Batanga Media Announces Corporate Rebrand, Unveils Name Change to Vix

What: Batanga Media announces a full rebrand, changing its corporate name and identity to Vix.
Why it matters:Unlike other Batanga Media brands before it, like iMujer, Batanga, and BolsadeMulher, Vix delivered content inclusive of gender, language and country. The rebranding reflects Batanga Media (now Vix) attempt to succesfully target Millennial audiences, regardless of their language background, particularly in the United States.

descarga (11)Batanga Media announced a full rebrand, changing its corporate name and identity to Vix. Effectively immediately, Batanga Media will be known as Vix, a digital media company dedicated to generating curiosity and leaving a positive influence for audiences across the Americas.

The rebrand comes on the heel of a pivotal time of evolution and growth for the company. Twelve months ago, Vix was introduced as a digital property with a broader position and brand promise than any of the other properties within the Batanga Media portfolio.  Unlike the other brands before it, iMujer, Batanga, and BolsadeMulher, Vix delivered content inclusive of gender, language and country. The data and results undeniably concluded that creating content in silos was not only constraining, but not authentic to a millennial audience that chooses to see the world through a different lens. In late 2016, Discovery Communications announced the acquisition of a stake in Batanga Media.

Strong Video Element

According to Batanga Media (Vix), Vix quickly established a web and social audience base, both in the United States and throughoutLatin America and Brazil. In February, Vix reported over 81 million of monthly visitors, 65% of which were between the ages of 18-34, millions of social fans, and received the largest number of videos views in the company’s history, with over one billion videos viewed on Facebook. To date in 2017, Vix has received 2.1 billion video views, 21.2 billion social impressions, and 170 million social actions. Additionally, according to comScore’s latest MediaMetrix report, Vix’s audience in the U.S. is at 6.3 million, larger than any other Hispanic or multicultural focused publisher. In 2016 Vix partnered with specialty outdoor retailer REI for a campaign that strongly centered on videos on Facebook.

“The fragmentation of media has accelerated with mobile giving way to an increasing number of distribution platforms, mostly social in nature, each with its own format with which to deliver content and tell stories. As digital content publishers, we are committed to creating content at scale that is relevant to our audience and their platform of choice”, said Vix Chairman and CEO, Rafael Urbina. “When audiences engage and share content on these social and mobile platforms, they effectively use it as a way to express their identity, values and interests”.

In a world where lines are blurred more than ever, and people are hyper connected, Vix aims to add value to daily life beyond the digital realm. Vix delivers content in English, Spanish and Portuguese, covering a wide range of relatable topics, each touching on an aspect of millennial life and interests, each with a Vix point of view.

Vix will formally debut its brand during this year’s SXSW Interactive Conference in Austin, TX.