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Innovid Introduces OmniChannel Marketing Cloud Integration

Innovid, a video marketing platform for advertisers to engage consumers across all screens and channels, announced the launch of its Marketing Cloud Suite, an omni-channel marketing cloud integrations for video with Adobe, IBM, and Oracle.


Innovid is introducing a new suite that enables marketers, for the first time, to include video throughout the customer journey through its integrations with Adobe, IBM, and Oracle marketing clouds. Innovid claims that the new Marketing Cloud Suite breaks the silos between video and other marketing channels and allows marketers to develop more meaningful relationships with consumers by using first and third-party data from other marketing channels such as web, email, search, display, social, mobile, and commerce to drive more consumer engagement with richly personalized and relevant video ads.

By using data to deliver more effective video creative, and now integrating video throughout the customer journey, marketers can provide powerful one-to-one marketing which could not previously be achieved. Innovid is also now passing back user intent data to marketing clouds and data management platforms based on video interactions, which will help marketers improve existing customer segmentation and drive marketing automation, simplifying the complexity of today’s multi-channel world and increasing the overall effectiveness of every channel.

zvika-headshot-office-1Zvika Netter, Innovid’s CEO and co-founder, tells Portada that “Innovid’s Video Marketing Platform offers a variety of different solutions that help advertisers engage consumers across all screens and channels. The Marketing Cloud Suite will be valuable for marketers involved in media buying/ planning/ activation, such as teams reporting to the SVP, Marketing Strategy or VP, Digital Marketing. We work directly with them and with the marketing data teams within brands. Other marketing teams benefit from this as well, such as website, email and social marketing teams.”

Netter claims that “no  other company is connecting paid video to the marketing cloud. Innovid uses data provided by DSP and DMP platforms to personalize video campaigns, and leverages that data to engage targeted audiences in meaningful ways at scale. We are also sending product interest and consideration data back to the DMPs, helping marketers to expand customer segmentation inside their DMP.”

Conagra Brands is one of the first brands to explore data-driven video across all channels with Innovid. “We believe it’s more important than ever to develop ongoing customer journeys throughdata-driven cross-channel marketing experiences,” said Heather Dumford, marketingdirector at Conagra Brands. “We’re excited to put Innovid’s new marketing capabilitiesinto action so we can more creatively incorporate video into the customer journeyequation.”

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Since the company’s inception in 2007, Innovid has developed a comprehensive, media-agnostic video marketing platform that is purpose-built for video, reaching every device across more screens and more channels with richly personalized and data-driven creative. The integrations with marketing cloud companies further strengthen Innovid’s position as a leader in video advertising and marketing technology, and provides marketers with the most seamless and effective way possible to engage consumers everywhere they consume content, while providing real-time analytics.

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“On the other side of every screen is a unique individual, and we have an incredible opportunity to help marketers engage each consumer in a more personal way,” said Zvika Netter, CEO and co-founder at Innovid. “With the new Marketing Cloud Suite, Innovid is empowering marketers to convert existing TV ads into video that can be tailored for all digital environments and customized for specific consumers, based on past exposure and interactions across all channels.”

-Optimization Suite – Innovid improves campaign performance and ensures that custom KPIs are met through real-time analysis of media quality, including viewability, fraud, and brand safety, as well as performance. This is accomplished through triggering notifications, suspending delivery or performing real-time video ad blocking when campaigns do not meet desired thresholds.


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