scott.dadich.feature-285x178Scott Dadich, Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine, began his presentation with an interesting question: What is design?

“We can’t think of design as images alone,” Dadich stated, posing the question:  “How does the evolution of design affect technological development?” In his view, “connectivity is opportunity.”

Design, Dadich argued, affects the daily relations between people, including how we relate to each other through technology.

“Design, and its relation to technology, become invisible but are present in all our daily activities.”

For Dadich, a good design is not something that needs to keep changing; if it’s good, it’s good, and lasts for years. As an example, he cited the IBM logo. “Good design is also seen in the details.”

The panel ended with questions from the audience, in particular: How does Wired produce content about technological innovations?

“We go around a lot, we watch, we get a grasp of trends, and we also pay a lot of attention to conversations about technology on Facebook,” Dadich said.


Portada Staff

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