The Glamour of Magazines

National advertising in Hispanic magazines amounts to approximately $150 million in annual revenue. Some of the larger publications are produced by general market publishers like Time Inc. (People en español) and Readers Digest (Selecciones).

Tv y Novelas Vanidades and Hispanic Magazine are published by Televisa Publishing Siempre Mujer is a Meredith product. Latina is published independently.

Consumer packaged goods, Automotive, Telecommunications and Food & Beverage are the main ad categories, which advertise mostly for branding purposes.

Direct Response

Not all Hispanic magazine advertising is brand advertising. Some magazines (e.g. Mira! and TV Notas) have a high proportion of direct response advertising. These ads account for about 35% of all ads in entertainment magazine TV Notas (150,000, weekly, Spanish), according to Maya Magazines marketing manager Alexandra Zanic. “I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we are a weekly, and are therefore in more constant touch with our readers,” says Zanic, adding, “Direct response advertisers like that kind of engagement.”

The real breadwinner for the magazine is the CPG category, says Zanic, noting that food and all types of direct response ads are the fastest growing ad categories.

The magazine has signed on to do a special promotional event in conjunction with Chips Ahoy! and Univision in February 2009 called “Irresistiblemente Tuyo” (Irresistably Yours), and is also doing a star-studded Sweepstakes promotion in Q1 of ’09 called “Compras con TV Notas.”

TV Notas currently enjoys a far greater circulation in Mexico (782,000 weekly) than the US, but the US audience is growing rapidly. Zanic notes that “Our newsstand sales are much higher than our subscriptions, unlike most of our competition. For us, subscriptions account for just 10% of our circulation in the U.S.”