Online video search site Truveo, owned by AOL, announced updates to its website that makes it easier to find video on the Web. The new site is available at, with localized versions available for 16 other countries. Truveo is the second largest video search engine worldwide, with 25.6 million unique visitors, and the second largest in the U.S., with 5.1 million unique visitors.1

One of Truveo’s current priorities is partnering with video-content sites. It just struck a deal with Spanish-language broadcaster Univision, which will use Truveo to provide video search on their site. The Spanish TV network’s goal is to keep users on its site longer by helping them find videos their interested in. As part of the partnership, visitors to,, will soon be able to use enriched video search functionality, powered by Truveo’s video search API, to search and browse the most comprehensive global index of videos.

Truveo is the second-largest video search engine worldwide, behind Google (with 25.6 million unique visitors, according to comScore and the second largest in the U.S., with 5.1 million unique visitors, per Truveo’s internal numbers. For the time being, online video directories are likely to remain fairly small, especially as YouTube and Hulu solidify their dominance. But Truveo CEO Pete Kocks predicts that more challengers to those sites are likely pop up, and if that happens, Truveo could benefit as users turn to guides to navigate a more crowded field.
Truveo sites use localized ranking algorithms to deliver the most relevant results to each country’s Truveo users. For example, a search on Truveo’s France portal,, will be more likely to turn up French language videos from French media companies.

Truveo’s has 3 localized portals in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world available at the following addresses:

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