#PortadaMX: Users Want More Mobile Video and Social

During the Mexico Forum on Advertising and Media, organized by Portada in Mexico City on October 11, Omar Medina, CEO of Plasmodia, Jorge Munguía, country talent manager for México at ZoominTV, Raul Aguilar, CEO of Nurun and José Antonio Viesca Muriel, CCO of Zoomin.TV discussed the most relevant trends that they are observing in digital marketing.
According to a study by PWC, companies’ investments in video increased by 122% in the last years. And 61% of that was focused on content distributed on mobile. These numbers are just one more indicator of why brands and agencies can’t stop talking about video, and its importance in reaching consumers.

Omar Medina, CEO of Plusmedia.

But how do they make sure that potential clients actually consume their products? According to a study by the IAB, in 2015, 41% of the videos that we watch on the internet are ads,, but only 6% of all the consumed time is spent on ads. “These are important numbers. They are indicators that consumers aren’t really watching,” said Omar Medina, CEO of Plusmedia.

According to Aguilar, budgeting isn’t an excuse for low-quality videos. Thanks to technology, “now it’s possible to make lower budget productions. Video doesn’t have to be expensive.” The real problem is what is shown, especially when it comes to digital platforms.

“We have to make videos, or branded content, that is much more specific for this mediaa, with a 3-30-3 factor. This means that there are 3 seconds to get your target, 30 seconds to communicate an idea and three minutes to bring the target to another site, where he or she can make the purchase,” said Aguilar.

It is also important that the video is transmitted on the right channel. “We are in the generation of bowed heads, where everyone is looking at their hones,” said Raúl Aguilar, CEO of Nurun. We know that attention is focused on consuming content through mobile.

Social Videos

Jorge Munguía, country talent manager de México de ZoominTV y José Antonio Viesca Muriel, CCO de Zoomin.TV
Jorge Munguía, country talent manager for Zoomin.TV México and José Antonio Viesca Muriel, CCO at Zoomin.TV.

Under that pressure, Jorge Munguía, country manager for Mexico at ZoominTV, proposes working with influencers. “Brands need to be less intrusive with their consumers,” he explained.

According to José Antonio Viesca Muriel, CCO of Zoomin.TV, more than 90% of consumers consume content based on recommendation. “It happens to all of us, and we see it in our daily life in any environment. When an influencer recommends something it’s almost like a friend did it, and that’s why it’s so effective.”

This is where social videos become important: they move through digital platforms according to current trends. This is like a type of “trending topic” for video. But brands have to be careful when capitalizing on trends, says Aguilar. You have to understand what trend will add value or attract consumers and which won’t, to make sure that the action will have the desired impact aligned with your brand’s objectives.

Raúl Aguilar, CEO of Nurun.

“I use the phrase: content is king, but spreading it is queen. If you aren’t sure what kind of content you are putting together or how it will spread, it’s worthless. You need clearer objectives,” says Aguilar.

In conclusion, Medina said: “It is obvious that users don’t want to talk more through mobile and social media. It’s an obvious trends, and marketing professionals have to take advantage of this and key indicators that will help us measure results. With that established, we can choose from a wide range of formats where branded and native videos are very relevant thanks to their acceptance by users and good results for brands.”