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November 5, 2013

Analysis: Argentina’s “Media Law” and how it will affect Grupo Clarin

Last week, the Argentina Supreme Court ruled in favor of the constitutionality of the Audiovisual Communication Services Law (LSCA) 26522/09, known as the “Media Law”. The new law that regulates the country’s broadcasting services was passed four years ago. Since then, Grupo Clarin has been challenging the law’s constitutionality in the courts, claiming it suppresses freedom of the press and affects the group’s economic sustainability.

Association of National Advertisers

ANA Multicultural Day 1 Wrap-Up: “Lead with ethnic insights first!”

More than 800 marketing, advertising and media executives are gathering in Los Angeles for the Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference. To include ethnic insights into overall (total) marketing strategies is crucial, many marketers noted. Pepsico’s Carlos Saavedra presented Pepsi’s cultural fluency marketing approach.