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NOMINATE to Health Care, OTT, and Soccer Advertising Awards!

April 6, 2015

#Portadalat Award Nominations Extended until this Friday April 10!

Because of so many candidates still wanting to enter their nomination we are extending the Nomination Period until this Friday April 10!
We will all know who the winners are on June 4th 2015 at the Award Ceremony of #Portadalat in Miami. Check out the one-of-a-kind peer-to-peer nomination and voting process below! Nominate your candidates in the 11 different categories!

Are Latin American Publishers Adopting Supply Side Platforms?

While demand side platforms continue to propagate across Latin America, major supply side platforms entering the region experience some resistance from publishers or at least are not fully understood by them. So, are Latin American publishers adopting SSP or not? Lorena Hure, a marketer expert in our editorial staff, explains on this article.

Major League Baseball Launches Big Hispanic Campaign

Hispanics are widely represented in baseball, including more than 20 percent of players. If you include players with some Hispanic heritage, that jumps to 30 percent. While MLB has long reached out to Latinos, Opening Day 2015 on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball revealed the kickoff of the organization’s first Hispanic ad campaign via LatinWorks.