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What Key Marketers and Celebrities have to say about #Portada15

Yussef Kuri, U.S. Hispanic Marketing Manager, The Hershey Co

Fernando Fiore, El Presidente….

Gustavo Aguirre Associate Brand Manager Coors Light at MillerCoors

Christian Borjon, Director Hispanic Sales & Marketing, Samsung

Natalia Borges, VP of Marketing, Batanga Media

Kymber Umaña, Hispanic Marketing Manager, Sprint

Daniel Suaréz Nascar Xfinity Series Driver

#Portada16 will take place on Sept. 21 and 22, 2016 in New York City!

Yussef Kuri, New Emerging Consumers, Marketing Manager at The Hershey Co. is going to be one of the many leading brand marketers speaking at  #Portada15  next week.  According to Kuri, to engage the tech-savvy multicultural Millennial it is critical that marketers are open and willing to learn. We conducted the below interview with Kuri. 

-Yussef KuriYussef Kuri, New Emerging Consumers, Marketing Manager at The Hershey Co.

Portada: What role does Marketing to Latina Millennials play in Hershey’s overall marketing?

Yussef Kuri: “Marketing to Latina Millennials is a core component of our overall Hispanic Marketing strategy, especially talking about young moms who are, usually, head of households.  For the Hispanic culture, women are the key decision-makers in selecting what products and brands are brought into the household, especially in the food and beverage category. They are equally, or even more important, in building traditions and habits among their family members. Having identified this, we saw a huge opportunity in targeting Latina moms to drive the business for some of our most important brands such as Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Hershey’s Syrup.”

Portada: What role does Hispanic Marketing play in Hershey’s overall U.S. Marketing Strategy. Is it embedded in a total market approach or in a more specific Hispanic marketing effort or both?

Yussef Kuri: “We have a dedicated team to develop and implement strategy to build our brands with U.S. Hispanic consumers. However, the approach we take is defined on a case by case bases, depending on the brand development stage and the marketing objective. For example, in Jolly Rancher we’ve taken a Total Market approach where the advertising to U.S. Hispanics is an integral part of the total brand communications, no creative adaptations, no original developments, just translating the GM copy in Spanish has proven successful to generate trial. Hispanic specific efforts are also implemented on brands such as Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. The most important and iconic brand for the company currently shows an under-index in consumption among Hispanic consumers compared to the general market. Reason why a specific Hispanic approach is required in order to capitalize its full potential, and Hershey’s S’mores provided the perfect opportunity to drive trial trough a usage occasion that fit with U.S. Hispanic consumers in terms of flavors/palate and one of the core Hispanic values that is “sharing good times with the family”.

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate the most important and iconic brand for the company currently shows an under-index in consumption among Hispanic consumers compared to the general market.

Portada: Does Hershey have a Hispanic specific content marketing effort (e.g. a website or a custom publication?)
Yussef Kuri: “We currently have a US Hispanic  “Seasons” site called celebrahersheys.com, where consumers can find recipes, craft ideas and content related to the most important seasons for candy: Valentine, Easter, Halloween and Holiday. Additionally, there is cocinahersheys.com with contents that include recipes for desserts, baked goods and all sorts of treats using our great brands as ingredients.”

Portada: What attributes do you think a marketer targeting Millennials needs to have in order to be successful?
“He or she needs to be highly adaptive to the ever-changing environment in which this generation lives. They need to stay “in the know” of what is relevant and what is not. It is important to let go of the paradigm of using a “formula” for great marketing, because to reach this consumer successfully it is important to be open to learn and experiment.”

Yussef Kuri is a highly accomplished marketing professional with years of experience in the Consumer Goods industry. Accounted with progressive international and domestic business leadership, occupying roles of increased responsibility in corporations such as Cadbury Adams and The Hershey Co.Proven successful use of knowledge and insights in the creation and execution of strategies that lead to profitable business growth.

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The list of major brand marketers speaking and/or attending #Portada15 in New York City on September 16 and 17 is getting even larger. Gustavo Aguirre, Associate Brand Manager, Coors Light, MillerCoors, Yussef Kuri, New Emerging Consumers, Marketing Manager, The Hershey Co. and Priscila Stanton, Marketing Manager, Nestlé are the latest additions!

logo-9th-2Priscila Stanton, Marketing Manager, at Nestlé and Yussef Kuri, New Emerging Consumers, Marketing Manager at The Hershey Co. will provide mission-critical insights about how to reach the Latina Millennial.

Gustavo Aguirre, Associate Brand Manager, Coors Light, MillerCoors, will make a case-study presentation about the Fanaticos del Frio TV, Digital and Content Marketing program.logo-forum

Just take a look at the agendas for the Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum (Sept. 16) and the 9th Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference (Sept. 17)!

Other major Marketing, Agency and Media Luminaries who will be participating in #Portada15 include:

Jimmy McIntyre, Director of Consumer Marketing at, Soccer Endeavor-Soccer.com
Crystal Hudson, Principal Officer, Sports & Affinity Marketing, Amtrak
Dave Marsey, EVP, Managing Director of DigitasLBi
Ana Crandell, Media Director at OMD Latino
Jennifer Mc Bride, Senior Brand Manager, Dish Network
Brian Cristiano, CEO Bold Worldwide
Kymber Umana, Hispanic Marketing Manager, Sprint
Ivonne Kinser, Head of Digital Media Strategy, Avocados from Mexico
Trisha Ranes, Senior Marketing Manager-Latino, H&R Block
César Taveras, Online Marketing Manager, Rosetta Stone
Jason Riveiro, Manager, Multicultural Brand Marketing, Big Lots
Maria Fernanda Ordoñez, SVP Media Director , Identity
Pattie Falch, Director Sponsorships & Events, Heineken USA
Manuel Campos, Hispanic Marketing Director, Sprint
Mariela Ure, SVP, Hispanic Segment Strategy, Wells Fargo
Christian Borjon, Director Hispanic Sales & Marketing, Samsung
Vilma Vale Brennan, Managing Partner, MEC Multicultural
Gustavo Guerra, Brand Director, Tecate & Tecate Light
Gonzalo del Fa, President, Group M Multicultural
Maria Rios, Director Multicultural Customer Strategy, Macy’s
Edwin Gotay, Director Multicultural Marketing, Nascar
Nial Brennan, Marketing Manage, Mahou San Miguel,
……and Fernando Fiore, Soccer Broadcast Celebrity

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