Forum is produced in association with Digital Hollywood and can be attended independently or as part of the overall Digital Hollywood Fall experience, which takes place from October 19 to 22 (last editions attendee count 2,000 plus!). Digital Hollywood is a marquee conference covering the fields of film, television, music home video, cable and telecommunications.

To inquire how to align your brand with Portada’s Multicultural Influencer Forum at Digital Hollywood, please email Kelley Eberhardt, Sales & Marketing Director at [email protected] or call her at (212) 685-4441.


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