The third chapter in our series about how the major media companies target Latin audiences worldwide: Today we take a look into Agencia Efe, the Spanish news agency with presence over the world.

Agencia Efe:

The Spanish, government owned news agency, has a worldwide presence and a network of national news bureaus that provide detailed coverage of what’s happening in each country. EFE’s most important market is Spain, where the company is headquartered. Nevertheless, over a quarter of its sales are made in the U.S. and Latin America. EFE has a special news service in the U.S. dedicated to the Hispanic market, covering both national news and news specific to the country’s Hispanic community.

EFE reflects the importance of Spanish in the media: it is the leading Spanish language news agency and the "Seventy percent of our customers, outside of Spain, are in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market. Our international news agency has many more customers than our local news services," says Rafael Carranza Durán, Sales Manager for Central America and the Caribbean.

In its Hispanic news services, Agencia EFE uses "neutral" Spanish, following the guidelines of the RAE (Real Academia Espanola de la Lengua or  Royal Spanish Academy for Language).. However, some terms may be localized depending on the region, to reflect differences in usage between Europe and Latin America.

In terms of content, the international Latin community is EFE’s starting point for its "production of today’s news." In other words, EFE looks for Hispanic or Latino events and figures in current global news. The news agency does not translate all of its content, but rather produces original material in all the languages it handles," says Carranza Durán.

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