MAC Ediciones y Publicaciones launched El Diario DF (circ. 15,000, newsstand price MXN 6 – US $0.55). The new publication, which comes out every afternoon, emphasizes local news about Mexico City, including news about various neighborhoods and a section called “Gobierno del DF.”

On March 8th, El Heraldo (circ. 40,000, national distribution) changed its name to Diario Monitor. Diario Monitor is still owned by José Gutierrez Vivó, but new management and editorial teams have been hired. Guitierrez Vivó, who also owns Radio Monitor, hopes the name change to Diario Monitor will attract Radio Monitor listeners to the newspaper. Eduardo Vorhauer, long time commercial director at El Universal, now heads the advertising sales effort for Diario Monitor. Diario Monitor costs MXN 7 (US $0.64) and targets a younger audience.

Mexico City daily El Independiente is also going through difficult times, due to a legal scandal involving the paper's owner, Carlos Ahumada. Journalists Javier Solórzano and Raymundo Rivapalacio, who have run the paper for the last nine months, recently resigned. Javier Ibarrola took over as general manager; Carlos Ramírez now leads the editorial team.


Portada Staff

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