Zoomin.TV appoints Madelin Bosakewich as Director Bus. Dev & Publisher Relations

Veteran media professional Madelin Bosakewich has been hired by Zoomin.TV as its new Director, Business Development & Publisher Relations based in Miami. Previously Bosakewich worked as U.S. Regional Sales Manager at Televisa Publishing and Digital.

Bosakewich explains to Portada that the scope of her new position is twofold. On one hand, she is tasked with maintaining and supporting existing publisher relationships and partnerships. On the other hand, the “big focus is to grow the Zoomin.TV business by providing video content solutions to New Publishers. “Bosakewich defines Publishers as “Broadcasters, Media, Entertainment & Distribution Companies creating or buying video content to engage or augment their viewership, users, audiences , and most importantly sales via their multi-channel platforms, Big Screen, Web and Mobile, in the US.”

Madelin Bosakewich

According to Bosakewich, her 17 plus years experience in Sales & Marketing in the U.S. Hispanic Market, make her new role at Zoomin.TV a natural transition for her “as I call and contact industry colleagues and friends by introducing all of Zoomin.TV’s capabilities while developing new business with General Market Publishers.”

Betting on Online Video’s Expansion

According to Bosakewich, Zoomin.TV recognized over 12 years ago that the consumption of video content would be “King”. Bosakewich cites industry insights that state that by 2017 Video content will amount to 69% of all internet consumer traffic.

Zoomin.TV, is a Multichannel Network (MCN), and a Multi-National company headquartered in Amsterdam with international scope. It creates over 100,000 videos a year, free of rights with a vast VJ network of 2000 in 17 languages, English and Spanish among the main ones. According to Bosakewich, “being the 6th MCN on YouTube globally with over 55,000 video channels garnering over 1.2 Billion Video downloads a month provides new and existing partners a wide selection of offerings and solutions.”