We are excited to announce we’ve been working hard in our website features. Stay tuned for our expanded offering of content for brand marketers in 2020, which we’ve outlined below. 


Dear Portada Audience Member,

Happy 2020! We have been busy updating our website features. This is part of our ongoing efforts and investment to provide best-in-class content for the brand marketing community and benefit our audience and business partners. Our program includes a complete website revamp, SEO strategy and implementation, expanded use of images, social media amplification as well as paid and earned marketing campaigns.

In coming weeks we will be rolling our expanded content offering for the brand marketing community,, which complements Portada’s year-round knowledge-sharing and networking platform; the Portada Council System and events.

A Whole New Way of Delivering Content for Brand Marketers

Passion Point Marketing News:
The latest content for brand marketers, including the members of Portada’s Sports & Entertainment Marketing Board. How brand marketers are leveraging sports, music and lifestyle content to engage consumers throughout the Americas. What you need to know. Subscribe here!

Innovation: What’s next for Brands:
A holistic cross-industry, cross-discipline approach to effective and authentic marketing driven by innovation. Key insights about how brand marketers, including the members of Portada’s Council System, reap the advantages of technological innovation to unlock ROI. Subscribe here!

Thank you for being part of our engaged audience. Wishing you a wonderful start to 2020!


Portada Staff

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