According to Mauricio Becerra, multicultural manager for Chevy, the company has made a real shift in the products that it is marketing to Hispanics. “We’re really focusing on marketing our cars over trucks, responding to consumer demands,” Becerra told Portada.
Indeed, given the spiking gas prices of late, American consumers in general have been opting for more fuel efficient vehicles. In May, small cars overtook truck sales decisively after months of slumping truck sales.
When asked how the current downturn in sales revenues have affected the company’s Hispanic marketing efforts, Becerra responded, “Well, we’ve been taking a much more focused approach to Latin consumers, which currently account for approximately 8%-9% of our sales. We’re concentrating our efforts in certain markets that have yielded strong returns for us, such as Los Angeles, Texas and a couple of others.”
One interesting facet of GM’s Hispanic advertising is how heavily weighted toward television it is. Becerra says this is because the online consumer is harder to pin down in terms of language preference and cultural relevance: “We’ve found it harder to reach the Hispanic audience online, because they exhibit completely different behavior online than does the television audience. They’re much more bilingual online.” Still, Becerra says that that the online space holds the most growth potential for the company’s Hispanic marketing efforts.
Becerra cites the newly redesigned Chevy Malibu as a big seller among Hispanics and says that Hispanic marketing initiatives for that model are underway.
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