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How Camper Shoes Markets to Latinos Worldwide


Online advertising in Spain accounts for approximately 11% of the country’s total advertising pie. This increase has been boosted by Spain’s current economic crisis, which has had an especially strong effect on off-line advertising. As a result, the share of online advertising in Spain is much higher than that of online media in the Latin American markets, and the country’s digital marketing practices are now impacting the U.S. Hispanic market. This is the first of a series looking at how Spanish companies market to Latinos worldwide. Today we look at Camper.

Spain’s Camper shoe company, has a significant presence in Spain, the United States, Latin America, and other parts of the globe such as Japan and several European countries. The company’s Web Marketing Manager, Pere Quintana, tells Portada that "the mix of globalization and personalization has led us to consider global strategies for the company in which local execution is reduced according to the market profile we are targeting."

 In fact, "our market growth objectives are logically and specifically targeted for each individual market, because no two are alike. We execute a larger amount of brand campaigns in some of them to gain market share, and in others we take a more commercial approach in order to improve efficiency ratios, although we usually use a combination of both," says Quintana. "Adapting and keeping a close watch on the word of mouth of our campaign messages and elements is also one of the goals we’ve set for the biggest social media year ever."

 To achieve this, Camper has designed a strategy focused on its website ( and presence among the main social networks. It is also focusing efforts on promoting its online store ( To reach its target audience of all lovers and consumers of Camper products, the brand is using all available media at its disposal, regardless of whether they are digital or not. However, "the interesting thing about the Internet is that it allows us to offer additional interactive content to build a better relationship between the brand and our audience." In this area, the company believes it is essential to have good placement in search engines, as well as "combining niche presences with more conventional — though never massive — campaigns, to reach the kind of audience that shares our values," the web manager states.


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April, 10, 2025

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April, 10, 2025

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